Keep track of all the LOST easter eggs in the ABC fantasy series Once Upon A Time. Ranging from hat-tips to easter eggs (and admittedly, some vague parallels), discover all the LOST references in Once Upon A Time Seasons 1 and 2 below!


1.01 PILOT

1) 8:15

Slam the breaks! The town clock is (was) stuck at 8:15, in reference to..

The infamous Oceanic Flight 815 that brought us all to the Island.

2) Geronimo Jackson

A Geronimo Jackson “Dharma Lady” sticker can just about be seen on the back of Emma Swan’s car. In reference to..

The single from the 1970s band, Geronimo Jackson — first referenced in LOST’s second season.

3) Dramatic Eye Thematic

The tight close-up on Emma’s eye as she gradually wakes to truth, in reference to..

The iconic LOST eye thematic, used to foreshadow or imply character introspection and other deep stuff.

4) 108

The Evil Queen lives at number 108, which is a reference to..

The LOST numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42) when added together.

5) Swan

A swan projection in Henry’s room, in reference to his biological mother, Emma Swan — but also to..

The Dharma Swan logo seen around the Swan Station and other items. (thanks Lauraine in the comments)

6) Wheel

A wheel (in the window), somewhat reminiscent of..

The infamous Frozen Donkey Wheel that moves the island.


7) Apollo

An Apollo candy bar, based on..

The Apollo bar found in the pantry of the Swan Station in the second season of LOST. The Apollo bar would recur many times throughout LOST.


8 ) MacCutcheon Whisky

Emma grabs a bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey and pours some into two glasses for herself and Mary..

..MacCutcheon is a fictional brand of whiskey featured prominently throughout LOST. Moreover, it is most closely connected with the character Charles Widmore (who refused to share his bottle with Desmond Hume), played by Alan Dale who is introduced in this episode as Prince Charming’s father.


9) Eye Thematic

A close-up of Graham’s right eye as he wakes up from a dream/memory..

..a nod to the many LOST eye close-ups — a recurring motif throughout the show’s 6-year span.

10) Eye Color

The Huntsman’s wolf has one red eye and one black eye, somewhat reminiscent of..

John Locke’s black and white eyes in Claire’s dream from the season 1 episode “Raised By Another”. A bit of a reach, perhaps, but worth a mention as the wolf’s introduction also had dream-like qualities.

11) 108

Another 108 sighting appeared in this episode with the Evil Queen’s 108 heart boxes (9 across, 12 down) — in reference to..

..the infamous LOST numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42) when added together. (HT to Seriable readers David B. and Shawn for also spotting this egg).


12) MacCutcheon

MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey makes a second appearance as Emma relieves some stress. As noted above, MacCutcheon is the fictional brand seen throughout LOST.

13) Dagger

Rumples kills Zoso using the mystical dagger, which is rather similar to..

..the ancient dagger which was used in attempts to kill Mother, Jacob and Man In Black. Zoso tricking Rumples into killing him with the mystical dagger also resembles MIB tricking  Benjamin Linus into killing Jacob (albeit with a different dagger from the one used in the other attacks).

Ep 9 “True North”

14) Apollo Bar

The infamous LOST Apollo Bar makes another appearance after Ava and Nicholas sneak the stolen candy bar into Henry’s bag. The Apollo Bar made its first OUAT appearance in Episode 5 — “That Still Small Voice”.

15) Holy Smoke

The Evil Queen provides another illustration of her ability to transform into black smoke — a similar ability displayed by LOST’s Man In Black (although the audience never actually got to see him transform to and from smoke).

16) 23

The mysterious stranger has the number 23 on his license plate, in reference to..

The number 23, which is one of the mystical LOST numbers. It’s also Jack Shepherd’s number in the mythology of the show. (HT to Seriable reader AK)

17) Thematic Flooring

This visual of Hansel and Gretel waking up to find themselves lying on the ground is…

..a thematic visual often seen throughout LOST.

18) Man In Black / Nameless

The mysterious stranger with no name (presently) happens to be dressed in black…

..a nod to LOST’s own nameless Man In Black?

Ep. 10 “7:15 AM”

19) Apollo Bar

The Apollo Bar made its third appearance in Once Upon A Time, when a depressed Mary picks up a king-size bar at the grocery store.

Ep. 11 “Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree”

20) Numbers

Emma crashes into a sign bearing two of the infamous LOST numbers — 4 and 23.

Ep.12 Skin Deep

21 MacCutcheon

MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey makes its third appearance in Once Upon A Time. A bottle can be seen at the bar.

Ep.13 What Happened To Frederick

22) Blue Cup

August Wayne Booth has a similar (if not the same) blue cup to the one Richard Alpert was often seen with in LOST. (HT: Seriable reader Ian)

Ep. 14 Dreamy

23) Number 42

In “Dreamy” Amy Acker’s character Astrid tells Leroy that she only managed to sell 42 candles last year — a nod to LOST’s fabled number 42.

