Very easily, a house can start to look drab and dreary, and feel a little tired. You may decide you want to liven it up a little and give it a redecoration.  If you’re looking to add some life and color to the interior of your home, you’ve come to the right place. There are myriad ways to add brightness and vibrancy to your home decor, but the best route is one that reflects your individual style. Whether you want a fresh new look or a classic, timeless design, this guide provides tips and advice on how to bring out the best in your home.

So, what do you do? Consider skylight installation? Opt for a jungle? There are a number of creative ideas when giving your home a redo, which needn’t break the bank.

Add French Windows

You really want to add some natural light to all the rooms in your home. Increased sunlight brings a positive, friendly feel to your home, and helps warm it up. No man-made light can compete. So, increase the size of your windows—add some French windows. Being able to open up an entire section from floor to almost ceiling is one of the most inviting aspects of a home.

Try Some Shutters


Shutters, or awnings and blinds give a little touch of the whimsical. White slatted shutters, or blue shutters against a white wall, speak of light, holiday and romance. Besides which, they help shelter the windows from big storms, and frame the windows almost as art.

Put in Some Skylights

You may put in some skylights. They will draw light into areas that are dark, such as cupboards or bathrooms, and help you save on electricity—at least during the day. What could be better for your eyes than natural light to work by, without the glare? With skylights Brisbane residents are finding a lot of benefits thanks to the amount of sun the city—and many others in Australia—get on a regular basis.

Put in New Curtains and Furniture Covers

If you change the colour schemes of your rooms, then pop some new curtains up as well. Change the colour scheme to a lighter, more neutral colour, or something that reflects the sea, like a light blue.

Pair that with beach beige cushions, and some cream-coloured sofas, with golden jute carpet, and you have a lovely living room that reflects the sea. The ultimate place to relax!

Replace Cupboard Doors


Sometimes it’s simply the cupboard doors that need replacing. They can look old, worn and dated, and don’t hang properly. All you need to do is put new doors on, then paint them. Your kitchen will look new, your bedroom will be smarter, and the bathroom will be trendier.


You can always add a lick of paint to your rooms. A fresh coat of paint lifts the mood of a room and makes it feel new again. You can add a colour, or accent wall, and then paint the rest of the room a neutral colour. This adds character without making too many changes or spending much on décor.

Always experiment first. Paint a patch on your wall and leave it for a while to see how it fits with your plan.

Try Wooden Floors

Modern floors are no longer carpeted. Instead, they’re often wood, faux-wood or tiled. However, wood brings a light, coloured feel to a room and is very natural to boot. It also is warmer than tiles and adds a welcoming, cosy element.

Revamp the Garden


The garden is a place to play with design, colour, texture and different species of plants:

  • You can put in some tall, dark green trees and some small light green plants at the bottom.
  • Plants with red leaves and flowers that provide a bright display are always welcome.
  • Then, why not dot some veggies around the garden?
  • Add a bench or a swing. Pop some cushions on, add a mattress, and you have a really cosy corner to read or watch birds.

Create Corners of Interest Inside

Inside the house, you can create interesting corners. You can clad a corner with stone, add a little pond at the bottom, and run a bubbling fountain. This is also a place for positioning indoor plants. You can place a seat there—and if this is where the skylight brings the most light, you have an idyllic corner to relax in.

Bring in Some Plants

Do consider to bring plants inside. Place them everywhere—on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, on tables. They bring oxygen into the room, and green is a very calming colour. Once again, focus on a variety of textures, colours, and heights. This turns plants into decorative elements.

You can always add some plants with fruit or flowers for interest. In fact, a miniature orange tree will bring great delight to both viewer and eaters.

Light fittings


You can change your light fittings to something more modern, trendy or natural. Whatever you get, make sure it’s not hard to clean. When you’re upgrading, make changes that benefit the look, as well as home maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Finding a way to transform your home can be easy and affordable. Some of these don’t even take long to implement. Ready for the hardware and décor store?