Teleprompter is used by many public figures and world leaders. Although they are mostly used by presenters, they are equally popular among streamers, YouTubers and others. Some of the most famous people who used this device are Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. In order to use its full potential, you should learn how to use it. For example, prepare your speech before reading it on the screen. In this way, you will get rid of unwanted emotions, especially if you did not write the speech yourself. Work on the difficult moments if you don’t find it easy to say certain sentences or words. So, practice with your device before you start recording.

If you have no experience with it before, you need practice to get used to its use. Speak as naturally as possible and don’t rush if you don’t have to. Always be smiling, because there is no need to worry. You won’t forget to say anything and you won’t do anything stupid, because you have the text in front of you. So pay attention to the features of the teleprompter if you want everything to go smoothly. We have singled out a few of the most popular models on the market, because their features appeal to everyone.

1. MP 500 Universal Video Camera Tripod Teleprompter

It is a lightweight and portable teleprompter developed for video recording. His role can be realized through a smartphone or tablet while the camera records. working with it is simple and practical, which makes video recording faster and easier. It is suitable for live broadcasting, interviews, hosting and similar situations. The teleprompter is made of plastic that is strong and durable. It is compact teleprompter and has portable design, easy to carry, suitable for quick use in various occasions. It supports both horizontal and vertical reading modes and the various adapter rings allow you to precisely position the teleprompter on your camera to prevent light from passing through the lens.

2. Glide Gear TMP 100


It has parts that you can customize to your liking. For example, you can change the scrolling speed of the script on the screen. Some of the other benefits include inserting subtitles into videos, editing videos, etc. It can also transcribe your video into a story. Therefore, it will be an excellent choice if you plan to write a blog or make any educational videos. You can also add a countdown of a few seconds so you can compose yourself before you start speaking.

3. Desview T2 Teleprompter

This is another great device that is used to read the text on your smartphone screen while recording any video. It works like a professional teleprompter used by news anchors. It contains a lot of features to offer its users such as text adjuster, video resolution controller, etc. They are quite easy to use so you don’t have to fumble while doing your work. Fits smartphones and tablets.

4. Moman MTR Ring Light Teleprompter Kit

Moman portable teleprompter is a combination of a professional and portable teleprompter for iPhone plus ring light. Thanks to the great design and function, you can better follow the content on the screen. There is also no need to change the position of the smartphone, because it is perfectly compatible with the light. For example, use your phone as a sulfer while reading scripts with a light effect. The color temperature is similar to an RGB camera. You don’t have to worry about lighting and dark shadows. Another benefit of additional lighting is that it enhances the appearance of your face. You will get a more three-dimensional look and appear more charming.

5. Ambitful Teleprompter Kit


This model gives you many other possibilities to improve the quality of your speech while recording. For example, these are selecting the scroll speed, adjusting the font size, etc. Another promising aspect is the customizable background color that will help you change the background to your liking. It also has an auto-scroll option that allows you to scroll text without using your hands. What’s more, you can change the scrolling speed as you like. It is a great option if you have a smaller budget.

6. NEEWER X12 Aluminum Teleprompter with RT-110 Remote Control

It shows where your progress is so you don’t end up reading the wrong sentence while recording a video. Another device that will help you deliver your speeches the way you want – without any mistakes is this one. Just tap New and add the script name and content in the given area. It’s that simple. Once you run it, you can change the font and background color to make it easier on your eyes. With the Bluetooth remote control, you can easily play and pause, speed up and slow down, change text and background color, etc.

7. Teleprompter X14 with RT-110 Remote & APP Control


It sports wide angle lens, Android / iOS app, and Bluetooth remote control. It is very simple and practical to use, and it is made of extremely strong material. The design will delight you, as it is easy to carry and quick to install. Best of all, you can use it for different occasions because of it. It also includes DSLR cameras, and mirrorless cameras. Feel free to set up a light or a microphone, as this further enhances the recording capabilities.


There are many situations where a teleprompter will come in handy. For example, portable teleprompters for giving speeches. It will help you not to go beyond the allotted time and not to spoil the speech. You can also forget it due to stage fright or some other unforeseen situation. Either way, small teleprompter for iPad and other types will help you successfully deal with any type of content.

You’ll look like you’re completely knowledgeable about the topic you’re talking about even when you’re not. You’ll get the precision you need and look more confident. It will attract the attention of a wider audience, but you have to make a good decision at the very beginning. Find a model that is compatible with your needs. It is preferable to opt for a device that has more settings, a larger screen, excellent lighting and similar features.