Sports betting is one of the most accepted types of gambling because it seems naive enough, and people don’t consider it as a huge risk for losing too much money. According to most of the passionate bettors, football and basketball are the easiest sports to predict the final results, and that’s why they are the most popular too. Also, it’s easy to guess the result, or the difference between the two teams if you are a fan of the particular team or game. Don’t forget the fact that sports betting is also very subjective, and some bettors are good at guessing the right result, others can predict which team will score better, and there are those who only bet when their favorite team is not a part of the game.

We can say that almost every sport is worth betting on, but having a basic knowledge of it can be also beneficial, especially if you are a novice in the gambling world. According to some gamblers, basketball is the best game to bet on, because it’s easier to predict the high-score results, instead of low-scoring games as football is.

The truth is that there is no scientific proof that can back up these theories, and we can conclude that it’s really tied to subjective feeling and preference. Also, we know that it can be pretty difficult watching your favorite team losing, even if you put some money on them. But, betting is not hoping for your favorite team to win – it’s all about testing the luck, and see if the predictions are right, or trying to make your own prediction that will bring some money if you guess it correctly. But, do you know that you can bet on boxing, MMA, and tennis too and that it can be pretty exciting?

Let’s see our turn to this topic, hoping that we can at least give some answer to you when it comes to predictable sports for betting:

1. Football


This is the most popular choice for most gamblers. The main reason why it’s like that, it’s that they enjoy group watching, and hoping their favorite team will win. Also, it can be pretty unpredictable while they play, which makes the whole game and gambling more exciting. No matter if we are talking about American football, or soccer (European football), this game has plenty of loyal fans who won’t miss any chance to place their bets on their favorite (or least favorite) team, and hope for big wins. Another reason why it’s popular is that there are plenty of matches every day, and the teams don’t change the players regularly, so the bettors can find some pattern in the playing habits, increasing their chances to guess the result. If you check out this one, you can understand what are we talking about.

Regardless of the occasion, there will always be groups of friends, colleagues or family members that will bet together in different tournaments, like confidence pools and survivor pools during the football season. You can check this site out for Doc’s eliminator pool picks to learn more and get your bets started with the best advice and predictions.

2. Basketball

There is one thing that makes the whole thing easier for everyone – the handicap. This thing was included in the betting system because there is no equal result in basketball, but when using the handicap option, the bettor gives an additional chance to guess the result or the winner in the match. It seems difficult to understand and practice, but once the bettor tries it, basketball can become the most predictable sport to bet on.

3. Boxing


This sport is a whole spectacle for the fans because the game can have crazy overturns. Betting enthusiasts are choosing it because the boxers play against each other, and we can easily predict who is better this season. You have only three tips – the first boxer wins the second win, or draw. You don’t have to get in calculations and predictions that can be confusing, and that’s why when they want to play safe, the bettors go for boxing that day.

4. Tennis


An exciting activity to play and watch. Not everyone understands it, but once you get it, it can become your “Ace in the hand” when betting on sports, and increasing the chances to win something, even when the odds aren’t completely by your side. The best thing? There are no draws, but you can place different bets that can bring a nice prize. It’s a win or loss game, and if you are watching the whole season, you will easily predict the outcome of the particular match.

5. Golf


Probably you didn’t expect this, but it’s the same as for tennis. But, you will be also surprised if we tell you that plenty of bettors are choosing it as their primary sport when creating the tickets. It’s cool, and you have the chances by your side since not a lot of people are interested to bet on it. And they are completely wrong because you have a unique opportunity to win bigger than ever.

6. Baseball


This is maybe the most complicated sport to bet on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t predict the result. There are plenty of rules, and you have to really be interested in it, and know the good of the sport, like you are a player, so you can bet on it. But, once you get the things, you will see that it’s easy as basic math. Surely it’s challenging, but if you don’t get it right at first, you can improve your betting performance the very next match after that.

Knowledge and awareness – these are the basic skills every bettor should have, especially if they want to take the whole thing more seriously. But, never forget that it brings a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to your spending habits. Surely it’s funny and entertaining, and this article may help you improve your performance, but you have to be respectful of the money, and not to throw them away on small matches that can’t bring a good award, even if you guess the exact result.

So, bet on your favorite games, choose those who work the best for your predictions but don’t get too deep into the betting, because it’s a form of gambling and can be pretty addictive too.