Movies and gambling have always gone hand in hand since time immemorial. We all enjoy watching movies that give us a rush. And that’s exactly what gambling does to us. It’s not fun to watch someone who is always cautious and prudent. However, watching someone who’s willing to put his safety and well-being on the line for a big reward in the future is always exciting.

Now it is a great time to play online casino games and watch the gambling series that you’ve missed out on for years. Today, we are going to share with you the three gambling series that you should watch right now to increase your chances of success in the gambling world. Let’s get started!

1. Gambling Series Luck (2011–2012)


Luck is a TV gambling television series on horse racing. If you want lady luck to visit you, avoid betting against David Milch. Milch is one of the best writers in Hollywood and a master of dialog. Milch has written many movies and TV shows that went on to become great hits.

Unlike other movies and TV shows, Milch did a great job on Luck because he understands what he’s writing about. He has been a fan of real money casino and horse racing for several years. And this made him put together Luck, a TV series that enables viewers to see what life is like at the horse tracks – especially for those who bet on ponies and those who make a living in the stables and paddock, an environment that is rarely seen by most people. With these elements, he brings out a culture that is rarely known. And this makes Luck rich and captivating.

The series has also been produced by Michael Mann, who set the scene and look for this amazing series and shot the pilot. The scene is both grubby and beautiful and the flourishes in the cinematic settings make the episodes look like one-hour movies. As you watch the series, you’ll get to see some of the finest actors in Hollywood such as Michael Gambon, Dustin Hoffman, Kerry Condon, John Ortiz, and Nick Nolte to name a few.

Milch takes his time to direct the viewers into the horse racing and gambling culture. He lets the gambling lifestyle soak into the viewers’ minds and hearts. Small players do everything they can to make it big and multiply their fortunes. According to Zodiac, there is no other TV series that has captured horse racing and gambling lifestyle like Luck. And this is what makes it one of the best gambling movies in the world. Like most HBO series, Luck requires patience.

The story is dense with lots of amazing characters and themes. Every episode will not only enrich but also motivate you to try out your luck in the world of gambling. This series will pay off especially if you want to learn how to play for real money now that you are stuck at home in the middle of a pandemic.

2. Casino Series Maverick (1957–1962)


The Maverick is a story about a gambling cowboy who is ready and willing to venture into the world of gambling through a huge poker tournament. However, there is a problem. He needs 3000 bucks to participate in the tournament. With the help of his close associates, he goes ahead to collect his debts while gambling to win at a casino to raise this amount.

William Goldman and Richard Donner choose to treat their inspiration with lots of respect. Mel Gibson takes the lead role and makes the story even more captivating. This is a 50’s television series that is going to inspire you to play games based on a skill such as a poker and a blackjack.

Although the series is quite interesting to watch at the beginning, things take a twist in the end. And this makes it even more interesting. You are going to see what happens in the world of poker and learn a few great tips that will naturally increase your chances of success. This is one of the unique and most original plots in the TV and gambling world. The rare performance from the funny Jodie Foster makes the series much more captivating and enjoyable.

3. Liar Game (2007)


Watching this series about casino demonstrated how the world of drama and casino games can make life fun and blissful. Liar Game is an amazing TV series with a strong theme that is sustained throughout the show. It’s also easy to understand especially after watching the first episode. The show resolves several game conundrums in a clever way and shares some of the best examples of how you can think out of the box like successful players.

The best thing about watching this gambling movie is you are going to learn the tips and tricks that successful casino players use to increase their chances of winning while gambling for real money. The series describes how the math and odds and are calculated. Therefore, if you love math, it’s going to be a great time for you. The screen time and suspense come out naturally because the directors do their best to balance things out with characters.

While the Liar game is more than ten years old, the scenes will captivate and motivate you to try out new things in the gambling world. You are going to get clear answers to some of your most burning questions as you play gambling games.

Bonus Series: World Poker Tour


The World Poker Tour is one of the biggest and popular gambling TV shows of all time. It is a series of the biggest poker tournaments that have been for close to twenty years. This show airs in more than one hundred countries. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play poker and the tips and tricks to increase your chances of success, this is the show to watch. Poker is a relatively simple game to understand and win since the stakes are not very high.


As you’ve seen, there are some interesting TV shows and casino movies to choose from. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, we hope this TV series and shows will keep you busy and entertained. By watching these shows, you’ll naturally become a great player.