Mindvalley is a platform that has earned itself a good reputation in the time that it’s been around. Users of all kinds flock to the platform to take in lessons and lectures and more to improve their lives, and people who have used the platform report that they’ve successfully integrated what they learned into their regular day to day. But exactly how DOES it help a person improve, and change their lives for the better? Here are several ways that it does so, as reported by users on the platform themselves – all to show you just how great the platform is. You can read all of the details and complete Mindvalley review at IMHO Reviews.



Spiritually, Mindvalley is helping to change people’s lives in ways that other online platforms just cannot seem to compete with. Sure, there are a lot of places on the internet NOW that you can look up information on things such as Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and even on things that are involved with other normalized religions and their practices… but there isn’t really a place that’s just so congregated with all of that information in one place taught by some of the biggest names in their respective fields. Think about it: For a lot of places you have to opt into their business models, or buy specialized books and worksheets off of Amazon or other places, or attend expensive lectures while traveling, or take expensive classes and more. Here on Mindvalley though? It’s all in one place and at your fingertips, and with a lot of people who are tasked with helping YOU and others out.
Skillshare, Coursera, even YouTube can’t seem to have the same benefit and nowhere else seems to curate lessons or more that are designed to help your soul as well as your mind.



Self-Improvement is something that every other online platform seems to claim they offer to people – and in some ways they DO achieve it in some fashion or another. Some platforms are highly specialized with it though, such as language apps teaching you how to learn a new language, while some are focused on helping you organize your life a little bit. Some still are designed to teach you specialized skills in regards to self-improvement that don’t rally confer a feeling of improvement, but rather just giving you organizational advice on how to declutter your life and immediate environment. With Mindvalley though, a lot of users who have gone through the classes, seminars, speeches and more claim that they FEEL improved and it’s not hard to see why. Instead of giving Band-Aid style skills to help that are really more common sense things – such as throwing away things you don’t need, or sticking to a schedule – what Mindvalley offers is thing that you can inwardly improve on.

Things such as your ability to communicate concisely and clearly with other people to get your thoughts and points across, or the ability to build upon your relationships with other people and connect with them further – or barring that, also gives healthy advice, counseling, and skills to uncouple healthily. All of the self-improvement on Mindvalley is designed to make you a better PERSON and now just improve your surroundings, since it’s all to help you inwardly, rather than outwardly: And to a lot of people that makes all the difference.



Mindvalley users get something that not a lot of other platforms have right now, or even really offer:

Emotional improvement

Think about it: Where else do you go to find help that makes you feel more fulfilled on an emotional level? A lot of online learning platforms teach you SKILLS, yea, but they don’t actually teach you how to be a better person, such as was mentioned previously in the Self Improvement section. Because of that, a lot of people get necessary skills that they can use to better their lives, but what good is it if you don’t feel better in the end?
This is where Mindvalley shines. Because the user base has a connection with the Teachers, they can get the necessary coaching that they really need when it comes to their learning, and the way that the classes, lectures, and more are structured feels tighter knit and with a closer bond towards one another. Plus a lot of the lessons and such that are offered by some of the Top Teachers include lessons on how you can better improve yourself in your relations with other people and not just develop skills. Lesson that can include communication, yoga, meditation, or learning how to accept one’s self or to give tools to help mitigate – or even overcome – depression and the like.



Want to know some of the best things that come with Mindvalley? The fact that every single one of the Teachers that offer guidance and learning is also self-made, and are heads of businesses, or are world renowned artists and authors, or are very important scientists that are leading the way for the betterment of humanity.
This means that not only are you getting lessons and such on Mindvalley that improve you as a person, but you’re also learning how to be smarter, more intelligent, more creative, and able to retain information that you’ve learned as well. Mindvalley even offers – from the founder of the platform itself as well – lessons on how to be an entrepreneur and be better at business. How you can start with nothing and earn something as long as you have the right attitude.

And users of the Mindvalley platform are more than happy to take the lessons and go with it, often returning to help others who are starting on their self-improvement journey and to show that it gives everything and more. And honestly that’s just a few of the ways that Mindvalley right now is helping to improve users lives. While it’s not exactly a cure-all for the ailments of the soul and mind, it is a way to at least give you proper tools. Plus the talent that they bring in really rounds off everything that it can offer and shows that there are ways to improve your life in a well-rounded way, by people who have the experience and skill to help as well. It’s really been a revolutionary platform.