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We don’t know what exactly would it take to make us go out of the door on Sunday. There are a lot of things, to be honest. Maybe it’s the reason that our weekday schedule is entirely set, and our weekend plans are more relaxed. It is our time to hang loose and recover or read about God and the bible verses on the internet. Or maybe you want to look good and ensure that the girls are looking at their best, which requires a lot of time and effort that you don’t feel like doing.

I guess that your family is not the only one that struggles to go to church sometimes. For a lot of families, allotting time for the church in a busy schedule is going to be a challenge. Whether it is Saturday evenings, Sunday mornings, or every afternoon on a weekday, it’s going to be difficult to have free time, especially when it conflicts with other plans that you want to do. But the thing is, you need to have time to connect with God at any time possible. You need to submit yourself to Him and pray solemnly and sincerely. So here are the benefits of going to church regularly.

Connects Us With God

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There is something that is worshiping about being inside pentecostal churches near me. It provides us a physical space to link and become closer to God and to understand that there is something out there that is bigger than us. Besides, entering a house for worshiping would elevate us instantly to a situation where we open ourselves to God and try to receive his message.

It is your sincere and straightforward act of walking into God’s kingdom that brings you closer to God. Ultimately, that link with God is strengthened and fortified by the attendance in church. The time that we make time for God and physically letting him into our everyday lives by attending a place of worship regularly.

Connects Us Socially

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The other benefit of regularly going to the church is the way it connects us to other people socially. It is somehow true, especially if you are just new in the neighborhood or just moved into a new town. As the standard rule is that church people are amicable, and most of the churches have a lot of social groups, events, clubs, and opportunities to connect with them available every week. If you struggle to find friends or meet people, then always attending church is the key.

It Teaches Us To Forgive

We all know that it’s hard to let go of anger, disappointments, annoyances, and frustrations. Maybe someone let us down, our children have been having tantrums lately, or our other half has said or done something that hurts our feelings. Being able to forgive is the most challenging lesson to learn, and yet, when we can finally let go of those things, it can make a big difference and take a massive weight off our shoulders. The church is the perfect place to be reminded of the gift of forgiveness that we already received, and our hearts will be softened in the process.

A Better Connection With Our Other Half

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Maybe not everyone is one the same page with their other half when it comes to faith. However, couples that attend church together tend to have higher levels of satisfaction and happiness within their marriage. If you’re asking, why is that? It’s because the church reconnects us to our shared beliefs. It fortifies the higher thinking and purpose behind family and marriage, and it gives us a safe distance to connect with God and our better half together.

Those couples who go to church together are building time to recall the essential foundations of marriage. When you got married, you pledged to support and love each other no matter what happens. When you commit with God at the church on Sundays, you are being reminded of your vows. It also strengthened your connection with God and your spouse.


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The church is the place where we find a deeper meaning in our daily lives. In the most frustrated and stressed-out moments in marriage, your only remedy is to reconnect with God and be more sincere about your feelings. Think about the purpose of the marriage, and when you already know the answer, submit yourself to God to better understand your spouse.

Bond with your other half and always go to church. It is time that you will think your marriage is the best thing that happened in the world. You will be able to appreciate each other more, and happiness will come naturally.