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When it comes to home warranty there is nothing about it that is mandatory and for this reason, a large number of Americans decide that they don’t need it in their life. There are 2 main reasons why people don’t go for home warranty plans, the first is that they misunderstand what it is, and the second is that they don’t think that they will ever use it. Unfortunately, however, many people who do not have home warranty protection wish that they did when certain issues arise, and these are some of the most common clients which are calling customer service teams and signing up after the issue has taken place that is.

If you look at some of the First American home warranty reviews, for example, many of those who love the service has previously been without a home warranty policy, and the reviews are full of those who are thankful that they now have one. If you don’t have a home warranty then just read on to see what exactly it is and why it is important that you should have a look and get one.

Broken Down

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A home warranty policy is a plan which is very similar to home insurance in terms of how it operates, but there are stark differences when we compare the two, in terms of what is covered. The home warranty policy will cover the systems in the house such as the gas, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as air conditioning and heating. Some home warranty policies even cover large appliances.

Home insurance, on the other hand, will protect the structural integrity of the home as well as the contents within the home. If your electric wires in the home are old and they cause a fire, the home insurance plan will make sure that they replace the goods and the aspects of the property that have been burned, but they are not going to do anything about the electrical wires in terms of replacing them, that is where the home warranty will kick in.

Natural Disasters


We have seen in the last year alone that natural disasters can and do happen and between the Florida hurricanes and the wildfires in California, a great deal of damage was done to so many properties. In such events, you will need to ensure that you have both home warranty and home insurance, in order to ensure that a natural disaster doesn’t become a financial disaster for you.

It will be bad enough to be evacuated from your home, in the event of a disaster, let alone returning only to discover that you have a monster bill for the plumbing system which you now have to replace becasue of the damage that was caused.


The most common claims which people with home warranty cover make are those relating to weather, as this puts a great deal of pressure on the home. For example, we use the AC much more during the hot summer months which can increase its fallibility, we also see a great many water pipes get frozen and then burst during winter.

In these instances, the home insurance cover will not help you, unless there is actual damage to the property or to your contents. Should these things happen then you can count on your home warranty to cover you and to financially support you to get things fixed or replaced.


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The fact of the matter is that the house as it was built, or at least the systems in the home, were not designed to keep going forever and at some stage, they are going to need to be updated and replaced. Eventually, those things will break down and when they do, you are going to be able to rely on your home warranty plan to finance the replacement of those systems in your home.

When you are looking for the best home warranty policy first have to think about what you have in the home to protect, as this is going to dictate a great deal of your policy. Once you know what you wish to protect the best way to find the strongest company to use is by doing some research and checking out online reviews. Also, keep your eye out for any promotions which you may find as these can offer a great cost saving. You can compare multiple policies online and once you have done that and found the company that seems to fit best with what you are looking for, discuss your options with them in order to get yourself the perfect policy. There is no one-size-fits-all, it is very much a personalized policy based on your individual needs.