Many people are giving up on ordinary smoking, and they turn to alternatives like vape devices. But, many of them aren’t sure if they are getting enough nicotine while vaping. Today, we will focus on the simple math that gives us information on how many cigarettes are equal to a cartridge of vape juice.

If you are worried that your juice is too weak for you, maybe you don’t have the right one. The juices come in different nicotine levels, and you need to adjust the amount according to your current smoking habits. That’s one of the reasons why people don’t find vaping as satisfying enough as ordinary smoking.

But, before we move to the main topic of this article, let’s get to know a little more about vaping.


It’s a popular method of nicotine consummation, and the complete equipment is available to buy in stores, or online on websites like, as it’s also affordable to buy. The devices were expensive back when they first appeared on the market, but now, many manufacturers offer them regularly.

It’s been an interesting thing for many years, especially among smokers. They claim this is a healthier version that can replace the usual tobacco. But, many people think that it’s even more dangerous, because of the juice ingredients and aromas. We can say that both of them are right, but also that they are wrong at the same time. Every smoking device comes with a risk, and the manufacturers mention that on the box or the manual. As we know, vaping devices are in direct competition with the tobacco industry, and they work against each other. Or maybe together?

Why Do We Say This?

Many tobacco companies produce vape juices and devices too. They are aware of the fact that smokers will smoke anyway, so they try to offer them a few options, instead of only one.

How Much Nicotine Is Enough Nicotine?


You will see many smokers who say nicotine is their “drug” and they don’t want the other ingredients in the cigarette, like carbon monoxide, which is really dangerous for lung health. If you move to vape, you can still get the same amount of nicotine. Because there are no other ingredients, it may seem a little too weak, but that doesn’t mean you need to increase the intake.

The nicotine percentage depends on the brand, aroma, and strength. Vapes can also be nicotine free or contain 12-36 mg in a package.

Every smoker has different preferences when it comes to nicotine, and if someone thinks 12 mg is enough, for others 20 mg can be too little. Some experts say that 16 mg of nicotine in a milliliter of vape is equal to an average cigarette. So, at this point, you can adjust the quantities according to the cigarettes you are smoking usually.

How Many Puffs Do You Need to Have an Equal Amount of Nicotine?

As we said, we can’t calculate accurately, but we can mention all the factors that are relevant to this. We need to mention that a standard bottle of vape juice contains no nicotine, or 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg for the usual smokers. For heavy smokers, there are special blends with up to 36 mg per ml of juice.

A usual bottle of juice is about 60 ml. If there are 12 mg of nicotine in every ml, that means there are 720 mg per bottle. Keep in mind that one milligram is not as same as one milliliter, and this is very important because many people find it pretty confusing.

A usual cartridge is up to 2 ml, which means you are getting a nicotine enough as 15 average cigarettes, or even a single pack of it, depending on the manufacturer. Also, we must mention that not every person is equally sensitive to nicotine. Some of them can be “full of it” after one cigarette or one milliliter of vape. Others may need a full pack during the day, so they can satisfy their specific needs. As you can see, the math is not as simple as we think. Some smart person calculated that in a single milliliter of juice, there are 100 puffs, which is equal to ten usual cigarettes. That leads us to the conclusion that a 2 ml cartridge is equal to a full pack of tobacco. Again, this is not precise math, but just an estimation.

Can We Really Make an Equation Out of This?


We must mention that the comparison is just to have an idea of nicotine intake. But, that’s not the only thing we inhale. We can create a correlation if we are talking about plain raw nicotine, and that’s not the case neither with the usual tobacco nor with the vape juice. All the math was based on the plain nicotine.

But, as we said, there is an individual response to nicotine quantities, the level of absorption, and the other chemicals in the tobacco cigarette or vape juice. We must mention that nicotine is the slowest-absorbing ingredient in both cases.

You need to listen to your body, even though your mind may tell you something else. So, in the beginning, you must be pretty moderate in vape consumption, so you can see if there is something wrong with the habits. As you get used to it, you will find the best quantity for you.

Where to buy disposable vapes

Disposable vapes can be purchased at a variety of locations, both in-person and online. Many convenience stores, gas stations, and vape shops carry a selection of disposable vapes from various brands. If you want to shop 10mg disposable vape online, retailers also offer a wide range of disposable vapes for purchase. It is important to note that the sale of disposable vapes is regulated differently in each country, and buyers should check local laws and regulations before making a purchase. Additionally, buyers should be cautious of purchasing counterfeit products, and ensure they are purchasing from reputable retailers.


No matter what you do, you must be very careful when it comes to smoking devices in general. They can be a substitute for the usual tobacco, but they aren’t healthy at all. We can say it’s a little safer option, but everything you inhale directly into your lungs comes with some risk to your health.

If you are a heavy smoker, this may be a chance to lower your nicotine consumption. On the other hand, you can still enjoy the cloudy puffs while smoking. As we said, set limits and be aware of your lung health all the time.

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