The CBD hemp flower plant has many strains. In fact, there are tens of them. Some of the top, more common ones are outlined in this article, together with their features and characteristics. 



This is a high CBD strain, with content ranging from 14-20%. It also has one of the highest THC content (0.3%) in the hemp flower family. The Lifter is a hybrid plant, being a cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud and thus exhibits characteristics of both strains. It originated in the US State of Oregon and its taste is a curious sweet/sour flavor of lemon and pineapple.

In appearance, it has light green buds and whitish frosty looking leaves. The lifter is highly smokable. It’s relatively high. THC content gives those who smoke it a certain high. It, therefore, does not make one feel sleepy but make one more active.

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This is a high CBD, low THC strain. This is best taken as a food ingredient but can also be smoked using the pipe method. When taken as a food ingredient, Elektra has a flavor that is a cross between lemon and pineapple. It also has a wider variety of effects than most other strains. When ingested, it takes effect in one to two hours and is notable for its relaxing and calming effect.

Cherry Wine


This beautifully named strain is a hybrid, a cross between the strains Charlottes Wine and Cherries. Cherry Wine has one of the highest CBD content (up to 22%) amongst all hemp flower strains. It has very low THC content and therefore there is no risk of users getting a ‘high’. It has a sweet cherry aroma, hence its name. Use is made mainly of its seeds.

T1 Flower

This strain has a high CBD content (14-20%) and is ideal for smoking in rolled cigarettes, pipes and the vaping method can also be used. It can also be ingested, especially as an additive in tea and its leaves can be used as a salad. The leaves are a light orange color and have a flavor which is a mixture of lemon, lime, and mint.



The Wife strain is highly smokable and has high CBD content. This flower has absolutely no THC and that makes it very safe to use; the absence of THC means it has no psychoactive effect on users. The wife is considered to be ideal for first-time users. Also very good for unwinding after a hard day’s work.

Sweet Premium

This strain is highly smokable. Unusually among other hemp flower strains, Sweet Premium produces no seeds. It produces medium-sized flowers that carry very heavy buds. The strain has a very sweet smell.

Hawaiian Haze


It is light green and has very thin leaves. It has an uplifting and invigorating effect on users. It is believed to have originated in the Hawaiian Islands, hence its name. It is also thought to be a cross between the Hawaiian and Haze strains.

Early Resin Berry

This strain is rare amongst hemp flower strains in having an offensive smell. When ingested, by those brave enough to do so, it produces a relaxing and calming effect.

Oregon OG


This strain originated in the US State of the same name and is a hybrid of the Cannatonic and Astral works strains. Oregon OG has a CBD content between 10-15% and a rather high THC content of 0.3%, which is amongst the highest in the Hemp Flower family. The strain has a spicy flavor and this property makes it an ideal cooking ingredient. It is also suitable for smoking either in rolled cigarettes or in pipes. 

Blue Dream

This is a hybrid of the Blueberry and Haze strains. Its effects seem contradictory, being stimulating but also relaxing at the same time. Popular amongst users, Blue Dream is quick-acting and its effects on the user are long-lasting. As mentioned above, it’s stimulating, but in a controlled way so that the user has a heightened sense of mental alertness. It can be taken using the vaping method or through direct smoking. The latter method produces a stronger effect. The origins of the Blue Dream are believed to be the US State of California. 

AC Diesel


This is a Sativa strain with a relatively high CBD content (18-22%). A hybrid of the high-kicking ACDC strain and Sour Diesel, AC Diesel has a very strong smell. High levels of terpenes in this strain give it a citrus flavor. Relatively speaking, commercial marketing of this strain began very recently, around 2015. Its effects on the user are varied and mostly positive. It is stimulating and energy-giving when smoked. AC Diesel has a pungent, petrol-like taste on the mouth.

Berry Blossom

A cross between the Chardonnay and Kandahar strains. This strain is ideal for those who feel strung-up and are seeking relaxation and peace of mind. However, it is also mildly sedative and can lead to slower movements and motor responses. It is therefore not wise to take Berry Blossom when you are about to engage in vigorous activity. Its buds feel sticky when held lightly between thumb and forefinger. 



In the hemp flower family, ACDC is reputedly the highest ‘kick’. It has CBD levels which top the 20% work. It is bred from the cannatonic strain and has a fruity flavor. It calms the nerves and has a very calming effect.

Pink Panther

The name comes from the pink buds of its flowers. It is a cross between the stay keyed seeds from the US and the pink plants which originate from Southern Europe. Its effects are varied and mainly positive. It is said to alleviate the worst cases of headaches. Its dried leaves can be boiled to make a good beverage. 

John Snow Flower


Very energetic and invigorating. It has less than 0.2% by weight of THC. The strain can be taken orally as a food ingredient and can also be smoked in pipes and rolled cigarettes.

These are some of the popular hemp flower strains you find on the market today.