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Almost everyone out there is looking for someone to love. It is always nice to have another person with whom we can spend our days and nights together. For some, love comes easy, but to most of us, love has a funny way of being a little more complicated than necessary.
We at LiveTray have come up with this article to help the next person out with some pointers on why relationships may fail and how to avoid heartache.

In every relationship, there are ups and downs, which we all must face. Sometimes, the rainy days may last a little longer than expected, and during these days, most relationships die. The key to a long-lasting relationship is to understand that the sun is never lost, but only hidden behind the clouds.

Here are seven subtle reasons why a relationship may fail:

1. Not Building a Strong Foundation of Trust

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The base of any relationship is trust. Even though at first love may seem enough, without trust between two people, a breakup is more likely than not. In an environment filled with doubts and anxiety, love cannot thrive or grow. So, any two people in a relationship must first lay down a strong foundation built on mutual trust and build upwards.

2. Crossing Boundaries and Lines

To live together in harmony, we must learn to respect another person’s boundaries. Just because someone is in a relationship with you, this does not give you any right to invade their space. Couples must talk to each other about what is okay and what is not. Crossing limits is a very common reason leading to failed relationships, which is unfortunate because it is something that all of us can easily avoid.

3. Not Communicating Correctly

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All of us have heard the phrase “communication is key” in our lives. All advice on relationships seems to stress on communication between the partners involved. However, as simple as it sounds, many people fail to understand the true meaning. Sometimes, we may start to think that good communication equals frequent communication. So when the texts and calls do not come as often as we’d like, we jump to the conclusion that the other person is losing interest, which is a big mistake. Good communication is when both of you understand each other entirely and are content with each other.

4. Forgetting to keep the romance alive

Love is one thing, and romance is another, but these two always go hand in hand. When two people have been together for a long time, sometimes we become too focused on other things and allow the romance to take a back seat. By doing so, you may end up hurting your relationship more than you realize. Our Live Tray tip for you is to never compromise the romance for anything. Small romantic gestures always goes a long way.

5. Not Making Enough Effort

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the honeymoon phase of any relationship will last only a few months. Eventually, the stomach’s initial thrill and butterflies will become more subdued, which is only the natural course of things. But the end of the honeymoon phase means that the relationship has moved to the next stage. Each stage in a relationship demands a unique set of efforts that both partners need to make. Not putting in enough effort will dampen the relationship.

6. When you become overly demanding

real troubles start when one person demands too much of the other person. This one is tricky because we may not always realize when we are becoming too demanding. It is essential to always control what we ask for from our partners, whether physical or otherwise. Remember that even though the other person may be very in love with you, constant demands may drain them dry, physically and mentally, and you may end up losing them altogether.

7. Not exercising enough patience

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Sometimes, a person in a relationship may become impatient with the pace at which things are moving forward. Usually, when the relationship isn’t necessarily advancing at the speed that we had hoped for, we begin to become restless and agitated. In the process, we forget about the things we should be grateful for and instead dwell on the small and unimportant problems. In this way, we can compromise the relationship entirely. We must always remind ourselves that as long as the relationship isn’t falling backward, any pace moving forward is good. Learning to is the wait is still rewarding.

Many relationships fall prey to these subtle problems more often than not. It does not always require an explosive reason like a cheating scandal, blatant lies, or violence to end the precious relationship between two individuals. Keeping these in mind will help you to maintain your relationship and keep it going stronger for longer.