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Finding the right birthday gift for a friend or a family member is never easy, and it is especially hard when it is for a woman in your life. It is very important to think of something unique to show to your girlfriend, wife, sister, or wife that you really care about them. Sure, buying a box of chocolates does show that you have remembered the date of their birthday, but does not really show them just how much exactly you care. The more effort you put into the present, the more meaning it will have.

However, just because you have the will, does not mean that you will get the best gift ideas in your mind out of nowhere. You have been purchasing presents throughout your entire life and having trouble thinking something unique is quite normal.

To help you come up with something really special for the ladies in your life, here are some birthday gift ideas to give you a bit of inspiration.

Do a bit of research first

Before you start online shopping or going through the shopping mall in your city, you should first do a bit of “stealthy” research. Start by indirectly asking the lady in your life about the things she wants or needs in her life. What is the point of buying her something that she already has? If you truly want to surprise your wife or your mother, you will need to find something that will touch their hearts.

Unique bouquet

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Everyone will agree that there is nothing bad about getting your mother a couple of roses for her birthday. As long as you remember, she will be happy and grateful. But, to truly surprise her this time around and to make her birthday more special than ever, you can go one step further and make her the most unique bouquet ever.

There are hundreds of different flower species out there, some of them are very unique in their physical appearance and they are very rare to find. If you do manage to find some rare flower species, you could ask the woman in your life about it. If she does not have an idea about what you are talking about, this is your good to go signal. Find which florists sell them and create the most beautiful bouquet ever.

We would also advise you to look for something that may be grown indoors or outdoors in a backyard. If she likes the type of flower you picked, she will be able to plant it in a pot. The best part out of this gift is the fact that it is not expensive at all. Sure, it might be a bit more expensive than a couple of roses, but the meaning it holds is much greater than a regular flower.


Wristwatches have become popular during the 1900s and have been worn as a part of fashion for decades. It simply completes a person’s look. Most people today have several wristwatches to mix and match them with different outfits. Buying something like this to your wife or your mother has always had a greater meaning. It might seem like an overused idea at first, but everyone will be happy at the sight of a good-looking watch. A watch has many styles of designs that are perfect for each personality. According to James Hampton-Smith of SpotTheWatch, “some simply prefer a leather band, while others would rather go with Nylon, resin or stainless steel.

Of course, it is not just about going out and buying the most expensive one you can find or the one with the highest karat of white gold. It is about understanding the woman of your life’s taste in fashion and buying her something that will correlate with that taste. A watch that can easily be combined with her style will show just how much you care about her. You have put your mind to it and have thought of something meaningful. This is what is important. Even if the watch didn’t cost over $100, it is still a great present for someone’s birthday.

Pack of wine or beer

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Just like everyone else in this world right now, you are probably stuck at home much longer than you would like because of this pandemic. You do not get to see your friends or your family a lot during these times and you might start feeling distant at times. The connection you have built throughout your entire life feels weak at times.

Fortunately, the birthday of the lady in your life is coming up. Whether it is your sister, your girlfriend, or your mother, it doesn’t really matter. To give the bond between you to a little bit of spark during these stressful times, we would recommend getting a pack of wine or beer and showing up at their door. Doing this as a surprise out of nowhere would be best. Then you could open up some of the beers or wines and enjoy the time you spend together. If you are trying to find a unique drink to share with the woman in your life, check out hamperlicious, because that can be a perfect birthday gift for her.

Talk about anything you want, have a few laughs and she will feel like you make her the best surprise party ever. There is no better way of getting close to your mother or sister through a couple of drinks.


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We already mentioned that these pandemic times are a bit weird and it is something that most of us are not used to. Sitting all the long at home without any kind of physical contact with friends or family can get frustrating. The best way a person can get connected to the world right now is through the internet and digital devices such as computers, phones, or tablets.

If you want your mother to have better access to the Internet, why not get her a nice Apple or Samsung tablet. You can then use it to contact each other whenever and from wherever you want.

Weighted blanket

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With people having so much time to spend at home doing nothing, there are some things they can use to make their lives a bit more comfortable. A weighted blanket is perfect for your wife if you notice that she has trouble sleeping at night.

All of these gift ideas are a great option for the women in your life, especially for their birthdays.