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With the growing number of electric bikes, you should know the essentials before picking one for yourself.

Electric bikes are in a way similar to and different from traditional bicycles. eBikes are designed to make cycling more accessible to everyone. It allows new riders to get used to cycling without pushing themselves too much. With a motor, battery, and sensor, electric bikes help you move faster without being exhausted.

If you are looking for a guide about electric bikes, this article highlights everything you need to know about eBikes.

Types of Electric Bikes

The electric bike market is full of options for all riders, from beginners to experienced. With these choices, it is easier to find something that fits your needs and wants.

Here are some types of eBikes available around the world.

City eBikes

eBikes designed for urban mobility often come with fewer features. Comfort and versatility are at the forefront of features in this eBike. It means you will mostly see fenders, lights, and other accessories that make city rides easier.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes


Fat tire electric bikes are perfect for riders who want stability, whether they are riding around town or exploring the outdoors. This eBike comes with tires at least 4 inches wide that provide superior traction and improved comfort.

It is also the recommended first electric bike for beginners. With its fat tires like those found on the Mihogo RX 2.4 eBike, new riders will find it easy to navigate challenging terrain without the fear of falling or slipping.

Folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes are for those looking for an easy-to-store and transport option. This eBike perfectly fits any car trunk. It is even easy to carry when taking public transportation, like trains or buses. A smaller handlebar, wheels, and pedals are common components in folding eBikes.

Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are the powerhouse of electric bikes. These eBikes come packed with features making it possible to navigate rough paths with their sturdy frames, bigger tires, and

What Features To Look For in an eBike?


It is nice that there are a lot of options for those looking for an electric bike. However, the abundance of choices can also make it hard for anyone to pick an eBike that fits what they need.

Here, we focus on the essential features that must be in an electric bike.


The motor is what makes an electric bike unique. It is among the components responsible for helping you pedal faster.

Hub motors and mid-drive motors are the two main types of motors found in electric bikes. Most eBikes come with a hub motor because it is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain.

However, mid-drive motors offer significant benefits, especially for riders who love fast speeds. Its location, at the center of the frame and between the cranks, places all the weight at the lowest position, which helps in producing the needed torque to climb hills. Its price is the reason this motor is seen in fewer electric bikes despite its benefits.



A lithium-ion battery is what’s mostly used in electric bikes. A bigger battery capacity is always the best when picking an eBike. It is best to have a battery with more amp-hours (Ah) to have more riding range and more voltage (V) to have better acceleration and torque.

Aside from battery capacity, battery placement is another thing to consider. Experienced riders recommend getting an eBike with a battery that does not impact overall weight distribution.

Having a removable battery is another advantage as it will allow you to charge anywhere without needing to carry the electric bike inside. The X1 electric bike from Mihogo is the perfect example. It even comes with an extra 12Ah battery for long rides.


When it comes to tires, the debate is whether to get an eBike with fat or thin tires.

While thin tires are good for city roads and those looking for an inexpensive bike, fat tires offer more benefits. Its wider and thicker profile helps with stability and greater traction, which allows you to use it both for urban transportation and when navigating through challenging types of surfaces.


Benefits You Get From Riding an Electric Bike

Electric bikes offer several benefits, which range from staying fit to helping the environment.

Improved health is among the advantages you get from riding an eBike. Researchers discovered that electric bikes offer moderate-to-intense exercise for all age groups, despite having a motor.

Environment conservation is the significant benefit of opting to travel using an electric bike. By choosing to move around with an eBike, you are lessening your carbon footprint and helping reduce factors contributing to global warming.

These benefits alone make it worthwhile for anyone to start riding an electric bike!