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Most of us like to explore new worlds and different cultures. When it comes to getting to know other cultures, we are usually thinking about traveling to some far-off and unknown land. However, this is not the only way to get acquainted with the culture of a particular country. There is one common link in learning about each culture – and that is music. Every nation and every country in the world has its own, specific sound.

One that characterizes that particular area and can tell you more about a country or its people. It is music that unites all the people and races – and it is the seal of every culture in the world. How music can help you become acquainted with other nations and their cultural heritage – read the text before you.

Importance Of Culture And Cultural Heritage

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Although created and shaped in the past – cultural heritage is very important in understanding and creating our present. Its importance is also in planning and visioning our future. As an expression of historically accumulated and constantly evolving values, beliefs, knowledge, and traditions – cultural heritage requires an active relationship between the community and individuals who acquire, interpret, maintain, revitalize and transmit their culture to new generations.

The Wealth Of One Culture Can Be Seen Through Its Music

We live in a world where culture is expressed in all possible ways. Every difference is special and extraordinary. So we can’t say that some music is better or worse. They are just different – and each one carries with it its charm, bringing to you, through melody, the essence of a nation’s culture. You can get acquainted with music from different parts of the world in various ways. You can travel and feel the rhythm and melody where it originated. 

You can enjoy music at some of the cultural events that take place in your surroundings – or you can enjoy music simply by listening to it. Thanks to technology, today you can listen to music from different parts of the world online, enjoy videos or download it from numerous streaming services. All this can be a great way to get to know and connect with the culture of a country. It is almost as if you have decided to embark on a journey around the world. We’ll present to you three interesting music styles that can take you around the world…

Tamil Music

Although it may sound incredibly exotic – this music belongs to ancient styles. Although today we most often associate it with films coming from this area, this type of music has a centuries-old tradition. It is very melodic and speaks of the rich history and culture of the people that originate from these parts of the world. This music is much appreciated throughout India and even beyond its borders. This is probably first of all because this music is filled with emotion.

Although today we can hear it in slightly more modern arrangements – this music is rooted in traditional Tamil styles. However, over time, this music also took on a different form and as such – reached the film where its popularity has grown even more. Today, many people have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of these landscapes even though they’ve never been to India. You can enjoy Tamil songs easily, online or by downloading your favorite songs on services like Isaiminis. Today’s songs are, in a sense, different from traditional ones. That especially refers to the rhythm and the instruments used.

Cuban Music

The people of Cuba include descendants of Spanish immigrants who came to Cuba around 1500 and Africans who were brought as slaves. Over time, some aspects of their music and dance merged, and some remained unique. Not much is known about Cuban folk music before 1800. Earlier Cubans are known to have played on wooden, and shell trumpets, wooden drums, flutes, etc. Today, popular music and dance styles include salsa, son, rumba, mambo, and cha-cha-cha.

The instruments used are clave, maracas, guiro, thumb piano – as well as many types of drums, including bongo and big Kong. Some European instruments can also be used. The thirties and forties saw the emergence of the Mambo – musical dance style, which also used African rhythms. Mambo music has become worldwide popular. Cha-cha-cha, a slower version of mambo, emerged in the 1950s and it also took its place in dance.

African Music

Music full of original African rhythms, spiced up with modern music directions, can’t leave you indifferent – especially since the creators and performers of that music are top musicians. These musicians collaborate with almost all the world-known great names such as Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Santana, etc. One of the more widely known musicians is Youssou N’Dour from Senegal, known for his duet with Neneh Cherry and the song 7 Seconds.

What is somewhat strange is that in Europe, African music is not much exploited. On the other hand, it is extremely popular in the West and concerts are visited to the maximum. One of the top representatives of African modern music is the famous Salif Keita, known by the name of the Nightingale of Mali.

Music & Getting to Know Different Cultures

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Music is the kind of art that surrounds us every day and forms an integral part of our lives. We listen to music while we’re on the street, going to work, or being at home. Even more, we are listening to it in every possible place that exists, and now, new technology has enabled us to transmit sound tunes using phones and other devices. Therefore, we can enjoy music everywhere we go.

Music is, by definition, an art that expresses sounds, moods, attitudes, and performances about events. But music can also introduce you to some different worlds and cultures. It may interest you in the history of a nation, their language, film art, etc. That’s the great thing about the music. It can take you to other worlds – without leaving your room. All you have to do is listen, and you may already be in a place you’ve never been to.