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As long as trade exists in this world the business for the cargo logistics company won’t go out of order. There are a lot of benefits associated with choosing an international cargo logistics company. But before we can get into the benefits and other things to tempt you in choosing a particular logistics company. You would have to understand first the meaning and workings of an international logistics and why should you be retrieving their services, to begin with;

Every cargo logistics company is directed by the logistics consultants, these are the professionals that are associated with finding out the cargo-based needs of the clients. They can do this by analyzing current market stats, trade patterns between different countries, or getting in touch with the local clientele.

Thus, helping people to ship their goods from one part of the world to the other. But the question persists, what volume of an international cargo logistics would serve your needs? This can only be answered by you, what is it that you are shipping? Are you going to ship it locally or interannually? How fast you want it shipped and what is the volume of the product that needs to be shipped?

All these questions should be best answered before getting on with the concept of choosing an international or independent cargo logistics company.

International Vs independent cargo logistics

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There exists only a small difference between these two terms. The international cargo logistics serve the purpose of shipping goods both locally and internationally with either air or ocean freight. The independent cargo logistics do the same but the main difference is an independent cargo logistics doesn’t have their offices scattered around the globe, there exists no franchise system.

These are often small cargo logistics companies that are just starting on their journey of providing diligent services to a smaller clientele. But these like international cargo logistics serve both locally and internationally.

There are plenty of benefits if you find it best to move on with the independent cargo logistics firm instead of choosing an international logistics company;

Schumacher Cargo & logistics provides the customers with excellent overall shipping services, with tons of flexibility options as well as various intention routes and carrier options due to their extensive collaboration with other such carriers and logistics firms.

Exceedingly fast


When dealing with the independent cargo logistics there is one thing for granted that you would get the fastest delivery of your package without any questions, why? Because unlike the international logistics these don’t have any secondary offices where your package will be resting before it can be shipped to its abrupt destination. But if we take into account the international logistics then due to having a multitude of in-between offices from departure to delivery of your package.

These firms have a protocol that needs to be followed exactly and also the load of packages that need to be developed, therefore be aware that your product would take considerable time reaching its destination this way.

There is another catch here as well, if the independent cargo logistics have any problems with shipping your order then they can take the services of other various international companies and devise a customizable plan for the delivery of your goods.

The route is chosen, as well as the way of shipping and other things would be according to your precise requirements. That is why independent logistics is way faster than the international cargo logistics.

Properly monitored and critically examined

You won’t be out of coverage when selecting the independent forwarders over the international cargo logistics as these have a certain monitoring and vetting protocol that needs to be followed through and through. This contains the financial, ethical, and operating audits to make sure that certain standards are met when dealing with the delivery of the products from one destination to another.

Other multinational cargo logistics operations refrain from diving in such complexities and therefore are not that competent if you want certain standards to be practiced or upheld whilst the delivery of your goods.

Customized services and undivided customer attention

With independent cargo logistics, you won’t have to go through the mess of dealing with multiple offices and different people only if you want to get a single box of your product shipped. Whether it is a single box or a whole ship full of your product you will get the same services and attention through and through, why?

Because you will only have to deal with one or two people that are taking care of your entire logistics operation. This provides you with an edge such as when you encounter any problem these professionals will provide you with their undivided attention and it will be an essential step to solve all of your problems.

Low prices for extreme services

Another benefit of going down with the independent cargo logistics is that you will have to pay less due to less and fewer costs of operation and maintenance for these independent companies. With an extended network of agents, you can surely break a deal with less price and added value of service towards the delivery of your products.

Extremely operational and much more flexible

International cargo logistics companies only have connections with a select few and that means your product is at the mercy of two or three ocean or air carriers. If anything goes south then your business can be affected greatly, this happens due to the limitation of extending contracts of working with local as well as international carriers that have the small operational capability.

But when it actually comes to action these small carriers provide a promising job of taking care of your products for shipping them without any extenuating delays.

Furthermore, if by any chance your product can reach its destination rather early by changing a route or carrier option then independent cargo logistics companies would do it for you without any hesitation as compared with international cargo logistics who have rather small flexibility options.