Ep. 17 “Hat Trick”

24) 316

Jefferson resides at number 316. This is a clear nod to the sixth episode of LOST Season 5, “316.” In the episode, the Losties find their way back to the Island, which links, thematically, with Jefferson’s quest to get back to the land that was.

Ep. 20 “The Stranger”

25) Oceanic 815

Upon arriving in the land without magic, Pinocchio is startled by Oceanic flight 815 flying overhead — an obvious nod to LOST’s famous airliner.

26) Thematic Flooring II

Pinocchio is knocked unconscious and suffers LOST-esque flashbacks of his ‘past life’. He awakens in the familiar LOST body position (ala Hansel and Gretel further up).

EP.22 “A Land Without Magic”

27) Apollo Bar Goes Geronimo

Two LOST easter eggs come falling out of Henry’s bag — another Apollo bar and Geronimo Jackson reference (the album).

28) 8:15

The town clock ticks to 8:15 AM as magic arrives in Storybrooke — another nod to flight 815 which brought the Losties to the Island.

  • Henry gets off the train at Gate 4 in the pilot. The number 4 is, as we know, one of the LOST numbers. (HT Seriable reader Shane)
  • Regina looks up at the clock after time is unstuck, the clock shows 8:23. (HT Seriable reader Stacy).
  • The Evil Queen appears to have the ability to manifest into a cloud of smoke. LOST’s Man In Black also had this ability.
  • There is apparently a ‘ticky-ticky’ smoke monster sound after the trolls are turned into bugs. (HT Seriable reader Lara).
  • Emma drives a VW Beetle, as did John Locke. (HT Seriable reader Grant).
  • In Episode 2, there’s a painting of an island in Archie’s office that looks somewhat like the LOST island, and a sketch that resembles the ‘Black Rock’ that brought Richard Alpert to the Island. (HT Seriable readers Emma and Emily)
  • 1.05 “That Still Small Voice”: While stuck in the mine, the air shaft was marked “D2″. D is the 4th letter in the alphabet making it number 42. (HT Seriable reader Mac P).
  • The Blue Fairy tells Jiminy Cricket “What´s done is done” – a popular phrase uttered throughout LOST. (HT: Daniel)
  • Emma mentioned that she went to Tallahassee, which could be a nod to LOST episode “The Man From Tallahassee”. (HT Seriable reader Ben).
  • In “The Shepherd”, the King Midas tells his soldiers to “stuff the dragon and put in next to the Mapinguari.” This mythical beast was an inside joke the producers of LOST mentioned as part of the official ABC webmaze. (HT: Seriable reader Michelle).
  • In “The Price Of Gold,” Ruby’s Camaro is presumably a nod to the one belonging to Hurley’s dad. (HT Seriable reader Erich).
  • In “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter,” Graham tells Mary that he knows her from “another life,” which has obvious LOST connotations. As does the general idea of characters ‘waking up’ and remembering their past (sideways) existence.
  • In “True North,” Emma tells Mary that Michael might have had a “little nudge”. Jacob said something similar in relation to Jack: “I guess it just needed a little push.”
  • In “True North,” Emma ponders whether she needs to “leg go” in looking for her parents. “Letting go” is a big theme throughout LOST, and one of the show’s defining messages.
  • In “True North,” it is revealed that the Blind Witch has a spell around her house preventing the Evil Queen from entering. This is similar to the barrier of ash that Jacob and The Others had around certain locations on the Island to keep the Smoke Monster/MIB out.
  • In “7:15 AM,” Red Riding Hood tells Snow White that there are “whispers..,” which seems like a wink and a nod to the Whispers that remained a mystery for much of LOST’s six season run.
  • Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree“: The genie wearily says “Here we go” before King Leopold unwittingly summons him. “Here we go” is a phrase also uttered by Juliet to Kate in LOST episode “Some Like It Hoth.”
  • Dreamy”: Leroy tells Mary Margaret, “My whole life people have made a point to tell me what I couldn’t do.” This is not too far removed from Locke’s famous: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” (HT: Seriable reader Matt)
  • Red-Handed“: August says he wants to get Emma to see the light, to believe in Henry’s book. He’s trying to give her a little push, you might say.
  • There are 15 photos photos of Kathryn’s car in the Sheriff’s office (HT: Seriable reader Sabrina).
  • August is the 8th month. (HT: Seriable reader KMP).
  • The Stranger“: Mr. Gold tells August: “fear not, a gentle nudge, I shall provide.” This is similar to Jacob’s: “I guess it just needed a little push.”
  • The Stranger“: August tells Emma to “take a leap of faith.” John Locke once told Jack that pushing the button was “a leap of faith”.
  • The Stranger“: August was in Phuket when Emma arrived in Storybrooke. Phuket has some significance to Jack’s backstory.

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