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If you are new to IT, it’s best to start your career journey by acquiring entry-level skills. This will boost your chances of understanding more advanced technologies. And in this case, MTA certifications will fit your needs perfectly. These credentials are created for those with no IT background and who is interested in getting foundational knowledge in development, database, or infrastructure. Getting the MTA credential from Microsoft is a wise step to check if this sphere suits you or not. And if that domain you are interested in is networking, then a Certbolt badge in Networking Fundamentals is what you need, but first, you should pass 98-366 exam.

Why Get MTA Certified?

You must note that this entry-level Microsoft MTA 98-366 Practice Test isn’t required when pursuing more advanced credentials, but it will give you more advantage when learning through the technologies available in the higher stages. Thus, you’ll have more solid knowledge while opting for the MCSA badges or when pursuing any of the new role-based credentials from Microsoft.

98-366 exam will build a foundation for your future career achievements so it’s crucial to make this base strong. To help you with it, we’ll disclose what you should learn to pass this test with flying colors and what are the best ways to grasp those required topics. So, let’s start with the exam details now.

Exam Details

The Microsoft 98-366 assessment has been created with Examsnap 40-60 questions with different layouts to be answered 45 minutes. It’s possible to get an active screen, mark review, multiple-choice, best answer, case study, short answer, and review screen questions when sitting for the test. To finally get certified, the points needed are from 700 out of 1000. Also, a fee of $127 is part of the registration requirements.

Exam 98-366 Skills Measured

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Before sitting for the 98-366 test, you need to gain a deep understanding of specific topics. They include network infrastructures, network hardware, and protocols as well as services. These topics cover concepts such as the internet, intranet, as well as an extranet. You’ll also benefit from the knowledge of LANs, WANs, wireless networking, network topologies as well as access methods, switches, routers, and media types. Other networking technologies to cover include TCP/IP, networking services, IPv4, and IPv6.

The topics and the exam details are provided to aid you in preparation. And this brings us to the options you can use to study for the test. We’ll be covering training courses, study guides, and exam dumps, so keep reading to learn more about these resources.

Exam 98-366 Preparation Options

To receive MTA credential in Networking Fundamentals, you need the best prep options as outlined below:

Instructor-led training

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Detailed topic coverage is what will enable you to get those marks you desire. An instructor who is qualified in the themes of the test will aid you in covering the concepts required. And besides this, you will also be guided on the practical aspects of the course you are taking. When this happens, you will not just pass the exam but will also be ready for the actual tasks awaiting you.

As you study with the course, you will have a chance to ask questions since you will be interacting with your trainer. You also have a chance to use the available hands-on labs to practice while learning. Here are the instructor-led options that Microsoft has for you:

  • Networking Fundamentals which lasts for 3 days,
  • Networking and Security Fundamentals, which lasts for 5 days.

Exam 98-366 study guide

The Exam Ref 98-366 study guide on Amazon targets students who are starting out on technology. It enables them to acquire strong foundational skills before they can advance to other technology certification programs. This text covers fundamentals in networking, and you would be glad to use it.

Exam Dumps

Knowing what’s likely to be in the 98-366 exam is significant in passing it. Exam dumps from are created for this purpose and much more. Since they are past questions accompanied by answers, a candidate using them for practice is going to discover the most likely trends for the exam. This includes related concepts and structures. You’ll also get to know which areas are proving difficult for you. And when this happens, it’s possible to review them till you master all the topics and totally understand them.

Another benefit of using 98-366 exam dumps provided in the ete format is in time management. The ETE Exam Simulator you’ll be using to practice with dumps is designed to enable you time yourself and get detailed score reports to monitor your progress. This will help you during the exam as you will know how much time you need for any type of questions or a particular topic.

What Does Exam-labs Can Provide You with? ensures those who use their website for exam 98-366 study can access crucial prep materials through their Premium Bundle. This package, costing $59.99, has a study guide with 213 pages, a premium file with 197 questions and answers, and a video course with 39 lectures. In case you wish to check out your exam readiness before purchasing the bundle, you can download the free trial exam files in ete format and available also on the


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The MTA Networking Fundamentals certification introduces you to key technologies that would be relevant as you want to build your career as a network administrator, network specialist, or network engineer. So, if you have a desire to be employed in any of these positions, then 98-366 should be your starting point. And with exam dumps and instructor-led courses, you are good to go. The best way to achieve a goal is to plan and begin working toward it. Plan for this Microsoft exam today and begin working on your plan right away!