Collaborating with influencers is a powerful strategy to improve your SEO, visibility, and user engagement. 

When looking for a Seattle SEO professional, start by researching their credentials and look for reviews from past and current clients. As it gets more and more difficult to acquire backlinks to your site, allying with influencers can help you build a strong digital presence backed by an independent authoritative figure.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the five main benefits influencer marketing can have for your business.

1. Reliable Backlinks to Your Page


Inbound links are the backbone of good SEO. When other resources link to specific pages on your site, your credibility starts climbing, and search engines are more likely to give the page high rankings (read here to learn why). You can treat backlinks as your digital reputation on the market: the larger your volume of inbound links is, the more relevant, reliable, and interesting your site appears to Google.

Contacting influencers in your industry is one of the best ways to gain backlinks. Although it may be a slower process than writing a bunch of guest posts for other resources, the rewards are also likely to be larger.

Inbound links hosted in influencers’ posts, video descriptions, and blogs will look more organic both to search engines and to people. Such links are also likely to have a high click-through rate due to the influencer’s authority. Provided your content and services are top-notch, it’s a win-win scenario that most influencers will readily accept.

Maintaining a blog and creating regular creative content is not an easy thing to do. In fact, producing meaningful and quality content regularly is one of the biggest challenges for most businesses. Most people are also concerned about the quantity of content that they’re generating. However, that is where many businesses go wrong. Instead of merely focusing on quantity and pushing out short but ‘surface’ content, quality is so much more essential in generating traffic and creating a loyal community.

With more focused content that revolves around the main evergreen topic, your website visitors will stay longer. They’ll spend more time navigating your site, going from each related topic to the next, flowing from each relevant page to the next. Since there’s so much more focused and elaborate content that your visitor is interested in, they’ll enjoy just diving deep into the topic on your website. In a way, it’s almost like bingeing on your quality content and allowing your visitor to consume as much information as possible and get all their questions answered. With so much more meaningful information, data, words, and media, it’s no wonder that pillar content tends to rank higher on search engines. Get The Clicks offers a unique and refreshing approach to digital marketing in Tampa (visit their site). Together with the backlinks and shares, you might receive; cornerstone content can help your website do a lot better on search engines.

One of the great things about content is that you can use just about any form of media you want. Once you know what information you want your content to be about, you can divide it up into little subgroups or sections. For example, if your content is about blogging for a business, you can separate your content into multiple blog posts, a handful of Tweets or social media posts, a few videos, and maybe even a short email newsletter.

2. Improving Brand Visibility and Boosting User Engagement


The digital presence of your brand has two crucial features that define how successful your marketing will be: volume and quality.

First of all, you need to ensure that your brand receives as much exposure as possible. The algorithms that search engines rely on are constantly improving to filter out insignificant and unpopular content, so making sure your site has considerable reach is a priority. When working with an influencer, you can boost your brand’s visibility by tapping into the well-established audience of the person you’re partnering with.

According to, the quality of your digital presence refers to how engaging it’s likely to be for consumers. You see a ton of links in various articles every day, but you rarely click on any of them. When your favorite YouTuber reviews a game or talks about their new headphones of a particular brand, however, your interest is piqued.

In addition to spreading the word about your site, influencers can incorporate this promotion in a variety of creative, honest, and engaging ways that will significantly increase the interest in your brand and, subsequently, rankings.

3. Fresh and Diverse Content


Working with influencers can also help improve engagement when your marketing goes a bit stale. Creating new campaigns while targeting multiple distribution channels and audiences are truly challenging, and it’s common for brands to hit a plateau when their content and strategies become too worn-out.

Influencers can greatly aid you in diversifying the promotional content. The first option is to offer your services or products to an influencer in your niche and ask for a review on their platform in case they are satisfied. This requires the least effort since the person who agrees to work with you will be responsible for creating fresh content. Another benefit of this approach is the familiarity that the influencer has with their audience.

Another option is to collaborate with the influencer on a marketing campaign. This can include anything that can be interesting both to your partner’s audience and to your clients. You can experiment with new formats and bounce ideas off of each other. The resulting piece of content will be fresh enough to spark interest in your potential customers and attract more traffic.

4. Long-Standing Relationships With Influencers


The collaboration that you have with an influencer doesn’t have to end in a one-time campaign. On the contrary—building a strong relationship will be incredibly beneficial to your marketing.

Surveys suggest that as much as 70% percent of teenage YouTube users relate to creators on that platform more than to the conventional type of celebrities. Endorsements that come from influencers, therefore, often present as more trustworthy than typical marketing campaigns. As your brand grows, you can increase your organic traffic through the already established relationship and give another boost to your site’s SEO.

Start by engaging with your chosen influencer outside your marketing agenda. Comment on their content, mention them in your posts when applicable, and keep track of their activity. When the time is right, you can offer your product or answer their question, immediately presenting your expertise and willingness to collaborate. In some cases, the person might start sharing your content even before you formally approach them.

5. Connected Publishing Opportunities


Influencers can become your gateway to professional publishing resources through the ever-expanding network. These sites are usually highly credible and selective. You are likely to get a lot of traffic from their backlinks, but it also means your content must be extremely polished to make the cut.

Influencers can smooth the process by increasing your visibility and consistently promoting your content and services. Sometimes, the fruits of this collaboration will fall directly into your basket. For instance, your expanded digital presence may sway a publisher to accept your application when you display the desire to work with them. The more traffic you get, the more new opportunities appear as you start ranking higher and presenting greater value to publishers, both in terms of content quality and popularity.

In other cases, you may discover that connections work as keys to doors that would frequently be closed to you without influencers. Everything from personal connections to past joint projects—any positive relationship between an influencer and a publisher can help you make that first guest post.

Influencer Marketing and SEO: Recap


Leveraging influencer marketing can greatly enhance your SEO. Working with popular and driven people in your niche helps you expand your audience, gain reliable inbound links, and generate fresh content that looks original and has a greater potential of attracting new clients and partners into your business.

With the help of influencers, you can not only increase your ranking on various search engines but build a strong reputation for your brand and gain more marketing opportunities in the long run. Need help with your SEO? Find more professional SEOs at Market Smiths ( amd talk to the team for a free audit today!