After you’ve bought a gun, you assume a responsibility to exercise safety. Gun safety involves the practice and study of activities related to using, storing, transporting, and disposing of firearms and their ammunition. Gun safety also involves training firearm users formal and informal firearm production regulations to avoid accidental injuries, death, and other gun-related incidents.

You should take a course on firearm safety before buying a gun. Apart from formal training on gun use, you should also familiarize yourself with what the law says about gun use. Negligence and being irresponsible with your firearms can put yourself and your family at risk if your firearms fall into the wrong hands.

You need to understand every important detail on how you should store your gun and how to care for it. The best way to learn more about gun safety is by taking a relevant course online or in a physical class in your area or state. That said, in this article, you’ll learn how to exercise good responsibility with your gun.

Assume Your Gun Is Loaded Always


You should always assume that your gun’s loaded, even if you’re very sure that you’ve removed all the cartridges out of the firearm. This practice is critical because you may find that one time you forgot. Build your own gun using 80 lowers from 5D so you can learn the various parts of a gun and how to assemble and disassemble one.

With this consciousness, remember to always do the following:

  • Avoid pointing anyone with your gun unless it’s a situation that warrants shooting.
  • Avoid placing or throwing your gun anywhere.
  • Don’t look in the barrel of the gun, except when the gun is disassembled and thoroughly confirmed no cartridges.

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger


Another rule of thumb is that unless you want to fire, your finger should be away from the trigger. Another rule to remember is that your finger should always stay outside of the gun’s finger loop and be pressed on the side of the firearm.

This should help discipline you in practicing gun safety while your response to any threat can be as quick as possible because your finger is next to the trigger, read more here.

Ammunition And Guns Should Be Stored Separately


Right away from the time you own a gun, ensure that you don’t store your gun and the ammunition in one place. For example, let’s say you have a bulk 45 ACP ammo for your gun; they must be stored separately from the weapon without just and maybe. Security experts say that this keeps children and other unauthorized individuals from getting access to your firearms and, in the case of a robbery, a burglar won’t be able to have access to your ammunition and your guns and cause serious harm.

It’s possible to wonder why you should keep ammunition from the gun yet your firearm is for self-defense. The bottom line is, avoid keeping them in close proximity.

Store Guns Secretly (Sometimes) And Safely


Where you keep your gun should be a safe place and, if need be, should be a secret place. This depends on the people in your home. If you have younger children at home, make sure they don’t notice where you keep your firearm as they can take it and harm themselves or others.

Good storage places are gun safes. They should protect your guns from robberies, fires, and unauthorized access. You should never keep your gun in your living room or any other place in your house where children can have easy access.

Educate Your Spouse And Kids On Correct Use Of Firearms

Whether you’ve bought a gun for home security or you’re looking to get into hunting, when it comes to teaching your kids to use firearms, you need to ensure that they’re mature enough to understand what firearms are, how deadly they are, and the consequences of any mistake. Why you should do that is to sensitize them to the dangers of irresponsible firearm use. On the contrary, it gives them the skill to defend themselves in case of danger.

Once you’ve learned how to be a responsible gun owner, you should educate your family about the same.

Perform Regular Gun Maintenance


Since your gun is a security investment, you need to maintain it to ensure proper function. Regularly clean your gun from dust, oil, debris, and gunpowder. When these materials are left for a long time, they cause grime that affects proper gun function.

Also, keep an eye on your gun to ensure that it doesn’t rust. To avoid rusting, use anti-rust gun oil and other substances that prevent rust from coming back. In case you kept your gun for long and it got rust, you may remove the rust yourself by a good cleaning. But seeing as how you may still be new to guns, get a professional to do a specialized check for you when you realize a good rub won’t help your cause. Be spot on when it comes to gun maintenance. For more info about guns and firearms be sure to check Reviewster.


Always remember that gun security in your home begins with you before others learn it, and the first person from whom your family members would learn gun safety is you. To equip yourself with the right knowledge, you can always enroll in a firearms safety and training course. Remember to keep your guns safe in your home and away from your kids. Educate all your family members on gun safety too. Although a gun could help you feel secure, not knowing how to handle one will just spell disaster for you.