It is said that more than one billion people all over the world need to wear glasses, and when it comes to the United States alone, the studies indicate that more than 75 percent of the adults need some type of aid or vision correction.

The signs that our vision has worsened and small, and we don’t usually notice them, or pay attention to them until our vision gets worse, and it is said that most adults wait at least one year between the first symptom and consulting with an ophthalmologist. The first sign that might show you it is time to book your appointment and get your vision checked is squinting, and your eyes may feel tired or sore all the time.

In addition to this, you may be getting frequent headaches, and your vision may become blurry. When you notice any of these signs, you need to contact a trusted professional. Even though there are millions of ophthalmologists and opticians all around the world, some of them are far better than others. In this article, we are going to talk about the things that happen if the pupillary distance is wrong with the glasses, and how that can affect your vision and overall health in the long run.

What is a pupillary distance?


The first thing we are going to talk about is what PD is, and why it is extremely important when it comes to wearing glasses.

As you already know, the pupils are the black circles inside your eyes, and they are the center of them. They regulate our vision, and they can either shrink when it is bright and sunny outside, to protect our vision, or they can dilate at night to help us see better.

When we need to get a new pair of glasses, our doctors need to measure the distance between the centers of the pupils, also called pupillary distance. In some cases, this distance may be measured incorrectly, and there are a lot of things that could go wrong if these measurements are not correct, or off even by the smallest number.

What happens if the PD is wrong?


There are a number of reasons why your PD needs to be wrong, and now we are going to talk about how you will feel and about the things you may notice if this measurement is not correct. Users explain that the first thing you may feel is like you’ve got the wrong glasses and that you are using a product that was not made for you. However, when you get a new pair of prescription glasses, and especially if you’ve never worn a pair before, you may feel strange. Your eyes will need time to adjust, so it is difficult to figure out if your eyes are just not used to them, or if the PD is wrong.

Note that you will feel like something is just not right, and no matter how much time passes, you will still feel like there is something wrong every time you put your glasses on. When you first try them on, and during the first 24 hours of using a new pair, this feeling is relatively normal, so you should not think of the worst right away. Give your eyes time to adjust and see if you have the same feeling in the next day or two.

One of the first signs that the PD is off is blurred vision, this problem will always persist, no matter how long you’ve been wearing the glasses. You may also notice double vision and extreme discomfort. Know that in some cases, you may get frequent headaches, and also nausea, or constantly feeling sick. In addition to this, your eyes will be tired, and you will feel like there is constant pressure in your eyes. Depending on how wrong the measurement was, these symptoms can vary, and you may also notice other things. If you are not sure if your PD was measured correctly, you can learn more here on how to measure your pupil distance on your own.

Is there a way to check if the PD is correct?


This is something that many people wonder about, and we never want to have to go to the ophthalmologist and set appointments just to learn that everything is fine and we just need to wait a few days for our eyes to adjust to the new glasses.

If you are not sure if your PD is wrong, then you can do a simple test at home. The first thing you will need to do is sit back, relax, and put your glasses on. Then you should hold your finger in front of you, about 10 inches away. Focus on it, and slowly start moving it towards your nose. Continue focusing on it. If there is nothing wrong with the PD, you will have no trouble focusing, and you won’t feel the need to squint. However, if your finger seems blurry, if you feel like you cannot keep the focus, and if you cannot keep your eyes relaxed during this test, you need to notify your optician as soon as possible.



As you can see the wrong PD can affect your vision and your health greatly. Because of this, you need to make sure you choose the right ophthalmologist and optician that will correctly measure your vision, and that will make the right glasses for you.

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Look for the right ophthalmologists and opticians for you, make sure you take care of your eye health, and in case you notice that your vision is getting worse, you need to consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Give yourself time to get used to the new prescription glasses, and if something feels off, consult your optician as soon as possible.