With the Coronavirus sweeping across America, many people decided to stay indoors this year to celebrate the evening’s festivities. However, the extra time at home gave Hollywood stars the chance to come up with some creative Halloween costumes this year.

Our favorite celebs decided to take on “Rona,” which is a display of spooky, sexy, and scary costumes that look fantastic.

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We curated this list of our top celebrity Halloween costumes in 2024. Read through the list, and take part in the seasonal fun.

1. Margot Robbie


This sexy actress is the Star of “Birds of Prey,” the last franchise installment of the “Suicide Squad” films. She plays “Harley-Quinn” in the movie, the Joker’s estranged lover. However, Margot knows how to dress up, and she took to Instagram to show off her “Ginger Spice” outfit – we think the Spice Girls would be proud.

In Margot’s post, she’s sporting a bright, colorful Union Jack top, with ginger streaks in her hair, and red platforms, extenuating her slim, long legs. The post got over 3.2-million likes, with the caption being, “spice up your life.”

2. Nicole Kidman


This Hollywood starlet took to Instagram to show off her witch outfit this Halloween. It looks like Nicole is wearing a black wig, and the video shows her dipping her witch hat to display a wonderful array of jewels on the brim of the hat.

Nicole’s bright blue eyes and red lips accentuate the costume’s effects, bringing authenticity to the video. Nicole’s video got 148,000 likes and counting, with the caption reading, “Hope your #Halloween is magical…. practically.”

3. Bella Hadid


The 2016 “Model of the Year,” Bella Hadid, did a great job with Halloween makeup in 2024. The beauty turned herself into a work of art for the festival, becoming a Lichtenstein painting. Her shocking blue wig and clever makeup artistry look fantastic on her.

Bella’s post received 1.469-million likes, with the caption reading, “me and my bebecito . i so proud of him …an artisté . n yes these were the only pics taken . happy Halloween . Makeup by @samvissermakeup”

4. Cardi B


We expected big things from this hip hop star this Halloween, and we weren’t disappointed. Cardi B takes to the gram to show us her Medusa costume. The shot is amazing and one of our favorites for this year’s Halloween celebrations.

Cardi B put plenty of thought into her professionally-designed costume, and it shows. The lower half of her body takes on a snake’s appearance, with amazing finishes to the rest of her outfit, including a wig featuring gaping cobras.

Cardi B’s post got more than 5.2-million likes, with the caption, “MEDUSA outfit @laureldewitt snake body @sirbabajagne.” If you need costumes from fary tails check website , you can find lot of good costumes.

5. Kylie Jenner


This list wouldn’t be a celebrity roundup without checking in on Kylie Jenner. This beauty took to Instagram to post her outfit for the Halloween holiday. She seems to have the same idea as Cardi B, taking on a snake theme this Halloween.

Her costume is magnificent, with a snakeskin pattern on the dress and a hat featuring long fangs. Kylie’s post got her 7.9-million likes, with the caption reading, “King Cobra, thank you @muglerofficial @cadwallader.”

6. Gabrielle Union


This actress decided to take a sweet turn on things this Halloween. Her Instagram post shows her out with her husband and daughter for an evening’s trick-or-treating. She’s wearing a Hershey’s dress, while her daughter looks like a marshmallow, and her husband dresses as a cracker – Smores anyone?

It’s a family-friendly post and cute. Gabrielle received 712,000 likes on the post, with the caption reading, “Smore’s to go!”

7. Stormi Webster


Kylie Jenner’s daughter took to her mom’s Instagram account to post her Halloween pic (sure, there’s better traction there, right?) Stormi dressed up as the Evil minion from the Despicable Me franchise.

Kylie must be slightly upset because her daughter’s post got 200k more likes than hers, topping out over the 8-million mark. The caption for the post reads, “My minion girl!”

8. Gigi Hadid


This international model took to Instagram to show off her Halloween costume. The beauty dressed up as a character from the popular video game, Valorant. She also debuted her first photo with her family, including her daughter.

Gigi’s post earned her 3.97-million likes, with the caption reading, “Choose your player.”

10. The Weeknd


The Weekend did a fantastic job of dressing up as the nutty professor this Halloween. The resemblance to the movie character played by Eddie Murphy is uncanny, and he even got the red bowtie with polka dots!

This costume could be the winner of our competition this year. The Weeknds post earned him 2.2-million likes, with no caption. He also released an Instagram story where he jiggles like the Nutty Professor – it’s hilarious.

11. Halle Berry


Halle Berry and husband Will Smith took to Instagram for Halloween this year. The couple posted a spooky Instagram story of them wearing skeleton makeup, posing for the video while a strobe flashes in the background – kinda creepy.

Halle also has a post of her in her makeup, posing next to some scary clown that looks like it belongs in a horror movie. The post netted her 185k likes, with the caption reading, “Clown on people! Happy Halloween!”

12. Demi Lovato


This American singer and actress took to Instagram to display her creepy Halloween costume. The stunner dresses in a vampire costume, flashing her teeth while fake blood runs from her mouth down her chest. It’s a scary sight and an excellent traditional choice for a Halloween costume.

The actress received nearly 1.9-million likes on her post, with a long caption ending in, “Happy Halloween, and please be safe this year.”

Wrapping Up

Halloween is a fun time of year. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop in November and December. If you’re trying to find a way to entertain yourself during the lockdowns, why not head over to an online casino for some fun?