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Rubber as a material that is widely used. There isn’t any branch in the industry that doesn’t use rubber as a means of operation. Quite simply, this is an integral part of production technology. Although we often do not consider the importance of this material, its impact on our lives is almost immeasurable. Most appliances would not function properly if they haven’t got parts such as rubber grommets, gaskets but also other parts that are made to facilitate the use of appliances in the life of modern man.

The Importance Of Rubber As A Material In Production

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From the invention of rubber to the present day, whatever product or piece of furniture we own – at least one small part is made of rubber. It is unlikely that any home appliance does not have at least a  gasket, grommet or a strap made out of this material. It has found its role in all segments of life.

Rubber is used in almost 90% of industrial products. Regardless of companies that produce it for some specific purposes, or whether it is used as a raw material in the manufacturing of a product – the fact is that this rubber is almost inevitable today. When it comes to the importance of this material, we must say that it is one of the most significant inventions in history.

Rubber Is Represented In All Spheres Of Life

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With its appearance on the market, rubber as a product and raw material in the industry has taken over almost all fields of production. The widespread use of this material is seen not only in the automotive industry as a major industry, but also in other technologies. This material also plays a role in the production of medical equipment.

More than 70% of children’s toys are made from it, and it has found its place even in the sports industry. Most sports equipment for halls and sports grounds are made of rubber materials. You will often see basketball courts, athletic fields and outdoor soccer fields using rubberized pads. We can conclude that it has a dual role – as a final product and also as a raw material that is represented in all spheres of everyday life.

What Are Such Products Used For?

We have realized that rubber is widely used in many areas of the industry. But where is this material mostly utilized and what are some products like rubber grommets used for? We will try to answer these questions. Here are examples of some industries where rubber grommets are most commonly used.

Rubber Grommets In Electrical Industry

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As a good insulator, rubber is widely used material in the electrical industry. Its main application relates to the isolation of wires for electricity. It is a protective material to keep the wires from coming into contact with water and prevents situations such as short circuits. There are certain rubber grommets and gaskets that are made especially for this purpose. They are also used as conductors through walls or the ground.

According to, some of them can be made in a circle shape, but there are also those in other shapes and sizes. They can be used for the protection of electrical wires or fiber optic cables for the Internet, phones, etc. The grommets are also used for home appliances. The fridge has a gasket on the door as well as a rubber grommet by the engine. The dishwasher has special rubber grommets that fix the drainage hoses – and protective ones for electric circuits that provide insulation.

Rubber Grommets In Plumbing Installation

In the plumbing business, these parts also have a broad purpose – from rubber grommets for faucets and faucet batteries, to protective gaskets for the toilet. This material is an excellent insulator for bathtubs and showers, and most appliances in the bathroom, like a washing machine – have hoses for water, as well as rubber grommets which help keep the hose stable and waterproof.

The Appliance In The Construction Industry

In the construction industry, such products are used in a wide range. Any construction machine, from excavators, forklifts, cranes, etc. – owns many parts made of this material. There are rubber belts for starting motors and alternators, rubber grommets for hoses in various sizes, grommets and gaskets for machine engines, etc.

Rubber grommets are also used as cable insulators, as these machines are used on different weather occasions. Various building materials are also made out of rubber. All ducts and drains for sewers have rubber grommets and gaskets that prevent water leakage and therefore, prevent major problems. Most construction tools also have this type of parts as they are a good insulator.

Use In The Automotive Industry

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The big giants of the auto industry depend on such products. Since the advent of the first cars, one industry has been following the other. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a car, truck or van – none of these vehicles would be in operation without wheels. They are an integral part of any vehicle that depends heavily on the tires.

However, a car tire is the only rubber part backing up the auto industry. There are also smaller parts that are made from the same material and are extremely important. The interior of each vehicle’s engine contains a large number of parts made out of the same material. The first and most important part is the cylinder head rubber gasket. Fuel and water inlets are also made out of rubber. Each hose and every electrical cable in the car has rubber grommets of various sizes for protection and as a good insulator.


In addition to the industries we have listed, this material is used in other branches of economy, agriculture, industry, etc. Not even a day goes by for any of us without contacting some rubber-made products. Of course, we are not just counting people who use this material within their job description.

We have considered all of us that use all these products without even thinking about their significance. From its invention to the present time, from the development of the first car tire to modern days – this material has and products made out of it provided their use in the future.