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Moving to a new apartment or house can be as stressful as an exciting period of life. Buying gifts for moving in does not have to be stressful.

Someone from your family, friends, or acquaintances just moved in and are you still looking for a unique present? A housewarming party is a perfect opportunity to congratulate the hosts on a new home and give them a present.

The choice of gift ideas is enormous: vouchers, plants, or decorative and personal movement gestures are popular. There is also something funny about turning away from the stress and chaos of the past few weeks. Buy them something they never thought they would need in their new home. Make them happy with your choice and let them know you were thinking about them.

All boxes are unpacked, furniture is still not where it should be, inaugural fun can begin. As a guest, there is always a little annoying question: What can I give for a successful move? Something traditional? Or something out of the ordinary? We have several ideas for fun, exciting and innovative presents. We have put together a list that will be a welcome addition to any new home or apartment for any man and will love it. Also, we will not only talk about “men’s” gifts, but also about something that everyone will like. Especially if a couple is moving in.

Gifts for men

Jenny from Dundle tells us that men are more practical when it comes to presents. The man receives a tool case, a drill and matching drills. It can also be something practical, like a crate of beer, for example. It can of course then be touched up for the celebration. You can also get a voucher from a hardware store because you will always find something you could need from there.

1. Dartboard

The dartboard will delight everyone. One of your favorite pastimes, with billiards. But since billiards is too big, dart sets are the right choice. There are various models, and the present will be even better if you include darts for them.

2. Wine Opening Set

Anyone who enjoys drinking wine will greatly appreciate this. Choose an exclusive set packed in a box made of quality wood.

3. Humidor

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If you don’t know, a humidor is a box that prevents cigars from drying out too much. Humidor plus quality cigars inside, this will be a perfect choice. Choose a humidor made from high-quality wood, which also has a small screen containing humidity data, etc.

4. Grill Thermometers

Do you know a man who doesn’t like to grill and eat barbecue? We think the answer is no. Then the grill thermometer will simply delight him. It’s always hard to determine if the steak is baked exactly as we like it.

And nobody likes it when they get well done instead of medium. With the help of a thermostat, this will no longer be a problem. Just touch the meat with it, and you’ll get all the information you need on your smartphone. If you don’t know which model to choose, GiftWits did the research for you.

5. Multi-Plier

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As mentioned earlier, the tool will always be the right choice. Especially when he’s just moving in, there are certainly many things that will need to be done, so these multi-pilers will help. They contain saws, scissors, wire cutters, screwdrivers, etc.

If he moves in with his better half, then he will be most pleased by something they will both use…

6. Knives

A good set of knives will be good for anyone. If you think buying a gift knife brings bad luck, get a penny from a friend when you head home. An elegant set of plates can also be a good gift.

7. Tray with separators

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Now that they are in a new apartment, your friends will often have guests. A super practical thing for serving a variety of savory and sweet snacks, candied fruits and other serving, which is usually presented in separate bowls and takes up space on the table, will certainly come in handy.

8. A serving board

When it comes to guests and serving, an appetizer board is a great gift that will certainly not be passed on. It comes in sets that make a few smaller ones, so they can be arranged in multiple places on the table or one big one that fits everything: dried meat, cheeses, mini sandwiches…

9. Cookbook + Stand

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A truly unusual gift! Yes, who else is thinking about buying a cookbook at a time when recipes are being downloaded online? But think… Having a cookbook in your home is more convenient than searching the internet every time we search for a new dish. If you have not copied the recipe you liked, you will have the same job next time.

That is why (well paired with a beautiful stand) is not only an original gift, but it can also be called a gift at the right time. Now that they’re finally settled, it’s time to try out the new kitchen.

10. Decorative boxes for spices, coffee, sweets, tea

Everything in the kitchen should be stored. But dare to be retro, pick some that resemble those that adorned the old kitchens, and you will certainly not go wrong. Don’t worry about the kitchen being probably modern, that’s fine because retro and modern are a real hit.

11. Tea set

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Think of those beautiful moments when they are left alone and want to have a cup of tea together. This is a gift from the heart and a fond memory of the one who gave it to us. And something else, who else would remember. All odds are you will be the only one.

12. Wooden Bathroom Box + Cosmetics

A set of cosmetics with luxury baths will also make them happy. In the bathroom, we all keep a bunch of little things (especially women: scrubs and erasers, brush, tweezers, scissors, razor…) and all that needs to be placed somewhere, and in the drawers, it just bothers and creates chaos.

One nice wooden box would be the solution. They may already have it, but if you are filling it with products like body milk, scented soaps, bath salts, face towels, and more.


However, if you lack ideas, don’t have time to buy a gift, or are unsure whether they will like your gift, you always have the option to give a gift voucher. For a certain amount of money, your friends will be able to shop at their own convenience.