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Dubai is one of the most populous cities in the UAE; a once quiet fishing port that transforms into one of the world’s wealthiest cities. As the capital of the Emirate, the place has become the business hub of Western Asia because of its global transport hub for the cargos and passengers and mercantile hub for the oil revenue. And because of its well-developed economy, the place was proclaimed to be the city of superlatives and the world’s famous cosmopolitan. 

Consequently, the city became the dreamland for foreign workers, outdoor explorers, fitness fiends, and food lovers. Despite its ever-expanding skyline and the world’s tallest building, Dubai offers more features such as their education, culture, tradition, and lifestyle. Their government has made an effort in promoting healthy living in spite of their modern society. Thriving restaurants have created more healthy food options and establishments have included health-related activities for their itinerary.

Furthermore, for tourists and locals who are in Dubai, listed below are some health-related activities worth trying. 


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Yoga is an activity that works on a person’s flexibility and strength. Originated in Ancient India, this routine is a combination of spiritual, mental, and physical practices. Through this, a person’s health will be enhanced because it relaxes the tension in the body and gives attention to breathing. In summary, Yoga strengthens both physical and mental aspects of a person making it a great exercise for those who prefer calmness and tranquility over adrenaline and excitement. 

Also, because of its popularity, a lot of yoga clinics were established worldwide; specifically, Dubai has a number of them. The city has different centers for which each one of them offers unique classes and sessions. Thus for those who wish to stretch some muscles then looking for a yoga clinic and finding their ideal yoga types like Yin yoga, Sivananda yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Bikram yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyāsa, and Ashtanga vinyasa yoga won’t be a hassle.


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A spa is a place where spring water that’s rich with minerals is used in giving medicinal baths. Spa resorts or towns usually offer different health treatments which are commonly known as balneotherapy. In Dubai, a lot of these centers were established; in particular, the Morrocan bath in Armonia Spa center is one of the most notable spas out there. 

This belief of curative powers caused by bathing in mineral waters goes back during the prehistoric times. With appropriate minerals and essential oils, the spa could help de-stress, relieves pains, support weight loss, prevent varicose veins, and promote better sleep. Right now, spas were upgraded offering various treatments such as microdermabrasion, aromatherapy, gua sha, and moxibustion.  

Water Park Riding

Unlike the previous activities, water park riding is another type of recreation. With intense adrenaline rush, water park riding would help a person feel euphoric, de-stress, burn few calories, and work out core muscles. 

Dubai has a lot of unique water parks and thankfully, because of their modern technology, these rides have never been more secure and exciting. Also, visiting these places could not only make the adults enjoy, but the children could also have fun because there are rides appropriate and safe enough for them. 


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Every country has its dance; throughout the history of every place, people use dance to convey their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Whether it may be contemporary, ballroom, or ballet, dancing makes use of all the muscles in one’s body and provides heart-healthy benefits making it a great routine to help a person healthy. This activity also helps a person reduces body fats strengthens bones and increases coordination and balance. 

Furthermore, Dubai offers a lot of establishments for which they provide various classes such as jazz, salsa, ballet, hip-hop, and other more. People would surely be able to have fun moving to the music’s rhythm while staying fit and healthy. 

 Horse riding

In Dubai, various centers and clubs are present to provide public horse riding related activities. From short pony rides to private individual riding lessons, the city has businesses that vary accordingly to the demands of the people.   

Horse riding or also known as Equestrianism has a very broad description. This mainly focuses on the uses of the horse: for competitive sport, cultural exercises, recreational activity, transportation, and other practical works. Also, this improves the muscles on the thighs, strengthens the core, pounds the glutes, and enhances stability, coordination, and balance.

Scuba diving

Another healthy activity that’s perfect for a vacation, scuba diving would make a person feel a soothing sensation which then offers good benefits for health and fitness. Specifically, while exploring the beauty within the depths of the ocean, one’s leg and arm muscles would develop, he or she will have a cardiovascular workout, and his or her respiratory system would strengthen. Moreover, this gentle form of exertions would benefit a person’s mental health because it induces a calm and relaxed state of the mind. 

And for experts and beginners, Dubai has a number of centers that offer introductory and open-water diving courses. Since the city is blessed with numerous aquatic species and organisms, such as various types of groupers, hind, emperor, snapper, trevally, scad, queenfish, sea bream, and diverse aquatic flora, locals and tourists will surely enjoy this activity.


A person who is physically and mentally fit can live his or her life to the fullest. And for those who live within stressful, demanding, and fast-developing cities, it is undeniable that these people can no longer take care of their health. Thankfully, some governments have implemented the importance of good health and how it is essential in preventing and reducing risks of diseases. 

Dubai is one of the best examples of cities where health is still being prioritized in spite of its developing economy. With proper administration and regulation, Morrocan bath in Armonia Spa center, water parks and resorts, and yoga clinics would be able to expand and help more people maintain their health. If these said activities were observed by other developing countries, then health risk would surely reduce over time.