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The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing every one of us into quarantine. But if boredom doesn’t get you then the lack of exercise sure will. That’s why you should exercise as much as you can during the quarantine. And, as it turns out, trampoline exercises are not only a great way to do that, but they’re also fun and offer more to the table. Because of that, here are 6 easy trampoline exercises to do during the Coronavirus quarantine.

1. Jumping Jacks

Everyone knows what a jumping jack is, but did you know you can do it on a trampoline? This exercise is so basic that it doesn’t require any explanation.
But for the odd person that doesn’t know what this is, we’ll give you a rundown.

  • Stand on the trampoline with your arms along your body.
  • Start jumping and lifting your arms above your head as you go up, and bring them to their natural position as you go down.
  • Repeat for 3 minutes.

This simple, yet highly effective exercise is a great way to move your body out of its normal day-to-day position. It’s an excellent exercise for the quarantine and we highly recommend it. Before moving forward, you better know that not every trampoline brands allow these type of activities. To get to know the one that best matches your needs, take a look at guides on the best adult trampolines for exercising at home.

2. Pelvic Floor Jumps

This next one is highly recommended for women that want to tighten their thigh muscles and pelvic floor in a few very simple steps.
You’ll need a trampoline and a small ball that you need to put between your legs. The exercise goes as follow:

  • Get on the trampoline, place the ball between your legs, preferable the knees.
  • Start the exercise slowly by jumping up and down in the same rhythm you would in the previous one.
  • When doing so, it’s all about engaging the muscles located in the pelvic region of your body, and the best way to do it is to squeeze the ball between your knees. This effectively works with your inner thighs and the especially the muscles located in that area.
  • Repeat the same thing for up to 3 minutes.

The pelvic floor jump is yet another highly effective workout routine for any woman that wants to strengthen its pelvic floor.

3. Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are great if you want to do a complete body workout with a single exercise.
The core fundamentals of tuck jumps are that you get HITV (high-intensity interval training) that works under your weight-loss plan.
Tucks jumps are great, but you’ll need a bigger trampoline as you’ll need to use more power to go higher.
Here is how to do it:

  • Jump by tucking up your knees onto your chest the closest you can.
  • Before going down into your original position, make sure to do a recovery jump.
    Continue doing so for the next 3 minutes.
  • Tuck jumps are so simple, even more than some other exercises, but they’re so demanding. Since this workout focus on an entire body movement, it might be hard to sustain for 3 minutes when doing it the first time.

Trampolines for training are some of the most sought-after equipment that can jump-start a daily workout routine. If you’re looking for the best indoor trampolines that will allow that, then make sure to click here.

4. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are brilliant rebounder exercises that combine multiple workouts into a single one. Squat jumps are more demanding than others, and they resemble tuck jumps in terms of getting your heart rate racing faster.
To do squat jumps, you’ll need a normal or big trampoline. The exercise goes as follow:

  • Combine your legs and start jumping into position.
  • Continue doing so until you start getting into a rhythm.
  • Once so, do a short countdown and on the last mark perform a squat.

There is another variation of this exercise and it goes as follow:

  • Place your arms on your hips and spread your legs the widest you can while jumping.
  • Get in the rhythm and land in a squat position.
  • When squatting, bend the knees as much as you can so that your thighs touch the trampoline.
  • When in this position, extend your arms straight in front of you
  • Get back up and go again for 3 minutes.

This variation is more demanding than the previous one, and you might not last for a whole 3 minutes. This is a highly demanding workout routine that involves multiple exercises, as we mentioned, so you shouldn’t start with it if you’re a newbie.

5. Butt Kicker Jumps

You might recognize this next one from your childhood since we’ve all tried to kick our own buts.
The workout is exactly that but on a trampoline. The reason why we’ve included it is because it gives you much more altitude doing it on a trampoline.
Also, you combine more than one workout. Butt kicks are done very easy and they involve the following:

  • When in place, start jogging to get the feel and rhythm of it.
  • Then, start bending your knees by bringing your foot straight underneath your butt.
  • Do that for one leg, then for the other.
  • Repeat for 3 minutes.

So, in a way, butt-kicker jumps resemble running or jogging. This is quite possibly the best thing you can do while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.
Since we all need some way to stay in shape, a trampoline is quite possible the best and most fun way to do it. Now we’re going to mention the last exercise on this list, and that is…

6. Pike Jump

Every professional Olympic athlete knows how great a pike jump is for a total body workout. The thing with pike jumps is that you’ll need a bigger trampoline to do it.
To perform a pike jump, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Start jumping in place to get the feel and rhythm going.
  • Start jumping higher to gain more altitude and extend your legs straight out in front of your.

When doing so, at the same time extend your arms out to reach your feet . Pike jumps are also very demanding and you might have a hard time mastering it. But once you’ve done so, it is so worth it.