Dubai is undoubtedly a miracle in this world. It was just a dessert and look what has been done to that dessert. It is no longer a place where there is nothing. Now it has almost everything. The tallest building in the world, the amazing hotels and resorts with exceptional views and facilities. Moreover, you will also get to see amazing sea creatures from around the world in their amazing aquariums. And amazingly, they allow you to dive in some aquariums too.

So if you want to see the sea creatures without any distance, you can do so in Dubai. Have a swim with them and enjoy their company. How fascinating is that? And Dubai is considered the best place for drivers. They have amazing roads and the best cars.

And if that was not enough

They now have the Museum of the Future.

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You can find an escape from the tough reality and enjoy some good days. The best place to do so is the Museum of the Future. This will take you to your imaginary world, away from the bitter reality of the world. You will feel like living a dream.

How to book your tickets?


The most reliable method is to go to the official website of the Museum of the future. You will see the option of booking your ticket.

Unlike many other tourist sites, this museum does not offer a walk-in experience for the time being. The museum was inaugurated in February 2024. Therefore, there are still many people in the queue. So it won’t be easy to get a ticket right away unless you get lucky. Usually, people do a pre-booking and visit at their scheduled time.

Even when you visit their site, you will see the option of “Check availability”. They currently have a high demand for bookings. Therefore, you might have to wait even to get the booking availability. You can check the availability and book your tickets in advance.

Ticket Price

Whether you are going by yourself or your family, you will need to take a ticket for everyone. However, there are some exceptions. The tickets start at 3 years of age. So if you have children of age 3 years or older, you will need to buy their tickets.

The ticket cost 145 AED for 3 years and above. There is not any concession on that.
The exception includes children under the age of 3. In addition to this, there is another category which is the “Person of Determination”. The tickets for these two categories are free. All this information is also available on their site, you will know it while booking.

Opening hours


The opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. If you have got your tickets, you can visit the museum at your given time.

The flying man or the Iron man of the museum?


Although you might not be able to enjoy this sight now, it was observed during the inauguration time. There was a tweet that people observed a UFO in Dubai. Though it was all a scripted stunt but was really beautiful and amazing.

There was a jet pack man who was delivering tickets to the visitors. So there were some lucky people who got their tickets in this way.

Apart from delivering tickets on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The jet packman was also used for promotional activities. So he went to the Downtown area on Bluewaters Island. In addition to this, he also went to visit the school in Dubai. All of his journeys were shared on social media accounts and got a lot of popularity. So once again, Dubai showed that it can do better things than the rest of the world.

So what is it?

You know how to book your tickets and go there. But what about those who know nothing about the museum?

We will tell you about it.

The museum shows us the year 2071. It shows our future, how it will be after all these years. It covers areas like bioengineering, and resource development and shows us futuristic ecosystems. In addition to this, it will also show us the future of spirituality, wellness and health.

Themed exhibitions

The viewers will get to observe some specific themes. Like the New moon. You will see the beautiful complete moon and also how we can use it to create renewable energy in our future.

Furthermore, there will be the Amazon rainforest and its details. You will also get to see the life theme where there will be information about different animals and species. So it will be a wonderful experience for everyone. You can see things according to your interests or simply enjoy the futuristic approach.

The Façade of the museum


One of the most interesting things about this museum is its façade. The building is one of its kind and you won’t be able to tell it’s a building just from pictures.

The façade is a piece of art or the future of production. It is made entirely of glass and stainless steel. A total of 1024 panels were used in its making and they were set with the help of robotic arms. Thus, you get to see the staggering beauty.

In addition to this, the building has a complex design and therefore, it took a long time to get the perfection. And finally, we got the masterpiece.

And if you just take a look at the outside, you will see something written. This is Arabic calligraphy and the words of HH Sheikh Mohammed. And if you do not know the name, he is the Ruler of Dubai, the President of the UAE.