How to Make Content Stand out on Instagram – Basic Rules

You already have dozens of photos on your Instagram, but no one but your best friend likes them, and new friends are in no hurry to appear? For a cozy homemade “event recorder” kept in personal diary mode, this is normal. You’re just leaving notches to remember. If you want something more, then you need to get to grips with Instagram and slightly tweak the strategy of its development.

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There is a term in advertising and marketing called “detachment from competitors. It is used when you want to promote a product in a market where there are too many similar companies. These principles also work in Instagram.

If you type “interior designer” into your search, you will get a list of hundreds of similar accounts. Most of them will be similar in the type of content: examples of work, sketches, personal thoughts with a photo of the designer.

It is clear that the differences will be within: different experience, perspective on the work, areas of professional activity, approach to writing. But in general, for the non regular subscriber, the differences will be minimal – the accounts use the same content framework and in general talk about the same thing: interior design.


This is not bad: rubrics and certain frames in the topics allow the audience to navigate more easily and immediately understand where they got and who they subscribe to. But if we’re talking about a break from the competition, then you need a different method – to offer something fundamentally different.

In order to understand how to stand out, you first have to figure out what your audience is interested in. Pepper.Ninja is a parser for this – just load keywords or a link to a competitor’s page into it to find out more about your subscribers and their interests.

Let’s say we have a new tea brand in the works. How do we lead the community in a way that’s unique? Let’s try to analyze Greenfield’s group on VKontakte to see how we can build off the competition.

How do we find out which groups a competitor’s audience is subscribed to?

  • Go to Pepper.Ninja and select Quick Parsing.
  • Copy the community link to gather data on subscribers.
  • Choose “Communities,” adjust the number in the top.
  • Click “Run” and wait for the parser to collect data.

We can see that the three most popular communities with the audience are children’s cartoon, children’s shoe store, and home and garden products. Given that most of the subscribers are women, it is clear that Greenfield is subscribed by moms between the ages of 30 and 45.

What does this data tell us?

Knowing the interests, you can design your tea account in such a way as to set it apart from the competition. You can bet on family traditions and show tea drinking as a way to spend time with family. Creatives can be pitched along the lines of “let’s go have tea,” as an option to pause, relax or talk. On the plus side, it makes it possible to write more about family and kids in general in posts, focusing on moms’ interests.

With brands in general, everything is clear: you research the market, develop a creative concept, plan a budget and launch. But if we’re talking about a personal or professional account, you can stand out through positioning.

Personal experience


The unique thing: No two personal experiences are the same. When describing anything, it’s important to run it through your personal experiences and thoughts, avoiding boilerplate turns and notions.

Unique skills

Know how to work in a photo editor? Get creative with your posts! Been to any interesting places? Tell us about it! Know how to edit text or understand modern cinema? Use that knowledge to generate content.

Expert Content


In general it overlaps with the previous point, but here it is a question of positioning. You can write about everything at once, or you can make a professional account, which is dedicated to your profession. The main thing here is to see if there are competitors on the subject. Look at how they manage their profile? Do you like it? Maybe a different approach is needed? Try to present information about yourself in a different way, through other means.

A company or brand on Instagram can build up against the competition simply by breaking stereotypes – the soap, beer, movie theater, and bottled water examples demonstrate this perfectly. Yes, in order to build back up, you will need to analyze your audience and understand what they want or are passionate about, a task for a marketing department or even a special study.

How to stand out on Instagram in 2024-2022: 3 effective ways

Today, everyone is a content creator. The amount of it is simply overwhelming. Standing out is becoming increasingly difficult. But it is still possible, and in this article we will tell you about three proven ways not to get lost, but on the contrary, to draw attention to yourself on Instagram.

1. Interactive Stories


Every day 500 million people post Instagram stories. Therefore, there is less and less chance to stand out among them. That’s why you need to take an unconventional and distinctive approach to their creation. So, at a minimum, it is worth creating interactive stories. That is, the subscriber should have a desire to click something.

Instagram itself offers a wide range of such possibilities. In particular, you can add polls, music, stickers, voting, quizzes and much more. And if you post an ordinary picture, the person will quickly swipe further and forget about it. In turn, the algorithms will understand that your content doesn’t interest the audience. At the same time, if the subscriber clicked a button, he is already in the game and interacts with your content. The algorithms will appreciate that.

Reposting stories is ideal. There’s a very good example from streaming platform Netflix. They made a questionnaire that consists of four questions. However, they decided not to insert the standard questionnaire that Instagram offers.

Instead, they made their own design for the questionnaire, and the user has to repost the Netflix story with the questionnaire and put their answer choices in there.⠀

2. Make your own AR filter


These are popular masks where you look into the camera and your face is decorated with a mask, some kind of effect, a caption. They are very popular among social network users. But it’s worth understanding that a brand and a company don’t have to make just any product. If you decide to create an AR-filter, you have to do it with the highest quality. People should be interested to use your mask, add it and share it with their friends and followers.

We’ve already written about how to use masks for Instagram

There are two options here. The filter should be funny – then it will go viral. Or it should be as cool as possible, so it can be in the top of the best filters.

3. Authentic videos


Classic commercials don’t interest many people anymore. Yes, they still work and perform their main functions. Yes, they can be as creative as possible. However, people don’t want to see the same videos on their Instagram feed that they see while watching TV or before watching YouTube videos. For help with attracting more followers check IGInstant.

On Instagram, they want to see an authentic picture, the real product as it is in real life, and brand faces should look and talk into the front camera, rather than being shot in professional photo shoots. Although you may need that, too.

Your videos don’t have to be cool and expensive. After all, everyone is trying to shoot cooler and more expensive these days. So showing something real and authentic is a really good way to stand out from the crowd of polished content.