Every one wants a Hollywood smile, and a lot of people are ready to do everything, just to have it. Investing in your teeth is not a cheap activity. The dentists who work on the aesthetic appearance have a delicate job, and they need to work really hard to make your smile big and white. Why do we say it’s an art? They have to mimic the natural shape of your teeth too and adjust the color so it won’t look artificial. Too white is not always good, especially if it doesn’t match your physical features.

And while everyone is talking about all the benefits teeth whitening brings to us, today we will talk more about the potential side effects of this procedure.

It’s true that today we have toothpaste, gum strips, and dental floss available even in the usual store, but a lot of people want durable results, especially if the teeth are damaged, and have dark spots all over them. But, bleaching products that make our smile white can damage the enamel, and that may last forever. We must be careful with the different strips and gels too, and if we can, to always visit a dentist for this purpose. At-home whitening can be dangerous, and result in temporary results, that will turn into an even darker shade, because of the damage.

How does it work?

The products to whiten your teeth contain bleach in small concentrations, and yes, it’s the same bleach we use for cleaning the toilet. As you know, when you use it, it’s very easy to remove the dark spots from the tiles in the toilet or kitchen. So, the same goes for your teeth too. It will break down the discoloration, and your teeth will appear lighter. Don’t expect that they will turn white, even though the procedure is called whitening. But, with a few treatments, they will be almost white, and you will have that Hollywood smile you dream of.

The dental bleach contains peroxide too, and that means you are very limited while using these products. Try not to overdo the teeth bleaching, so you won’t damage the surface, which can result in attracting more chromogenic compounds from food and drinks.

Once you go there, you never get back


The fact that the structure of the teeth is manipulated during this process, and the whitening is only temporary, means you will have to visit your dentist once or twice a year to redo the whole procedure. The natural teeth have that layer of enamel that protects the inside structure. Some people have a hard enamel, but others aren’t lucky like that. There are many reasons why it can be damaged, but that’s not important at all. The truth is, that condition can be really frustrating for those who suffer because not being able to smile because of lower self-confidence is really bad.

Also, bleaching shouldn’t be done every year. There are techniques that will improve the results between two treatments, and that’s why it’s important to find a professional dentist who will work with you, without causing damages to your teeth. You can see how great is to smile with confidence at, and of course, choose your dentist carefully. Some people even travel to other countries to look for better dental work, and others are lucky enough to have these people around them.

But, as we said in the subheading, once you start whitening your teeth, you will have to maintain that result, which means investing a lot of money in that. But if you are ready for that, then go for it. Your great smile is worth it!

How long are the long effects?


Teeth whitening products come in many forms. Some of them are available over the counter, but for bleaching treatments, you will have to visit a dentist. And while the people with healthy teeth don’t need anything more than a brush, toothpaste, and mouthwash, others need a lot more than that.

In every case, it’s important to respect the rules written on the product. If it says you should use it once a week, then you shouldn’t use it twice or more times a week. It’s challenging because the results will boost your self-confidence, but it’s not healthy at all.

On Instagram, we can see a lot of sponsored content for strips or UV lights to boost the whitening gel at home, but keep in mind that you can strip away the sensitive enamel, or even damage your teeth and make them look worse than before.

The results and good effects will be durable if you are disciplined and protect the already whitened teeth from decay, acidic food, and other ingredients that can damage the enamel. Also, you need to regularly brush and floss, but don’t brush too heavily over the surface. Ask your dentist to recommend you a proper brush to do that.

One session effects may last up to a year if you are disciplined. But you will also need to visit your dentist in the meantime, so they can track if there is an issue with the teeth or gums. This procedure can be too extreme to your mouth, and some side effects as gum bleeding or teeth weakness can happen. Keep in mind that in the first days you will be more sensitive to hot or cold food, so try to avoid them as much as you can.



The struggle for a big and white Hollywood smile is real. Our smile is the main facial feature, it makes us attractive and friendly, and we feel better when we smile. There is nothing wrong if you want to enhance it, by using over-the-counter products or you visit a dentist for better results.

Don’t forget that uneven whitening is also possible, but it will disappear after a few weeks. It all depends on the natural condition of your teeth. In the end, if you can afford this procedure, then go for it – we can guarantee that it’s worth it. You only need to make sure you will be disciplined, and maintain good results for a longer time.