It is no news that hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses oxygen supply to promote wellness. Oxygen travels to all parts of your body via your bloodstream. Whenever you inhale oxygen, red blood cells glue themselves to the oxygen, before they are transported to other parts of your body through your bloodstream. Oxygen helps in the replacement of worn-out cells, ensures energy supply. It is also responsible for immune system support. That is why blood oxygen levels should remain normal at all times.

HBOT is one way to ensure the transportation of sufficient blood oxygen around your body. This post will describe how oxygen supply can help improve your well-being.

What is HBOT?

Before we dive into the subject, we need to understand HBOT and how it guarantees a healthy oxygen supply. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy confines users to a pressurized environment where they are exposed to a constant supply of pure oxygen.

HBOT chambers currently exist in different types. OxyHelp produces multiplace hyperbaric chambers and monoplace chambers. The monoplace HBOTs are designed for individuals. The multiplace types appear more suitable for family use or two or more people. Having defined hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we will discuss ways to improve our oxygen supply in the subsequent sections.

Changing Diet


Antioxidants allow the body to maximize oxygen usage, which increases how much oxygen is allowed into the body during digestion. You can increase the level of antioxidants in your body when you consume foods like cranberries, blueberries, artichoke hearts, red kidney beans, plums, blackberries, and strawberries. These are available in smoothies and juices.

Fatty acids such as vitamin F also play a vital role in our bodies because they determine how much oxygen can be transported in the bloodstream by the hemoglobin. Fatty acids are present in foods like flaxseeds, walnuts, and soybeans.

Consider adjusting your diet plan if you are lacking these in your food. It all depends on whether you can easily access the foods mentioned above. If accessing such foods is a problem because of your schedule, securing the services of a caregiver can be a viable alternative.

Exercise is Important

One way to live a healthy life is by exercising regularly. With the help of aerobic activities such as walking, your body ensures a higher efficiency in terms of how it uses oxygen. Waste products are also removed through the lymphatic system in the process. In line with the recommendation of a certain health organization, walking for 30mins every day would impact your circulatory system more than when you visit the gym twice or thrice a week.

In addition to the health benefits listed here, walking helps improve your mood and confidence while letting you stress less. Some people find it hard to walk 30mins every day for obvious reasons. If you belong to that category, you can engage caregivers who can assist you with walking daily.

Change Breathing

Subjecting your lungs to regular exercise helps to ensure your respiratory system is always in top shape. But, recent studies indicate that most people are challenged with their respiratory system because of how they breathe.

For instance, sick people use their upper chest for breathing, causing them to take in more air. There is only one outcome to such breathing methods – it reduces the level of oxygen in the body. That is not the best way to breathe. The proper way to breathe is through the nose from the diaphragm. Unlike sick people, healthy people breathe slowly. Therefore, adjusting your breathing method can also increase the oxygen level in your body.

Purify the Air


The air quality we breathe is also another factor that is mostly overlooked. Most people with COPD have the kind of experience they have because of poor air quality. That is why it has become important to ensure the highest percentage of pure air wherever we find ourselves, whether at home or the office.

Several high-quality air purifiers in the market can help you in the most polluted environment. Not only that, there are other low-technology alternatives you can adopt if purifiers are beyond your reach. Or you can save yourself all the hassles and spend some time in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. The longer you spend inside, the more your respiratory system is impacted.


Water remains an essential component of the human body. A lot of functions in the human body will be impossible without water. According to multiple studies, approximately 60% of our body is water.

Some of the most significant functions of water in the body include the growth of body cells, lubrication of joints, and body temperature regulation. Drinking clean water sets you up for high efficiency of oxygenation. Hydration ensures that there is enough water in your body at all levels. Please, bear in mind that high-sodium foods, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages can result in dehydration. So, if you want to indulge in any of these, you should have water close to you. Drink lots of water as you navigate your day. Health experts recommend at least eight glasses of water each day.

HBOT Chambers


Hyperbaric chambers guarantee a healthy supply of oxygen. Increasing blood oxygen levels with the above methods is good. However, HBOT makes it easier because you don’t need to subject yourself to practices you are not used to. Users only need to stay in the unit, say 2 hours every day, and be sure of a healthy lifestyle.


There is no life for humans without oxygen. The more oxygen you get, the healthier you will be. However, one should ensure they don’t have a limited amount of oxygen or an overdose. That is where HBOT chambers seem to be making a lot of sense. HBOT systems are designed to supply your body with the right amount of oxygen.