The G1 driving test is the test to acquire the G1 driver’s license in Ontario. If you are 16 years old or above, you can book an appointment for the G1 driving test and get a novice driver’s license with several restrictions.

However, the G1 driving test consists of two rounds: the written test and the road test. To increase your chances of clearing the written test, you can practice a sample test online for free and pass your driving test on the first attempt.

If you are interested in practicing from the ideal platform for new test-takers where you can practice from hundreds of questions that are similar to the actual exam and fasten the study process, then read more here for a free practice test and clear your driving test on the first attempt.

The G1 Driving Test

The Written-test


The G1 written test format consists of multiple-choice questions. Each question will have four options, and you need to read the questions thoroughly and select the right answer. There are two sections Part A and Part B which comprises questions related to traffic lights and signs, seat belt, different use of headlights, emergency vehicles, speed limits.

The other part of the written test consists of questions related to reporting of car accidents, sharing the road and driving peacefully with other travelers, driving on and off a freeway, suspension or expired driver license, and few other rules of the road.

There is a set of 20 questions in each set, and to clear the written test, you have to give 16 correct answers on each section. That means you are allowed to make 4 serious mistakes on each section of a G1 driving test. You get an option to select from 17 languages whichever you find comfortable giving the test.

Both the sections are divided equally to test both your knowledge about the road rules you must follow in Ontario and your knowledge about traffic signals and other information about your car. There are online practice tests that can help you to prepare properly for the writing test. These practice tests are totally free, and you can keep giving them until you don’t answer all the questions correctly and feel confident and prepared for the actual test.

There is also an MTO driver handbook which you can buy online or borrow from someone who has already given the exam. This handbook contains important details and tips regarding the test, and all the questions set are from this book. You can ever prepare notes that will help you to easily remember the signs and rules, making it easier for you to pass the written test.

The Road test


The next comes the road test. The objective of this test is to determine your driving skills and if you use your knowledge learned during the written test properly while driving. To clear this test, you must keep all the road rules and traffic signs and lights and use them wisely while driving on the roads.

You will be tested based on starting, stopping, and turning the vehicle, crossing other vehicles including bicycles and driving in passing lane, traffic signs and lights, traveling through controlled and uncontrolled intersections, parallel parking and reversing of your vehicle, Prediction and taking the precautionary measure in case of hazardous weather conditions, and other safe driving techniques.

While giving the road test, remember that you have to complete it within a specified time by the examiner, and you must follow their instructions clearly to clear the road test. To pass the road test, you have to demonstrate your driving skills in a properly operating vehicle, and based on your performance, you will get a report of your road test.

Once you clear the road test, you can have your G1 driving license, but if you fail the road test, you can reappear for the road test after 10 days of giving the previous test. To clear the test in the first attempt, practice enough before appearing for the road test and revise all the road rules you learned during the written test, and when you feel confident and prepared, you can schedule an appointment for the road test. To pass the road test, have a strong command of your driving skills and follow the instructions carefully.

A novice driver needs to take beginner driving education from a driving school so that he can provide you all the knowledge you need to know while driving your vehicle on roads and teach you driving skills and techniques that will make you a better and responsible driver. Also, ensure that the driving school is approved and regulated by the government and programs are well designed for the beginners to provide them with a complete education on road rules and hone their driving skills.

The government approved driving schools must offer driving courses that must last for a minimum of 40 hours of education and training comprising a minimum of 20 hours of classroom education about driving and road rules, 10 hours of training in the vehicle, and the rest 10 hours of adjustable programs providing instructions on classroom driving, in-vehicle functions, computer-based and Driving simulator instructions.

Final Words


Getting a driver’s license is not as easy as it seems. You have to practice hard to get a driver’s license. Before appearing for the Driving test, ensure that you are fully prepared, and you have enough practice passing the test at first chance. Try to avoid common mistakes and follow the instructions carefully.

While giving the written test, read the questions thoroughly and remember that you are allowed to make 4 serious mistakes in each section, and more than that can make you fail the test. Similarly, during the road test, try to finish the task within the given time and do exactly what the examiner tells you to do. With enough practice and confidence, you can clear your driving test without making any mistakes.