How do you rate your walk? Maybe under 5 out of 10? Don’t be embarrassed!

Have you ever thought about why it is so? Let us tell you the reason that you might be turning your head away from, for ages. The reason can be cellulite.

Definition: Cellulite is the dimpled skin that develops on the thighs and buttocks. This appearance of lumpy flesh is also known as orange-peel skin.

Yes, if you don’t know about it before,

“This is very common, and almost 93% of women have cellulite.” Said Dendy Engelman, Dermatologist.

In this article, we will guide you about hiding cellulite by making your buttocks look better and sexier with these incredible tips.

12 Ways To Make Your Butt Look Bigger & Attractive

You can’t stop cellulite from occurring on your body, but you can maintain your butt size and shape with these fantastic tricks.

1. Say No To Silk And Shine


Big butt girls are always admired and desired by boys. Do you want to become that girl? Definitely, everyone does. Thereby, we would suggest you avoid wearing silk as it highlights the body parts you want to hide. Not only this, this fabric shines a lot and aids in showcasing your imperfections.

2. Wear Peach Lift Leggings

Some of you asked how to make your bum look bigger instantly? Well, we have a quick solution. Get anti-cellulite compression leggings that won’t only help your butts look bigger but also easily hide your problematic curves. Do you want to know more about them? Click here.

3. Pant Pockets Are Great Enhancers


Avoid small-pocketed pants as they promote small booty by shrinking your size and bring in medium to large size for a sexier look. For butts, pants packets should be big and placed slightly lower on the cheeks to give the impression that your buttocks sit higher.

4. Choose The Accurate Waist-Sized Jeans


Never ignore to buy jeans that would fit your legs, thighs, and butts expediently. Don’t choose low-rise jeans, and instead, always opt for denim that can easily reach your belly button. High-waisted jeans look adorable, fancy, and yet give the sexiest look ultimately. It makes your bums look rounder and attracts the person with their ball-like movement.

5. Opt For High Heels


Welcome more high heels and fewer flats. High heels like stilettos can help you tighten up the muscles, lift them, and make them look rounder. Since there are plenty of options available in the market, still, if you really want to enhance the buttocks look, choose the pairs which are the most comfortable to wear.

6. Take The Stairs

If you have two ways to go up on the next floor, one is a lift, and the other is stairs. You are suggested to pick the stairway to reach your destination. Undeniably, climbing over the stairs help you build bigger and round butts as well as maintain your slimmer waist.

7. Don’t Forget To Put On Undergarments


Do you want to win an award for the category of “butt of the day?” Aww, we know every girl dreams of it. The bigger bums help you steal all the attention, and in no time, you would start feeling like a celebrity. But, how can you simply make this dream come true? Have some focused undergarments like padded panties to enhance your butts’ size by keeping their softness intact.

8. Fitted Jeans Perfectly Accentuate Your Butt


As we have conversed before, skinny jeans are always a “Yes, yes” for girls who want to make their walk confident, heavy, and attractive. According to Page Nielson, “Fitted skinny jeans with rounded seams in a large heart pattern on the bum lead the eye to believe there is more volume at the top of the rear than there really is.”

9. How To Lift Your Buttocks Through Workout?


You can easily find various workout tips that are feasibly done at home to get the desired buttocks look. For instance, leg lifting, standard lunges, and bridges are some of the best exercises you can do. However, many people came forward and asked: Do squats make your butt bigger? The answer is YES! Do side squats, jump squats, and basic squats daily and see the magic.

Tip: Stay away from cardio as it aids in losing weight overall, so how would it help you gain bigger, sexy, and unconditionally rounded bums? Women who do cardio lose their curves in no time, which makes their physique look uneven.

10. Patterns & Embellishments Volumize The Butts

It is imperative to add some funky patterns and embellishments to hide cellulite and make your butts get all the “wow” and “hot” like praising words. But how would you do it? Will you make patterns on your bums? Obviously, not. Get jeans that have embellished and embossed designs. Such jeans can even highlight your little cheeks.

11. Foods That Make Your Bums Bigger


Food items that contain the protein are considered the best to get rounded bums. For instance, meat, cheese, and milk build lean muscle mass, promoting a great butt. Moreover, edibles enriched in carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, legumes, and whole grains are also mandatory to get cute but bigger butts.

12. Home Remedies For Bigger Buttocks


Other than exercises and food, you can do something more at home by following these quick methods:

  • Message Therapy: Work on your gluteus muscles directly and massage the specified area. This trick will encourage blood circulation by releasing the acupuncture points. By doing so, your buttocks’ size will get improved.
  • Medication Needed: Over time, with advancements in lifestyle, finding medicine for bigger butts isn’t a hassle anymore. For instance, topical creams and bum enlargement pills are easily found in the market.

Note: According to research, a person’s butt size has been increased by 18% after using pills or cream for 14 days only.

Final Words

Finally, we have reached the end of an article, and you must be overwhelmed with the wonderful tips we have shared above. Hopefully, these simple yet resourceful ideas help you get bigger, sexier, and better bums that you never had before.