Online gambling platforms are now the most popular option for most players. The interesting thing is that the expansion of these sites made these games much more popular in recent years. Most of the new players prefer simple games that can be a great solution for spending their free time. Therefore, it is not a surprise that pokies are the favorite choice for most of them.

Also, we have to mention the strategies that gambling sites are using to attract more players. In most cases, you will get free funds when you create a profile and make the first payment. On the other side, some companies went a step further, and they are now offering free credit for playing without any additional terms. You can click here to find out more about this option.

The most important thing is to find a proper approach when you are playing. Keep in mind that playing without any tactic can only lead to issues. Therefore, develop a strategy where you can avoid financial issues and improve chances of gaining profit over time. The great feature is that you can get various promotions and many other features to improve your odds. Here are some of the best ways to win more often while using the promo features.

Be Flexible


The first thing to know is that there is no reason to stick to only one betting site. Instead of that, you should explore this market all the time and focus on new options. However, be sure to be aware of potential threats related to unreliable and risky sites. You will have to share details related to private information and bank accounts.

When you are sure that you are safe, make a list of reliable sites and start by creating a profile on each one of them. After that, you will have to determine the starting amount of money. Let’s say that it is $100. In most cases, you will get at least double the amount you spend on your first payment. You can use the free credit to play.

Even though there are some additional requirements and terms where you are not able to withdraw the provided free funds, there is still a great chance to make a profit without spending your money. Moreover, after you make a payment, withdraw your money and do the same on other available sites. That will significantly improve your odds.

However, the issue is that you can do this only once on each new site. Besides that, you should check the promotions all the time since a lot of these sites are providing some features to loyal players as well, like weekly prizes, competitions, and more.

Use the Bonus Buy Feature


This option became very popular in recent years. You can find a lot of new games that are offering the ability to simply pay for three scatters. The most important thing here is to determine the starting amount since playing a few negative turns will lead to losses.

In most cases, the price for this feature is 100x the bet size. In case you are starting with 10 cents, you will need to spend $10 to activate the feature. The rules of the game are very important as well, along with its volatility and prizes that you can get when playing with lower bet size.

There are some games where you can win a lot of money even if you are playing at a lower size. For example, Dog House Megaways is one of the most popular options when it comes to games where you can choose the bonus buy feature.

Playing with 10 cents per hand can still provide a great profit, but it is important to understand the mechanics of the game. You can choose between random wilds that can appear each turn or sticky wilds that will stay on the board while hands are repeating. The point is to get more wilds in the middle rows, starting from the second.

If you prefer this option, be aware that money management is crucial. Also, you don’t have to buy new games all the time. Use that according to the current balance. For instance, you can start with the lowest size, and spend $10 on the feature. If you wing a decent amount, continue playing in regular form.

After that, you can implement a strategy where you will slightly increase the bet after time if you are not winning anything. It is important to set some limits and goals as well. The great solution would be to set a limit where you will increase the size after spending $10. When you start with $100, you can buy at least 10 rounds.

On the other hand, you can test the riskier option, where you will double the value each time when you are not satisfied with the prize. However, if you are interested only in buying rounds, you will need much more money.

Money Management is the Main Factor


Whether you are playing a game where you can buy features or a standard random option, the most important thing is to use some limits and goals to determine the current size of your bet. As we already mentioned, the best solution is to start from the lowest point, and then increase it over time according to the balance. That will help you to stay in the game for a longer time.

The Bottom Line

The biggest challenge related to these games is that they are completely random, and there are no specific strategies that you can use to improve your odds. The only way to improve your chances to win is by keeping the focus on the balance and trying to avoid losses.

In case you are a beginner, the best way to win more is by experimenting with different sites and using their promotions. On the other side, experienced players must focus on proper strategy and control of their funds. While there is no guaranteed way to win, limits are the best option for avoiding losses, which is also the best solution for a long-term profit.