What is making your CPG brand stand out from the crowd? What is making it recognizable?

Remember, it does not matter what you think. Rather, it is what your customers think about your brand. While you may be able to slightly influence what they think, at the end of the day, their purchasing decision will be influenced by what they think about your brand.
Despite what some people may say, most brands are never consumed by competition. Rather, they are destroyed by self-inflicted wounds caused by the marketing team that means well, who believes they are in control, and who is trying to build a brand identity based on their taste and preference instead of focusing on what the customer thinks. In other words, your brand is owned by your customers, not you!
So, what is brand identity and why is it important for your CPG business?

Basically, brand identity refers to your business’ visible elements. These include the colors, design, and business logo. It is the manner in which your business presents itself in the marketplace and how it stands out in the minds of your customers. In other words, brand identity is what you, clients, and potential clients can see.

Why brand identity is important for your CPG business

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As an embodiment of pretty much everything your business stands for and does, your brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of your customers and potential customers. Its identity is, thus, crucial for the future of your business.

A brand identity, one that is relatable, trustworthy, and has a mission, is capable of attracting people who are in agreement with what you are offering. And once these people become your customers, it is the same brand identity that gives them a sense of association. A great product will generate customers, but a wonderful brand will generate advocates.
Therefore, if you want your CPG business to be a household name, then it is important that you partner with a reputable CPG marketing company that will help you build a strong brand identity.

So how can a CPG marketing company boost your brand identity?

As already indicated, any conversation around brand identity should be informed by the admission that it is the customers, not you, who matter. Of course, you can do a couple of things to sway their thinking. However, it is important that you proceed with caution, ensuring that your brand identity is built on a solid foundation of what is important to your clients. That said, here are the top five ways branding agency can help you build a successful brand identity:

Creating a brand strategy

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According to experts at Digitawise, nearly one-third of CPG product consumers have a specific brand in mind whenever they go shopping. By working with a professional CPG marketing company before starting your actual branding process, you will be able to identify valuable audiences and ensure that your brand is both recognizable and trustworthy to prospective customers. This empowers consumers to have your brand in mind when they set out to make a purchase.
The CPG marketing company will help you build a brand identity by performing the following tasks:
● Conducting market research for your product
● Defining your target demographic
● Defining marketing goals
● Drafting your brand’s mission and core values
● Creating a brand book that defines your brand’s guidelines

Professional logo design

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Studies have shown that color improves a brand’s recognition by up to 80%. Combined with a professionally done logo, this visual moniker can greatly enhance your brand’s visibility.
A professional CPG marketing company agency will design a logo that functionally embodies your brand, products, mission, and values in the branding process. While a logo is not the only branding element, it is often one of the most noticeable.
A successful logo has the following key design features:
● Modern yet timeless
● Simple and scalable
● Responsive on different screen sizes
● Memorable, with strong brand relevance

Come up with a memorable name for your brand, products, and services

While the human brain is capable of processing up to 60,000 times faster than words, a credible
brand, product, or service needs to be named based on the prevailing brand identity.
A thoughtful brand name and product should have the following features:
● Brief and simple
● Related to your mission and brand
● Easy to memorize and pronounce

Professionally design and brand your business’ website

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Strategic branding on various platforms can greatly improve your brand’s visibility, and your business’ website is one of the most important platforms. A professionally branded website should have the following:

● A professional logo at the top-left of all web pages, which directs back to the homepage
● Clear, easily readable content
● The consistent color scheme that matches other visual components
● Easy navigation
● Strategic landing pages that identify with the products you are selling
● Search engine optimized

Roll out your brand’s identity on other platforms

There are tens of digital platforms and interfaces out there that brands can utilize to reach out to their target audience. A professional CPG marketing company will help identify the right platforms to market your brand. Most important, the agency will help you compose the right message when promoting your brands on these platforms. Here are some of the channels that your marketing an agency can promote your brand in:
● Social media
● Graphic and print designs
● Marketing campaigns
● Videos and marketing commercials
● Email newsletters
Packaging designs
● And more


Large and successful businesses pay careful attention to their brand identity. In fact, these
businesses have in-house corporate communications departments that are solely responsible for
focusing on the maintenance and building of the business’ brand identity. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, do not have corporate communications teams or departments. However, they must still figure out how to strengthen their brands and remain competitive. After all, the goal of brand identity is to tell the company’s story in a way that creates awareness, loyalty, and excitement. By working with professional CPG marketing companies, businesses (small and large) can keep their brand identities consistent and trustworthy.