Famous actors and athletes are frequent visitors to popular world casino destinations, but although this type of entertainment brings huge amounts of money, they mostly consider themselves great professionals in what they do. Although you would never say that they are casino regulars, many celebrities love to spend their time at a Las Vegas casino or another popular venue. Also, because of their love for casinos, many directors have found inspiration in their passion.

The same goes for online gaming, where Hollywood stars enjoy cool online casino games while taking a break from shooting or walking on the red carpet. Some of the most famous and popular people around the world are among the best-rated gamers you can find in your favorite online establishment. For example, Bruce Willis is fond of playing craps and baccarat, allocating more than $100,000 in a single hand. The media have repeatedly reported on the actor’s big wins inspired by his role in a sports betting-themed movie. Maybe you were across the table never knowing one of the most iconic characters was the high-roll winner?

For many, it is important not only that their data will be protected, but also on what conditions they will play in their casino. It is just as important how they will be attracted to your casino, because the choice of online casinos is quite large. Therefore, norske casino bonuser has a fairly large audience, thanks to all the criteria that are important for the player.

Finding a Reputable Online Casino to Play


Before getting started, prospective winners have to find a place to put their trust in. Remember to find the license badge placed visibly on the site, or simply leave it if there is no sign about the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao, or another regulatory body that governs the site. Also, take a closer look at payment methods and search for any sign indicating all transactions are secured by an SSL encryption tool.

Another important aspect to pay more attention to is online casino payouts. You can always visit LeafletCasino and check winning rates, customer support, and payout speed that the best paying online casino Canada currently offers. When considering a site to start your career, the best payout rate is equally important as the number of games, licenses, and software running the platform. All the stars know it and always look for top paying online casinos, so just follow their lead.

Hollywood-Famous Online Casino Players


Many famous people love gambling. Naturally, they can afford such entertainments and visits to the best establishments with slot machines on the planet, so they willingly “go all the way”. In the press, you can often find fascinating stories about how the stars of the stage and screen left fortunes in casinos around the world. However, there are also celebrities who take their gambling leisure seriously and often win large sums of money. Let’s consider examples of stars who managed to replenish their wallet well on casino slots.

Ray Romano

Being an avid golf and casino enthusiast, Ray Romano is also a fan of online casinos. Even though an amateur, the famous on and off-stage performer is also an accomplished World Series of Poker member. As a versatile gamer, Ray is also a fan of blackjack and poker, and you can often find him sitting at online high-roller tables.

Ben Affleck


Arguably one of the most famous on this list, Ben Affleck is known not only as a first-class actor and director but also as an experienced card player who never comes to gamble in the common room. The actor can only be found in the halls for special clients from where he won one of the most prestigious poker tournaments, knocking out the no less famous Tobey Maguire. Also, Ben is among the group of top-rated actors who love online casinos and enjoy this kind of entertainment whenever possible.

George Clooney

The “Ocean’s Eleven” movie was to the liking not only of the public but one of the leading actors too – George Clooney. He maintains connections with many gambling celebrities and often plays at the table, which is later confirmed by Las Vegas’ paparazzi pictures. Clooney even wanted to implement a project of his own casino, investing $3 billion in the construction of “Las Ramblas” entertainment and hotel complex. According to some sources, we still wait for the realization of the project by this fan of online casinos and sports betting.

Celebrity Poker Stars


Produced by Miramax and based on a true story, Rounders is a poker-themed movie starring Edward Norton and Matt Damon as professional poker players and hustlers. Far from imagination, the movie inspired many other Hollywood stars to pursue a career in a skill-based game so you will see Toby Maguire and Jason Alexander often sitting across the table with both pros and poker enthusiasts.

Another great thing about poker is that it’s not a men-only game. The American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth is a great example of turning from a movie star to a professional poker player who finished third at the National Poker Championship in 2010. When checking in a casino resort in Las Vegas, try not to be surprised if you find sharing a hand with the hot actress but beware – she’s equally if not more skilled.

Casino Games that Celebrities Enjoy


There are so many cool online casino options that we couldn’t all describe in a single article. Players can choose from slots with different themes and plots to table games powered by an RNG or hosted by a live dealer, and the same applies to celebrities. There are also casual games and even virtual reality games where both stars and commoners can immerse into another world of entertainment never offered by a brick ‘n’ mortar establishment.

Of course, no matter if you’re just a local hero or a Hollywood celebrity, it is always important to respect the rules of responsible gambling. It’s a little easier for celebrities – they have more money than you and me, and when playing cards, actors are quite capable of restraining emotions. For starters, make sure you have a gaming budget and stay within its boundaries. The rest will come naturally, and our fellow colleague Affleck is a great example.


Quite a large number of famous stars are avid gamblers or enthusiasts at least. For them, gambling establishments have become the best place to play so many cool online casino games and relax from the daily hustle and bustle. Some of the stars even manage to participate in professional tournaments organized by a British online casino, having managed to bypass a huge number of experienced rivals. All of them, as well as many other stars, do not miss the opportunity to play online slot machines, poker, and other games in their free time to relax and get a dose of adrenaline.