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With a proper strategy, you can generate more traffic and subscribers for your social networks. Social media tools have proved themself exceptionally in this world. They assist wonderfully in maintaining the data of huge businesses when they generate millions of interactions with likes, tweets, and other interactions. According to the postplan, maintaining social networks brings you a few clients as you can increase subscribers slowly and do not gain clients.

When such situations occur, AI-based social media marketing strategies play their part, and most businesses excel with AI SMM’s capabilities. You can automate social media marketing with the tools available in the market.

But as there are always some flaws or limitations in the case of both machines and humans. The same is the case with SMM. Humans cannot deal with large volumes of data and create engagement among posts; automation tools play their role in assisting humans there.

Let’s look at some of the ways of revolutionizing social media marketing with artificial intelligence.

Humans and AI SMM Complement

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Humans and AI applications work side by side in social media marketing to coordinate and feature as a complementing team. With time, artificial intelligence is improving day by day, and this is all because of the extensive research people do in managing natural language.

Even humans are coordinating gracefully, but having a real-time targeted audience is not a pie of pudding. Though humans participate wonderfully, they need excessive time when dealing with large volumes of data. On the other hand, AI can perform this task within seconds.

With a proper strategy, one can excel greatly with human and AI coordination bonding. SMM removes the noise and creates significant data of fine quality for you. With this, you can have a successful career as an SMM marketer and excel in the market with your efficiency and engagement efforts.


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Some people think chatbots are just for website frontends bur that is not right at all. SMM marketers use chatbots are they aid in handling many clients at a time. You can solve their minor complaints. But keep in mind, for complex issues, you have to rely on human assistance.

As chatbots offer 24 hours daily service or, say, seven days a week, they exceptionally manage many tasks simultaneously. Usually, most of the customers want a response to their complaints within an hour.

Chatbots assist you in increasing retention rates with organized customer service platforms. Though chatbots cannot answer queries, they work pretty efficiently by engaging clients and alerting humans to solve the problem simultaneously.


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Pinterest owns Kosei. Kosei is, in fact, a company that helps users to forecast customized suggestions according to their search history data and interests by using artificial intelligence.


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Twitter owns a dashboard tool named TweetDeck that assists the user in monitoring your every action on Twitter. One can easily manage up to 200 Twitter accounts with TweetDeck and you will be amazed to this this cost nothing to you.

With this amazing social media free service on Twitter, one can easily have a complete access for setting up your customer’s timeline for tracking keywords, usernames, brand names, hashtags, and much more. Even the user can manage multiple Twitter accounts within the same dashboard.

Post intelligence

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Using artificial intelligence, one can easily is capable of spotting the interaction opportunities prevailing on social media. Recently, a startup entitled post intelligence has launched an application called PI, which aids the users in following social trends of a specified area.

After this, the user’s recent postings and the tracked-out data are matched to have a fair suggestion about many engagements. Due to this, the SMM marketer avails the chance to suggest the material being uploaded.

Slack bots

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Slack bots help SMM marketers estimate and generate persuasive posts for their business that result in the success of the proposed content. Generally, slack bots are in demand in content marketing.

The reason for this is that they suggest you take subsequent steps after evaluating the content niche. Slack bots inspect the posts on particular social media platforms depending on the certain niche.

Slack bots compare your posts with others and offer you a rough idea of engagement success rates with promotion. They assist you in the effective designing of posts and help you manage focused social media campaigns.

LinkedIn and Bright

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LinkedIn bought a job search firm in 2014 named Bright. Bright imparts its role in matching job employment opportunities with candidates by using machine learning.

LinkedIn quickly evaluates the locational preferences, work experience, and other essential data candidates must provide for the Bright algorithm. LinkedIn has also integrated the Bright algorithm and introduced new job opportunities by making a focused portal.


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Facebook has engaged and crafted a customer bond with SMM technologies. The facial recognition feature saves the user’s time tagging on Facebook. It is a prediction that Facebook can propose locations, various deals, and items by implementing Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm.

SMM Automation

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HootSuite, Buffer, and Co-schedule, and many other apps assist the users in automating social media marketing. Depending on your SMM strategy, you can schedule your posts for up to a month.

Now you do not need to spend weeks organizing everything because you can achieve it in a few hours with the latest AI technologies. But they will not help you in managing engagements. For this, you have to take some help from humans.

Text Mining Marketing Automation

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The SMM machine learning technology offers automation marketing techniques and assists you in text mining. Text mining algorithms are the built-in way to analyze distorted and well-structured data and calculate trends based on customer behaviors.

This results in hyper-personalized marketing automation, which most users cannot find in today’s world. This also suggests the right time for posting, and you will able to access a diverse audience for media marketing campaigns.

Final Word

Though there are various solutions available out there for SMM, no solution can assist you entirely in this regard. Always make a wise decision while choosing a tool for adding value to your business.

The tool you select for your SMM campaigns must be able to manage your business exceptionally. They should cover the insights amazingly and assist you in building a customer-centric social media marketing strategy.