When you visit a pet store to purchase any hamster, you will observe that some are alone in the same cage, and some can easily be paired. It does not happen because the owner keeps them separate randomly. The reason is that some hamsters cannot stay with each other in a single cage.

If you buy various rodents, you must determine how many can stay in a single cage. You must purchase them only when it seems affordable. These rodents are available in different breeds with different natures and behavior.

You must know about every breed to make a good purchase. After all, your pet is your friend, and you want a little bear that stays happy with you and other pets. We will discuss how many hamsters you should share in a single cage in the following write-up. Buying multiple hamsters is okay only when you prepare enough friendly space for them.

Is It Fine to Keep Hamsters in the Single Cage?


It is dangerous to put two or more hamsters in the same enclosure. Generally, this rodent lives alone in their burrow and comes close to another hamster while mating. If you put them into a single cage, you need to create the same perfect environment for these rodents to stay happy and safe. In various cases, hamsters start fighting with the other ones in the enclosure.

There can be many issues, like anxiety, health problems, injuries, and death. But you cannot assume that many rodents cannot stay together. You can easily pair or put them in a small group, but you have to be careful while picking the right ones. Hamsters worldwide are available in different breeds with distinct natures and behavior.

Know Whether Different Types of Hamsters Can Stay Together

1. Syrian


It is the perfect rodent as a pet due to its large size. They can grow from five to seven inches long and they can weigh around six ounces. They are quite human friendly because of their social nature.

But they love to live alone and meet when they want to mate. They are territorial, and hence, they cannot stay together. If one allows many Syrian hamsters to stay in the same cage, you will observe them fighting each other.

2. Roborovski


Generally, the robo rodents live in pairs or alone. It is an amazing breed that comes along during cohabitation. If you have to buy multiple hamsters, you can think of robos. You can easily put them within the enclosure. If you have to avoid fighting, ensure that there is sufficient space in the same cage.

3. Winter Whites


It is a rare hamster breed, and it is not easy to find them everywhere. But hybrid breeds are quite common, and it is easy to put them in any country. It is also known to be a friendly creature as it can easily share its burrow with other wild animals and never hurt them. You are lucky if you find the pure breed belongs to the Winter Whites. If you buy the hybrid one, ensure that one can put more rodents in the same enclosure with ample space.

4. Dwarf


Various kinds of dwarf-like hamsters are quite available. It consists of Campbell Russian, Winter Whites, etc. They are comparatively smaller in size, and you can see various types of hybrids in this breed. One can either pair them or put them in smaller groups. One can also consider it for cohabitation.

If we talk about the Chinese dwarfs, you cannot put them together because they will definitely fight. You must not prefer male hamster with a female one in the same enclosure because of the high chances of fights. Instead, you can put them separately and only bring them together for mating.

How to Pair or Make a Group of Hamsters?

1. Put Many Hamsters in the Cage at Young Age


If you have to keep one hamster in the enclosure, you must do it at a young age. If you put the adult ones, they will fight whenever they come close to each other. At a young age, they can adapt together and stay with each other while aging. There will be less chances of dominating behavior in any rodent.

2. Put Together Same-Sex Hamsters

It is pretty hard to determine the difference between the male hamsters and the female ones. It is quite better not to keep them together because they will stay together only when they have to mate.

You can avoid littering in a cabinet by putting the hamsters of same sex within the enclosure. While giving birth, female hamsters behave aggressively and hurt their newborns. One cannot keep different sex hamsters together because they will fight a lot.

3. Pair Hamsters of Same Species


One must always prefer hamsters of the same species and put them all together within the common cage. They can understand each other and avoid fighting. Except for Syrian, one can pair any breed, but ensure they must be young enough to come close.

4. Create Backup Cages

If you think that things are going smoothly, you must predict wrong. Changes can happen anytime, and you must have a backup cage to separate two or more rodents. If you observe any fight, you must separate them for their safety.

5. Provide Sufficient Space


If one cannot afford many cages, you must buy one that is large enough and has ample space. You can put a pair of hamsters in such a way that they have sufficient space to move and roam around. Ensure that you serve enough food and water. Sufficient space can also avoid fighting of two rodents.

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Final Thoughts

A hamster pair can easily share the enclosed cage only at their young age and belongs to the same breed except for Syrian. But it is pretty vital to consider all the factors before you put them all together. If you have to purchase the cage for one or more hamsters, Aivituvin is the perfect option.