Are you looking for ways to take your housing complex from ordinary to extraordinary? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll explore a range of creative ways to give your housing complex that extra level of sparkle – the X-Factor. So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Housing complexes can be fascinating to design and maintain, but also challenging. You may be faced with lots of domestic plumbing and you have to create and maintain gardens, pavements and roadways. Then there are the common areas that need careful thought and planning. And you know very well that there are multiple individuals that could disagree with you on a daily basis.

We’ll discuss several tops for designing and maintaining a housing complex that will help all of this run smoother.

The Garden Area


The garden, or common area should ideally be large. In order to offset the costs, you could create a public golf course on the estate, but the residents can also pay for the additional space. In this area—if there’s no course—you can place walkways, skateboarding facilities, arbours, and other areas of interest. Cater for a variety of interests, and you’ll draw many people from many walks of life.

One of the greatest drawcards is always a pond or lake, where you can add wildlife, such as small mammals or fish that are natural to the area. Birds will be attracted to this section if you plant reeds and trees for them to nest in.

If you have a flower section, make sure you keep it as indigenous and low maintenance as possible, unless you have the budget to pay expert landscapers on a regular basis. To maintain it, you’ll need a team of gardeners, so do consider this expense.

Water and Lights

When you design water and power infrastructures, you’ll need relevant engineers to ensure all is designed correctly and works efficiently. It’s an enormous undertaking, but done well, you’ll have very few problems. Simply make sure you use the real experts, so it’s done right the first time.

Also plan the lighting you’ll need at night, such as along pathways in the gardens, or arbours and ponds. Creating the right ambience may require someone with creative flair.

Now, looking after the lights and plumbing can be a challenge. In fact, plumbing maintenance is often done by commercial plumbers when it’s at this scale.

It’s advisable to get contractors to do that—just set a date on your maintenance calendar, and they will arrive with all the gear, fully equipped with knowledge of just what to do to keep everything going. Of course, you’ll need to call them in when things go wrong too, but preventative maintenance should keep things running well and save you money on repairs in the long run.

Pavements and Walkways


Pavements are all important in a housing complex. The space for children to play and walk freely, along with space for parents and buggies, bicycles and scooters is a must. They also need to play host to urban trees, so that you can keep the environment as natural as possible.

What’s more, disabled people need access—the paths must cater for the blind, those with wheelchairs and individuals with less mobility. At the very least the pavements and one or two walkways on the greens ought to be accessible.

Walkways can be of stone, cement, tar, woodchip, and other natural materials. Keep the walks interesting—vary the views and the plants. And make sure that your signage is exceptionally clear—you don’t want people getting lost on the estate.

Communal Social Areas

With communal areas, provide spaces that allow people to socialise with friends from outside, or with people living in the facility. A bar area allows people to fraternise with those they don’t know, particularly if there’s a TV with a fulltime sports channel on. And a restaurant area will allow complex dwellers to bring their friends without having to cook for them. Also create areas where there is space for a barbeque.

Naturally, the large, open, green areas will be ideal for games or sports, and this can be combined with a swimming pool and music area, where musicians or other artists can perform.

All of this helps to create a fun and friendly atmosphere for those living in the housing complex.

Add to that some estate golf carts which teenagers are legally permitted to drive, and you create capacity for fun and a family friendly environment. Simply require that those teens are taught how to drive the buggies responsibly within the estate!


Final Thoughts

There are many things that make a housing complex work well. One important aspect is the people. If you follow all the suggestions above you’ll attract the right crowd. But also make sure you have a vetting system where potential homeowners are screened for details such as criminal records and feedback from previous landlords. The last thing you want is people who destroy your asset with loud noise, vandalism, or disorderly driving.

All in all, our tips will help your housing idea thrive.