The sportscaster who has grown to become a legend in the field has had his net worth estimated publicly to be around $ 200 million. The former have his professional football coaching career to thank for his huge rise in net worth. However he has also been involved with sport off field and this have also increased his income.

The broadcaster whose salary per year is around $ 5million dollars have still not convinced fans as well as critics that majority of his net worth came from his involvement with sports on and off field.

In addition to the fact that his net worth summed up from his involvement with sports off and on field, he also have become involve with owning video games and this has made massive income for him. John Madden is living the dream life he would have chosen a thousand times. When he first started his video game business, it released its first version in 1989 and ever since then, it has spanned millions of copy nationwide.

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It got bigger for him after his initiative proved productive and was signed by EA sports for ten years to market his name brand in a deal worth $ 300 million dollars. He also received additional $150 million for the deal after it almost collapsed but John gave his stand. Ever since then he has gone on to receive millions of dollars and this has piled up to become a mouth watering net worth.

There are still more millions to add up to his net worth since he is still active with sports on and off the field.


john madden net worth


  • John Madden

Date Of Birth

  • April 10 1936

Place Of Birth

  • Austin Minnesota


  • Aries

High School

  • Jefferson HS


  • Cal Poly


  • Earl Russell Madden
  • Mary Margaret

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  • Virginia Fields


  • Joseph madden
  • Joe Madden

Annual salary

  • $5 million

Net Worth

  • $200 million