Modern classic – quite a contradictory term, isn’t it? It’s like comparing a Victorian hansom with a Honda Accord cab, combining Metropolis, the 1920s sci-fi classic with Interstellar, the epic movie of the modern era, or mashing up a peppy rock n’ roll number with a headbanging death metal track. At first sight, you may feel that any of those two entities, one from the past and the other from the present, won’t really blend in.

However, why else is the Victorian era widely considered to be the best time of the past few centuries, Metropolis (1927) is among the most loved sci-fi flicks of the century, or folk metal music, a melodic blend of the old world and the new, such a smashing hit in the 2024s?

The answer to these questions is the same as the reason why modern classic interior designing styles like those of Or & Zon are best preferred by most home buyers in and around the US. A perfect brew of the old and the new gives out the optimum flavor that customers adore. While we do love to indulge in yesteryear’s beatific concoctions, we always want a few modern innovations to go with those. And that is exactly what the modern classic style of interior designing provides!

However, what does a combination of modern design and classic style of interior design comprise? Does it involve refurbishing a dilapidated house into a contemporary, avant-garde home? Not quite. The thing is, it oesn’t really matter if your abode is breaking down or well in place. You can easily transform it into a classical sanctuary replete with state-of-the-art designs that will appeal to both millennials and baby boomers alike. Let us take a look at how you can go about making an incredible, modern classic conversion like that.

The Customer-Friendly Definition of Modern Classic Interior Design Style


Many top interior designers in the trade may jabber technical stuff about what converts a typical house into a modern classic decor. Before you try to fathom their advanced designing jargon, it is better to understand the modern classic style in core detail.

Any interior design that comprises old European decor inspiration, like that of the Greek, Roman or Victorian architecture, juxtaposed with modernized artwork brings about a modern classic interior design style. It’s pretty similar to revamping the numerous, antiquated structures around the world to fit into the new, present-day civilization apparent today.

Modern Classic Design Style Facts


Please remember that the modern classic style of interior designing is the in-thing right now. And as is the way of in-things, there are several illegitimate businesses that sometimes exploit a growing niche. You don’t want to fall prey to those scams. Here’s what you should know before going for a modern classic design.

• Simplicity

While a classic design style is all about adding a refined, more elegant framework, modern style is defined by its simplicity. The color schemes should be pleasing to the eye – neither too bright nor too dull. The overall motif would seem absurdly simple at first sight, but it may feature quite a few old-world references in its intricate patterns. Is that something you will like?

• Materials

There is nothing affordable about modern classic design, because the kind of material used in developing those structures forms the crux of the style. The materials are of high quality. Marble, glass, velvet, or gold detailing, everything should be authentic, which leads us to the next bit of fact.

• Detailing

The beauty of any modern classic design style indeed lies in the details. Every inch of the structure adds to the general decor, and every completed artwork tells an interesting story. And it’s those small details that often hide the most modern contraptions.

• The Modern in Modern Classic

A WiFi router may be carved like a Roman gladiator, a USB port could be embedded within a golden table finish, or your ultramodern SMART TV might be made to look like an antediluvian mirror when switched off. The ideas on offer are aplenty. You only need to choose.

• Of Walls and Flooring

The walls of your property are usually made to look like modern replicas of ancient palaces with minimal artwork but maximum style. The flooring needs to match the overall design, replete with a furnished wooden deck covered with a lush, soft carpet.

• Going with Bold Colors

While the paintwork is generally quite tranquil, don’t hesitate to throw in a splash of bright red or a smear of lime green into the palette. Bold colors often enhance the conceivably dull parts of the design.

In essence, a modern classic style of interior design tries to bring about an equilibrium between the old world and the new.

Modern Classic Factors to Consider


There are three essential components that comprise a modern design style – color, gadgets, and furniture. Make sure that the color palette matches the type of classic era that you want to go with. The furniture design should be in sync with that generation too. And always ensure that your modern day gadgets blend in well with the rest of the adornments. Other factors like the flooring and the walls can be made to look like the essentials in no time.

All in all, a modern classic style of interior design is a perfect mixture of the archaic and the contemporary, a fantastical combination of the antique and the in vogue, and a sweet smelling brew of the bygone era and the day yet to come. It’s like staring at the future by looking into the past, not much different from gazing into the unfathomable abyss of a wormhole that connects the present day with our rich, memorable history.

So don’t hesitate to go for a modern classic style, for it provides you with a unique opportunity to experience living in a time long past without compromising on any modern day comforts. Bring history back to the present, traverse the path between the past and the future yet untrodden, and make an offbeat statement in the world of interior design that will be the talk of your town for decades!