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Mattresses are a beautiful thing, aren’t they? They give us the soft cushion-like feel when we lie down and allow us to engulf into it and fall into a deep slumber entirely. That’s the beauty of it. But have you ever looked at the other side of the mattress? I guess you do, and so you’ve stopped here. It is heavy and floppy and tends to be hard to move around. Whenever there’s talk about moving out, one of the heavy thoughts burgeoning is how to move your mattress.

Plenty of people cite it as a tricky thing but don’t get too stressed about it. We’re here to help you out with the proper easy to follow steps. Read along.

But hey before moving down to the steps, why not let’s prepare ourselves for it. Afterall, preparation is vital for any task. If you want to move a mattress, you have to get a few tools around. We here look at that.

Tools required for moving a mattress

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Moving it isn’t merely about getting a few people around and carrying it. That way, you may end up damaging it. Rather than that if you were to say get a hold of a few tools and use them, you can get better results. That way your mattress won’t be damaged and you can get the same soft cushion-like feel at your new place.

Mattress Bag

A mattress bag is quite helpful equipment when it comes to moving out a mattress and keeping it safe. Whilst moving it, it is bound to get dust or grime or say even any infestations. This is where having a mattress bag can help you to secure it and keep it safe so that you can safely unpack it at your new place. They are quite easy to find and are available at a pretty affordable range. For more details check here.

Nylon rope or tie-down strap

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Once you pack it, you’d have to tie it down to the vehicle to secure it in a place. You wouldn’t want it to fall over whilst moving. This is where a nylon rope or a tie-down strap comes as good usage. You can get either of them to tie it.


Once you pack your mattress in a bag, you have to secure it and tape can help you in that. You can use a tape to seal the ends and even create a label sort of thing, which will help secure it against any moisture infestations from the outside.

Sandwich bags

Sandwich bags are essential as it helps to keep all the bolts and parts secured in one place. There will be screws, bolts and much more and you’d have a hard time keeping it all intact. So simply use a sandwich bag and keep it all in one place.

Other tools

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You can further add a knife for cutting in the tapes and all and also a toolset if your mattress is affixed to the bed frame.

How to move mattress – 10 Easy Steps

Here are 10 easy steps to move your mattress to your new place.

Step 1 – Consider the size of the mattress and other essentials

This can be termed as one of the essential preparation works before you start moving it. But we figured out including it here would give a good perspective. First, consider the factors like the size, the floor you are in, and the right vehicle to use for transportation. This way you can have a clear picture of it and can start moving your mattress.

Step 2 – Use a mattress bag

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The next step is to place the mattress flat on the ground or place it against any wall. This is because you have to put it into the mattress bag. Lift one of the ends of the mattress and slowly slide the mattress bag onto it. Once you have covered the entire with the mattress bag, look for the air spaces and press them down to release it. Then once all the air is pushed out you can seal the ends of it. Look for any small holes or gaps where it is exposed and tape it so that it is completely sealed.

Step 3 – Clear your route

Map the route via which you will move the mattress out from your bedroom to the vehicle. Since it is large and big, you need to have sufficient clearing. Look for any stray furniture or anything that may block the path and clear it immediately.

Step 4 – Bring it down to the vehicle

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Once you have cleared the route, you can then carry out or use tools like a hand truck to carry the mattress out from your bedroom to the vehicle.

Step 5 – Get your vehicle ready for it

Once you have brought it down to the vehicle, you also need to make sure that the vehicle is ready to store it. You can make a sufficient area by removing the seats or folding them down. So that you can then place it inside.

Step 6 – Lift the mattress

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Once you have readied your vehicle, you can then lift it to place it inside your vehicle. A mattress is quite heavy and would require 3-4 persons to lift it off and place it. Or else you can also use a hand truck for this. Just lift it and place it in on the hand truck first. Always be careful while doing this so that you don’t hurt your back or abdominal area.

Step 7 – Place the mattress inside the vehicle

Once you have lifted it or used a hand truck, then you can place it in the cargo area or the desired area of your vehicle. Slowly place it inside so that there would be no harm to the mattress and its fibers or surface.

Step 8 – Secure and bind the mattress

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Now that it is placed inside you can then look to secure it with the help of a rope or a tie-down strap. Secure it tightly and nicely so that it won’t fall off and affect the balance of your vehicle.

Step 9 – Drive your vehicle to the new place

Now that you have secured the mattress, you’re ready to go. Simply start your vehicle and drive to your new home or new place of stay.

Step 10 – Unpack the mattress

Moving out the mattress isn’t complete without taking it from your old home to a new home and placing it. So once you have reached your new home, simply unpack it and move it inside. First, untie the ropes and carry it around to your new bedroom and there you go, you have your mattress.

Moving a mattress isn’t that stressful of a task as people put it out to be. You simply need to be sure of the steps and take care of a few things, and you’d be good to go. We hope with this you can now move it to your new home and have a slumber on it.