Blood clotting is a necessary process for our survival. In absence of this process, our bleeding won’t ever stop. However, it is also true that “excess of everything is bad for our health”. So clotting at a regular pace and need is a good thing for our bodies. However, excessive clotting will bring more trouble for you. This is especially true if the blood clot is within your blood vessel. Having a clot on your blood vessel has life-threatening effects.

Sometimes, the clot is not of much serious level. Thus, it dissolves on its own. However, sometimes, it does not. And if you are in such a situation, what will you do? You must be looking for ways to dissolve your clot so that you can relax. So let’s have a look at the things that you can do to get rid of your clot.

1  Taking anti-coagulant medication


One of the easiest, simplest, quick, and most effective ways of getting rid of your blood clot is through medication. And the medicine for that is Xarelto. You can check Xarelto generic cost at pricepro pharmacy.

Or if you cannot find this medicine there, you can consult your doctor. It is better to take medicine after getting your doctor’s permission. Because even if you know the medicine, you do not know the dosage. In addition to this, no pharmacy will give such medicine without your doctor’s prescription. So you should be careful.

2  Try compression stockings


People who have once suffered from a blood clot, are at a high risk of getting another clot in their life. Therefore, if you do not want to get any such thing, you need to take precautionary measures on time. So let’s look at what we can do.

One of the ways is to wear compression stockings. These stockings will fit your feet and extend up to your groin area. If you do not want to wear them up to the groin area, you can also go with the shorter ones. The shorter ones extend up to the calf. The stockings will fit snugly on your feet but will be a bit loose on your legs. Thus, you can remain comfortable and wear something that you need to wear.

These stockings are designed to assist your blood flow towards your heart. Thus, it relieves the symptoms of getting PTS (post thrombotic syndrome). You can get these stockings if you have a prescription. Or you can try getting it without a prescription because some drug stores also provide them without a prescription.

3  Reduce your risk of getting blood clots

Another thing that you can try is reducing the risk of getting a blood clot. And you must do this because you cannot just eat any medicine without getting a proper medical checkup. Therefore, you can try home remedies.


1.Wear loose clothing. If you are at risk of getting a clot, you should prefer wearing loose clothing. This is especially important for the lower part of the body.

2.Quit smoking. Smoking is a major cause of different diseases. Therefore, you should quit smoking if you once had a clot. Otherwise, you will only pose harm to yourself and your body. In addition to this, some people are at a relatively high risk of getting a clot because of smoking. So you should focus on your body.

3.Drink a lot of water. This is something that will protect you from a lot of problems. Drinking more fluids will make your skin fresher. Furthermore, it will also improve the working of your kidneys. And above all, you will be at a lower risk of getting a blood clot.

4.Less intake of salts. Salts make our food tasty and more palatable. However, excessive use of salts will only cause harm to our bodies. Because excessive or even good things are not good for our bodies. Furthermore, if you are at risk of getting a blood clot, you should quit intake of salts. Just take a regular amount in your food and not otherwise.

5.Do exercise regularly. You should also make a habit of doing exercise on a regular basis. Exercise not only makes our body healthy but also treats a lot of our problems. Therefore, you should take time out of your routine and spend at least 15 to 30 minutes on daily basis. If you cannot do much exercise, at least you should walk in a park.

6.Maintain your weight. Maintaining weight and losing weight are two different things. If you are an overweight person, you should reduce your weight and try to get to your ideal weight limit. However, if you are already within your ideal weight limit, you should maintain it and eat regular and healthy meals.

7.Do not sit all day. If your job requires you to sit all the time, you should try changing your position more often. You should stand up for going to the washroom or just for anything. Make sure you stand up and stretch your body for a minute. In addition to this, if you travel a lot, you will be sitting in a position for a long time. Therefore, even in that case, you should try changing your position more often. Thus, your body will get a regular supply of blood.


8.Say no to cross legs. Cross legs are a big no. Although some people are habitual of this, if you are at risk of getting a blood clot, why would you take this risk? You can sit in many more ways. So try it out.

9.Try raising your legs once a day. When you are lying down on your bed, you should try raising your legs for a few minutes. Raising your legs will increase blood flow toward your heart. Thus, you will be able to reduce the risk of getting a blood clot.