Who doesn’t like to bet on their favorite or sport they love the most or play their favorite casino game, and today, when everything is only a few clicks away, having fun and earning money along the way has never been easier. Sports betting is one of the main sources of entertainment due to many reasons, and availability is just one of those reasons. We all have some sport that we love, and since you can watch every game online, or at least have play by play guide, and since sometimes we all think to know what’s going to happen, why not try to make money from that.

Every bookmaker has something different to offer, and it’s not only about higher or lower odds, the number of events, spreads, etc. but more in terms of promotions and bonuses, which we, as players, can only be thankful for, as they can only benefit us. They offer all those bonuses because there are so many online bookmakers, and various rewards are one way to attract new players, and since this is an industry that is rapidly growing, it seems like every day there is some new one or one that we haven’t heard off before. In the era of many reputable bookmakers, choosing the one with the best offer of games and events can be challenging, which is why we will now take a closer look at the three biggest sports betting operators in the US.

1. DraftKings


DraftKings was founded in 2012, and since day one, it has been making great strides in the sports community, and today, it is definitely the bookmaker with the largest number of registered users in the US. But, it wasn’t always like that, and the battle between DraftKings and FanDuel over that first place has been going on for a couple of years now. That large number of users is also due to the fact that both DraftKings and FanDuel were at first daily fantasy powerhouses, and in 2018, DraftKings started as the first company to offer legal, mobile, and online sports betting.

Of course, we, as players, have many benefits of all that, and today although they are both leading companies, they offer a large range of matches and events, but what’s perhaps even more important, is that they also offer a large number of various bonuses and promotions. DraftKings is known for its innovation and trying some new things out, and last year, they made a pilot project of betting on drone racing. All this proved to be something that is very interesting and attractive to people, which is why they announced that in 2024 they would officially allow betting on drone races, of course, not in all states. The other thing that makes this website so popular is the user-friendly interface, so even if you are not that familiar with how everything works, you can easily get around and sign up.

2. FanDuel


The DraftKings competitor, FanDuel, was in first place in the number of registered users for quite some time. Although 3 years older (founded in 2009), all that changed in 2019, and currently, FanDuel is the second most popular sports betting operator in the US. As already mentioned, FanDuel also started as a daily fantasy business, offering their users a large number of sports and leagues, but in 2018, all that changed as they expanded to the sports betting business. That is why today, it is one of the sports betting leaders in the US, having more than 6 million users.

What makes FanDuel stand out is their app, which is by many experts one of the best apps for betting in the world. Not only that every sport is at your disposal, but the interface, along with visual effects, is at another level, and the betting experience is at the highest possible level. Although they are still pretty new in this industry, they are already setting new standards in the whole betting community. Many experts are claiming that the app, along with all bonuses and the variety of sporting events, is shaping the betting and gambling industry in the US. Depositing or withdrawing money is also not a problem, as many banks allow depositing via credit or debit card, and if your banking account is linked with PayPal, they also got that covered.

3. PointsBet


Although this Australian bookie is new to the US market, it is already making high progress in terms of new users and revenue, and what makes them stand out from all other bookies is the variety of events you can place your money on. Bet spreads, totals, and as the name itself states -points betting are taking the US by storm, and it is a storm that is going to last for quite some time. In less than two years of operating in the US, Pointsbet already has some significant numbers, and if you look at their app and how smoothly everything works, you will understand why. The betting system where you don’t have to bet on the final outcome of some game, and you can wager on the points, meaning that you can win money if your bet is accurate enough, is not only new and interesting but also provide players with an additional way to win cash.

Bonuses are important, and they are also one of the reasons why so many people are betting on the Pointsbet platform since they definitely have the best offer. Good karma and early payouts represent a new way of bettor-first initiatives. Of course, high welcoming bonuses are not their only advantage, and if you still didn’t have the chance to try out their app, you can visit this website, find out everything there is on this topic, and start winning some money.

Making this list wasn’t easy as there are so many famous sports betting operators that have a large number of users, but these three mentioned above are for sure the best of the best, and the only thing that remains is to sit back, relax, and make your bet. Good luck!