The 2024 NFL season is starting to wrap up as football fans eagerly await the playoffs. But how does the playoffs work in the NFL, and what if you want to bet on the game?

While the Buccaneers or Bills might take the Vince Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl 57 in February 2024, we will explore the upcoming games.

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The 2024-23 NFL Playoff Format

The format includes 14 postseason teams split equally (NFC, AFC) as each gets a chance at the playoffs.

NFC: With seven playoff teams, the 1st seed is a bye (Divisional Round)


Wild Card round:

  • No. 2 versus No. 7
  • No. 3 versus No. 6
  • No. 4 versus No. 5

AFC: With seven playoff teams, the 1st seed is a bye (Divisional Round)

Wild Card round:

  • No. 2 versus No. 7
  • No. 3 versus No. 6
  • No. 4 versus No. 5

With the regular season still underway, bet on NFL playoff odds. Teams likely out this year include the Cowboys and Steelers. Super Bowl favorites are the Bills and Packers.

Use NFL futures odds to bet on teams you believe will/will not make the playoffs.

 AFC Playoff Betting Odds

  • Buffalo Bills (AFC East) -2000/+1100 *FAVORITES
  • Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West) -455/+345
  • Miami Dolphins (AFC East) -400/+310
  • Baltimore Ravens (AFC North) -250/+205
  • Indianapolis Colts (AFC South) -125/+105
  • Denver Broncos (AFC West) -120/+100
  • LA Chargers (AFC West) -110/+110
  • Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North) +118/-140
  • Cleveland Browns (AFC North) +126/-150
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South) +130/-155

NFC Playoff Betting Odds

  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East) -1600/+900
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South) -1000/+650 *FAVORITES
  • Green Bay Packers (NFC North) -400/+320
  • LA Rams (NFC West) -335/+260
  • Minnesota Vikings (NFC North) -267/+215
  • San Francisco 49ers (NFC West) -155/+130
  • Dallas Cowboys (NFC East) -130/+110
  • New Orleans Saints (NFC South) +185/-225
  • New York Giants (NFC East) +205/-250
  • Detroit Lions (NFC North) +280/-340

The 2024-23 NFL Playoffs and Betting Trends/Odds

The NFL Playoffs begin after the regular season and include winners from the two conference championships. Hence, sportsbooks offer different NFL Playoff betting odds.

The NFL playoffs start with the Wild-Card Round on Saturday, January 14, 2024. Winners advance to the Divisional Round the following week, followed by the Conference Championship games (AFC and NFC). Winners progress to the Super Bowl.

The 2024 Super Bowl occurs on Sunday, February 12, in Glendale, AZ, at the State Farm Stadium. Singer Rihanna headlines as the halftime performer.

 Best NFL Playoff Betting sites


Maybe you are wondering how to place a bet for NFL games. Sportsbook betting sites vary for online NFL wagers. Check with your state and the site’s features (money lines, spreads, over/under).

The best NFL sportsbooks include:

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Best Betting Strategy for the NFL Playoffs

A decent strategy can increase your odds for the NFL playoffs. Try a few of these tips:

Know Your Teams

Before a matchup, confirm which teams are playing and any injuries, suspensions, etc.

Check the IR

At the playoff-halfway mark, watch for injuries. Health becomes a factor and might require a longer recovery time.

Review the Last Game

To help your predictions, check the previous games. Are your teams coming off a win?

Manage Your Bets

Use a spreadsheet and budget your wagers. Avoid chasing losses. Track your dates, amounts, spreads, and odds.

Consider Underdog Betting

Underdog bets (money lines, spreads on losing teams) offer fantastic payouts as teams are hungry for a win/upset.

Research Your Sportsbooks

Odds vary, so compare bets, fees, and payouts.

Be Realistic

With thousands of bettors, not everyone wins or has the best model. Use Reddit NFL Playoff tips to spot opportunities.

NFL Playoff FAQ


Who is the favorite to win the Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills (AFC) are a favorite contender for the Lombardi Trophy, followed by the Eagles.

What are the odds the Bengals might make it?

Right now, about 1.87. While a favorite, do your research before placing any wagers.

What chance do the Lions have for the playoffs?

Detroit odds are at 5.50, so they are not likely to make it to the playoffs.

What teams might make the Super Bowl?

Teams might include the Steelers, Packers, Bills, Ravens, Patriots, 49ers, and Vikings.

The NFL Playoffs are Here!

With the Cowboys and Steelers likely out, expect a lot of excitement over the new round of teams. Pick your favorites and use the tips above on placing wagers. Check back weekly for up-to-date Super Bowl predictions, IRs, and news to stay on track.

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