As you know, in order to get a permanent residence in the USA, you need a green card. If you are an educated individual who holds a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in a certain field, you should apply for the EB2 Green Card. Obviously, there are numerous other requirements one has to meet to be considered eligible for this document.

If you are thinking about relocating and continue building your career in America, keep reading this article. We will introduce you to different categories of EB2 visa, tell you what requirements you must meet, and discuss the details regarding the process itself.

What are the subcategories?


The very first thing you have to get familiar with before even submitting your application is the fact that there are three types of EB2 visas. Obviously, each of these has a certain set of requirements, so you have to learn about them to understand which one is right for you.

EB2 (A)

People who hold an advanced degree, meaning that you must at least hold a master’s degree, or on the other hand, your country’s equivalent qualify for this type of green card. Besides this, you also need to have a confirmed job offer in the USA. Naturally, one of the job’s requirements has to be an advanced degree, and you also need to have at least 5 years of experience in a certain field. When it comes to the documents you have to submit, these include the proof of the degree, job offer, and another one that verifies you have the necessary experience.

EB2 (B)

If you have an exceptional ability in fields such as art, science, or business, you should further investigate this type of visa. By “exceptional ability,” we are talking about the ability that is defined as significantly better than the norm. Once again, you need a job offer as well as 10 years of experience in that line of work. As you can assume, you also have to submit numerous documents as evidence of your success, and some of these include academic records, license papers, income records, proof that your work has been recognized by the peers, a document that states you are a member of a professional association, and list of prizes and awards.

EB2 (C)

People who do not have a confirmed job offer but can prove that their presence in the USA is of national interest are eligible for this type of visa. Yes, there are other types of permits people can apply for, but since the process of getting EB2 is the fastest one, they usually opt for it. However, before you submit your application, you should communicate with an experienced immigration attorney to learn whether you qualify for it.

In addition, there are seven requirements, and you must meet at least three of them to prove your exceptional ability and even be considered. Firstly, you need proof that you hold a degree and have at least 10 years of experience in the field. Then, you need evidence of possessing a license, if one is needed in that line of business. Finally, you will need documents that state you have been recognized by the peers (awards and prizes), that you have made a significant contribution to the field, and that your salary is suitable for your current position.

When to submit the application?


As already stated, this entire process can be very complex, and the time you send in your application is also important. What are we talking about? You have to be certain that you meet all the requirements before submitting the documents. You shouldn’t do it if you don’t have enough experience, even if you are a few weeks away. What’s more, only the experience you have got after obtaining the degree is relevant. It means that you don’t qualify even if you have more experience, but you got it during the education period.

How does everything work?


When it comes to the process itself, there are three steps both you and your future employer must follow. Firstly, the employer must apply for Permanent Labor Certification via the PERM system. They have to state that there is currently a job opening in a specific field, that this job is also available to American citizens, but that a foreigner is needed, and that the salary is in accordance with the industry. Then, they have to go through a lengthy process to determine that there aren’t any American workers who meet all the requirements currently. When everything is concluded, they will be granted a PERM form that is necessary for the next step.

Next, the employer applies for Form I-140, and upon being granted, you have to wait for your EB2 priority date to be determined. When it comes to the period you will have to wait, it depends on how many other applicants there are currently.

Finally, you will have an interview. If you aren’t currently in the USA, the interview will be held at the U.S. Consulate office in your country. You will be interviewed by a counselor who will inquire about your profession, employer, future job and plans, etc. If they grant you permission, you can travel to the U.S. On the other hand, if you hold a different type of visa and are currently in the USA, you will have to file for Form I-485, that is, the Adjustment Statues, to have your current status changed to EB2 one. You will have to go through a security check and may be required to have an interview.

How long will the process take?


The duration of the entire process can vary on multiple factors, such as your home country, the service that processes the I-140, and the priority date. It can take anywhere between six months to two years to go through all the steps and receive your EB2 visa.


All in all, in this article, we have told you about some general conditions and information regarding the application process for the EB2 visa. If you are interested in submitting your documents, you should conduct thorough research and look more at these requirements for EB2 green card.

There are numerous pages online where you can find all the information required one of which is i-immigrate. The website offers you various details about green cards for the USA and before you start preparing your papers, you can check it out there. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of the process or you just need to find some info.