Sex is healthy. Seriously healthy.

Sexual intercourse and other sexual activities are some of the best activities that you can do for your body when viewed from a health perspective.

From immediate to long term and ranging from physical to mental, the positive effects of  maintaining a healthy sex life can act as the keystone to many other facets of your well being for both men and woman alike.

The Physical Health Benefits of Sex

Sex as Exercise


A lot of the health benefits of sex arise from the light exercise involved in sexual intercourse. Just like a light jog gets your heart rate going and your blood pumping, so does sex, and this provides you with health benefits similar to those of any light cardio workout!

And I think we can all agree sex is a heck of a lot more fun than running, right?

Frequent sex is known to lower your blood pressure. Because high blood pressure puts a lot of pressure on your blood vessels, this can lead to damaged arteries, so by getting your blood pumping you will help to keep your system stay low and viscous.

Testosterone, one of the many helpful hormones released during sex, is known to have a lot of positive effects at keeping blood pressure in check. So just as it is essential to eat healthy to keep your BP down, having consistent sexual intercourse is the same!

As well as lowering your blood pressure, sex is a wonderful and enjoyable way to burn a few calories. Better than sitting on the couch and snacking, I’d say!

It’s true, you won’t be able to lose weight relying on sex alone, as running and other exercise burns way more calories, but something is always better than nothing! And the something is still quite substantial, as one study has shown that you can clear burning over 100 calories during sex.

With all of this light exercise, endorphins, and a slight rush of adrenaline, sex is a great method to lower your risk of heart attack and keep your heart healthy in general. Your heart needs to beat in order to be healthy, and it’s really good for it to see a little extra influx of pumping from some exercise.

And by exercise, we mean gettin’ it on.

Sex forces your heart to work a little harder, and it also raises testosterone and estrogen levels, two hormones that when low can lend for an unhealthy heart. By getting your heart and blood pumping, lowering your blood pressure, and helping you shed a few calories, sex is an incredibly healthy form of light exercise that can help you to maintain a healthy heart! You can visit to know more about sex industry as a whole.

Sleep Better


Have you ever rolled over into your partner’s arms after an invigorating orgasm and simply fallen right to sleep?

You see, this actually happens for a reason, as sex has been proven to increase and promote sleep levels, something that is healthy for many bodily functions. During sex, our minds and bodies are flooded with ‘feel-good’ chemicals that provide us that bubbly little high we love, and the one, in particular, is known as ‘Oxytocin’.

Oxytocin is like a love potion, something similar to being shot in the butt by Cupid’s arrow. During sexual intercourse, especially partner play (as this chemical also induces the lustful feeling that arises from intimacy) this hormone is released in high dosages which then acts as a natural sedative that will put you right to sleep.

Sleeping well is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy, as it has a direct effect on your mood and maintaining a strong immune system. So make sure you are sleeping the best you can by having a thigh shaking orgasm right before bed.

Lowering Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and depression are extremely powerful demons of our minds that can act as some of the most difficult of mental illnesses to deal with.

Thankfully there have been multitudes of improvements at techniques at lowering and preventing such, and one of the most effective techniques of them all is regular sexual intercourse!

Sex is a powerful tool at lowering anxiety and depression, but this doesn’t happen for just one particular reason, and it is instead the combination of multiple other health benefits of sex that allow for this to be a weapon against these ailments.

Bonding with your Partner


There is no getting around it. Consensual and good sex will help you to become closer to and bond with your partner. Sex is a spiritual means to connect our bodies, and it is one of the most special ways to create an otherworldly human connection with one another.

When sex is fueled by love and passion, the results are incredible for you and your relationship.

When you make your partner feel good and when they do the same to you, this creates confidence, a connection, and love otherwise unattainable. Creating a tighter bond with your partner will then instill confidence in you powerful enough to ward off the feelings of anxiety and depression.

This is especially true when some of the causes of such are derived from a fear of disconnection with your loved one.

Sex itself can also further boost your libido, and a consistent sex life lends for the healthiest of relationships, so sex equals more sex and a healthier mind, body, and relationship! If you are looking for a new means to spice up your bedroom play with your partner (or by yourself), get in the mix some female libido supplements while a discreet shipping sex toy from V for Vibes is a wonderful way for some riveting fun to show up secretly and quite literally at your door.

Lowering Stress


High-stress levels are one of the most prominent contributors to anxiety and depression. And sex is one of the most prominent contributors to lowering stress.

Having sex releases natural chemicals that are proven to reduce stress levels. We’ve chatted about them before, as these chemicals and hormones do more than just lower stress, but they are worth mentioning again because they are really powerful means to help you feel better about yourself and life. To enjoy great sex, people hire escorts from online escort agencies like Lovesita. Many Female escorts are associated with the agency and provide great and satisfactory services to their clients.

Endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin- your tickets to reducing stress.

Just as well, sex can act as a way to help you forget about the things that are stressing you out in the moment, a necessary form of escape from the harsher realities of life. By keeping your mind off of stressors and by directly reducing stressors, sex will lower your stress levels and therefore keep you healthy for several other reasons, as stress can reduce your immune system strength, mess with your sleep, and of course increase anxiety and depression.

As you can see, every positive aspect of sex accumulates upon one other to lend for health benefits that are effective, powerful, and that will together result in the happiest and healthiest of lives!