In the digital age, it is possible to earn money not only by doing certain jobs, but also by selling virtual goods. For example, in order to watch a movie, it is not necessary to buy a disc, it is enough to buy the right to watch a tape in any online cinema. But this is a relatively big business, whereas ordinary users can earn on the sale of digital goods as well.

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What Are They for?

The main purpose of skins is to change the appearance of weapons to a newer, significantly different from the standard. Skins affect the appearance of equipment without changing its characteristics.

Skins do not affect the gameplay, they can dilute the game with new colors. In this way, the game looks new. In addition, they are collectibles.

Multiplayer provides that such an upgrade is very significant in social interaction. Thanks to the originality of the character you can stand out from the general background, and find new friends who have a similar style. After all, users who have experience in Internet communication know that the avatar says a lot about a person and can both attract attention and cause antipathy.

Skins are provided in a variety of themes. Among them are both popular characters from movies and other games, as well as your own custom images posted in the public domain. The assortment of skins will help reincarnate anyone and look original against the background of other players. The choice is unlimited and takes into account the needs and desires of everyone. You can try on different skins to find your own, perfect, which corresponds to the character and life principles. You can also change the skin for a birthday, any other holiday or to meet guests in the virtual world.

Why Are Skins So Interesting?


You don’t have to go far to understand why almost any skin is so popular. What are skins, we have already figured out with you, it remains to understand the desire of players to have them. Here it’s pretty simple. We are all faced with moments in life when people start to hunt for something fashionable, whether it’s clothes, technology or something else. In games, almost the same situation happens.

New items are almost always fashionable and popular, but only the most beautiful and rare ones are as popular as they were, and the rest are just forgotten. By and large, the developer himself sets this fashion, for example, setting a high price of an item, making it rare and hard to find, but it often happens that the community of players themselves elevates the item to a high level, thereby increasing its value and relevance. The conclusion can be made as follows: the more beautiful an item is for most gamers and the higher its rarity, uniqueness, the more popularity it gains.

An Opportunity to Strengthen a Friendship or Love

Oddly enough, customization helps with that as well! Only a true friend or true love can let you “run” your most valuable skin, showing the degree of your trust. And if a skin is lent to you, you can be sure – that person really appreciates you.

Is It Possible to Make Money on Skins?

Of course, to make money on skins, you need to somehow exchange the virtual item for money. It is not available in all games. But, for example, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there is a whole market of gaming goods, the prices of which run into hundreds of thousands of rubles. Players buy and sell skins that change the appearance of weapons in this popular game. Get a skin can be free, but the probability of falling out of the rare and unusual skin is very small. That is why many are willing to pay a lot of money for a digital product.

Where do I start?


To make money in Steam, you need to have patience and a small initial capital. Earnings in Steam are usually reselling things, and it takes time to find a suitable buyer. Everything is just like in real life. A couple of thousand rubles in the beginning won’t hurt: it will help you diversify your initial expenses and distribute resources to several areas – maps, skins, collectibles, etc. The Steam trading platform was invented by Yanis Varoufakis, a Greek economist. He left Valve in 2015 to become Greece’s finance minister.

Now he is still involved in politics. Previously, it was enough to trade only keys on Steam, but recently this method was restricted because fraudsters were laundering money through it. Now everything has changed a lot, but the opportunity to make money remains. First, we will analyze how to make money by reselling things on the example of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and then move on to Dota 2.

Cybersport Influences Pricing

In addition to buying items, it’s worth keeping an eye on the cybersports scene as a whole during the majors. Players end their careers, teams break up, clubs close down – many of them have CS:GO name items, which always jump in price if there is a risk of no more cyber athletes or lineups playing in tournaments. Over time, prices will stabilize, but if you catch a good moment, you can make good money.

For example, a similar situation happened in Dota 2 recently. After accusations of harassment against TobyVan Dawson, Valve cut his lines from the chat room and essentially shut him out of their events, including The International. In the aftermath of the incident, the prices of the caster’s autographs on Marketplace increased by more than 12 times.

Collecting Rare Items


Many CS:GO items exist in limited quantities. While conditional dopplers will become more abundant over time, majors graffiti is gradually becoming more rare as Valve puts it up for sale for a limited period of time.  Initially, only viewers of the earliest CS:GO majors could get one through the game, so it’s a rarity now.

During majors, it’s best to buy items directly from the in-game store, but you don’t always have a computer with CS:GO installed at hand. Not a problem: almost immediately items appear in the Marketplace, and the prices there, if higher, are insignificant.

Souvenir items are always profitable to buy during the majors – over time their price will only go up. Of course, in order to sell a case at a high price, you will have to wait a year, but the investment will be more than repaid.