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Netflix started out as a streaming and video-on-demand service, but since producing their own TV series and movies, they’ve been regularly releasing their own hits. 2013 began with a remake of the BBC mini-series House of Cards. The US Netflix version was brilliant and earned high ratings from critics, with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright receiving the Golden Globes in the lead actor category.

The trend of success continued with Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, as well as some, undervalue and fantastic accomplishments like BoJack Horseman. Documentary shows, like Wild Wild Country, about the Indian cult that settled in Oregon in the early 1980s, should not be forgotten.

Following the sudden success of House of Cards, Netflix realized that the original program was the right formula for success. Since then, they have been releasing new TV series. Some are excellent, some are mediocre but generally maintain a high level of quality. Most already know what to watch first when subscribing to Netflix. In case you are not familiar with Netflix quality programming, you can read it on TheVore.

We will, on the other hand, introduce you to those series that did not rank well among viewers. Low quality is also evidenced by low ratings on review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, and some others have gone badly with the audience.

Please note that this text may contain spoilers.

Iron Fist

Season one is one of the worst things you can watch on Netflix. The second season is better, but still not worth your time.

Definitely the main problem of the series is the characters, and certainly one of them is the main character Iron Fist, who, unlike most characters in the Marvel universe, is a flat and not interesting character. The situation is similar to other characters, positives and bad guys. Instead of deciding to change them and taking the story in the other direction, they decided to bring them back almost all of them. Unfortunately, almost none of them have exactly any personality. Too bad they didn’t put in other new characters and replace the old ones because only in this way they could improve this series well enough.

Not everything turns out to be so negative, the second season sees improvement in terms of fight sequences that are vastly improved and can be said to be quite good… But the story, dialogues, and characters have remained at the same low level.

Iron Fist is one of those series that definitely did not deserve its second season, and even now it did not justify its existence.

Real Rob

It recorded a very small viewership, and those who watched gave the lowest ratings. A comedy that is not amusing to anyone. There are almost no interesting parts, all jokes are unfunny and often offensive. All critics wondered how it was possible that Netflix included this in its program. Not much smaller streaming services would broadcast this either. What is even more shocking is that the series has been renewed for a second season.


This is the story of a city under siege by the onset of a mysterious disease that kills anyone over the age of 21. The government has ordered the place to be quarantined. Citizens are forced to fight for themselves. It sounds interesting, but it didn’t turn out that way. Very poor and unconvincing acting, predictable plot and to cliché. Just look at the IMDB rating and you will be clear that you should skip this.

Hemlock Grove

By the eighth episode of the first season, I couldn’t understand anything, and that created a feeling of nausea in my stomach. After all, the events are so incomprehensible that you will wonder what they have just watched.

Don’t get me wrong, there was an era in cinema, literature and video games when vampires were something spectacular, mystical, interesting and erotic. I’m not sure if we can blame Twilight’s desperate filming for the fall, or whether that fall began long ago. I can only conclude – vampires have become a grueling topic, and especially a combination of vampires and werewolves. But they always come together in a package.

Revolutionarily, the creators of this series have concluded that the name vampire is outdated and that the audience will be hooked if the veil of ignorance only rises towards the end of the first season and reveals that one of the main characters is actually called different. They are actually a type of vampire from Ukraine. Yes, they now have their own species, and yet they themselves divide into half and fully supports.

Now we come to the very shop that is located in this imaginary town of Hemlock Grove, which also houses the Godfrey Institute, one of the most famous and richest companies specializing in technological advancement as well as the advancement of humanity. With the circumstances, murders begin to happen. Of course, the killings are all supernatural.

If you didn’t understand what this was all about, then again – I was able to convey my impression to you. If you don’t believe it, start watching this series yourself, but if you have a few more on the watchlist, I recommend watching them first.


Netflix series in French production. It was on this list first and foremost because it was very poorly received by the French audience, while it was better received by the rest of the world. Marseille is the story of power, supremacy, and trade in this famous French port, also known for its various smugglers. The longtime mayor of Marseille (Gérard Depardieu) is ready to hand over his mayor to his protégé, but will instead find himself in a sudden, brutal battle to dominate the city.
Critics rated it negatively, saying it seemed more like a merge of several other shows than something original. Despite all that, a second season was aired. It has not been officially canceled, but there are no announcements for season three.


Now that you know what you need to avoid on Netflix, you can continue watching the quality program available to you.