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Wherever you go, you want to have the best time and experience many different things, right? Depending on your personality, and of course, the location, your holiday can be adventurous or relaxing. Plus, you want to see as many towns and areas as you can.
Due to this reason, people usually opt for renting a car or some other vehicle. It is simply more practical and it allows them to cross the larger distances and visit some places that aren’t nearby their hotel.

However, when you decide to spend your summer vacation on an island, renting a vehicle doesn’t make much sense. So why not consider renting a yacht or a speedboat? It sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you are thinking about traveling to Mykonos this summer, and the idea of moving around on a boat seems appealing to you, you should visit

In this article, we are going to tell you why you should go with this idea, and also provide you with some suggestions when it comes to the types of yachts and speedboats.
Visit magnificent beaches…

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When you go on a summer holiday, surely you want to spend time on a beach, relaxing, sunbathing, and enjoying the weather and surroundings. As you know, wherever you go, there are multiple beaches that you could visit. Some are more popular than others, and some of them are secluded, which means that accessing them might pose a challenge.
Instead of driving, or even walking for hours, why not rent a boat?

Don’t you agree that this is always a better option? Firstly, you would be able to go to some areas that would otherwise be unapproachable. This means that you would have the opportunity to choose where to spend an entire day, probably far away from other people.

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Let’s be honest, the last thing anyone wants is to go to a certain beach, spend half an hour looking for an available spot, and then spend the whole day listening to young children screaming. Yes, we agree, babies and little kids are fun to watch, but there is no way you can relax when surrounded by a group of them.
…and other islands

Without a doubt, the greatest benefit that comes with renting a boat is that you will be able to travel to other towns and surrounding islands. You want the whole experience, right? So, go and explore the ancient ruins, have a fun night out on the town and enjoy every moment of your holiday.

Why not travel to Santorini? You know that breath-taking picturesque island, right? Go and visit the Church of Anastasis in Imerovigli village or enjoy a wine-tasting. Don’t forget about swimming in crystal clear water and take a walk on a black sand beach.

Enjoy the luxury

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A vacation represents the time for you, to relax and to get rid of all the stress you have been under. Believe us, after that rough period that is behind you, you have deserved to be pampered. Is there a better option than sailing on a luxurious yacht? No, we don’t think so either.
Grab your favorite drink and enjoy the sunset from the deck or have a romantic dinner with your significant other.

The variety of possibilities

If you are seriously considering renting a boat for your next summer adventure, you should know what your choices are. Clearly, there are many kinds of boats you can choose between, but we are going to focus on yachts and speedboats, and provide you with a few options.

Let us begin with speedboats

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Firstly you can opt for Vanquish 43. This 42.52 ft. beauty has a cruising speed of 35 knots and it can accommodate up to 10 people for a daily cruise. Since there is only one master cabin, only 2 people can stay overnight, and 2 crew members will meet your every need.
Pershing 38 is a timeless cruiser, designed by Tili Antonello that was completely rebuilt in 2018. Its cruising speed in 30 knots and there are two cabins (two single and one double bed). If you want to have a fun day on the sea, its top-notch sound system is going to ensure that you do. The basic menu includes a bottle of wine (white or rose), beers, beverages, sandwiches, snacks, and fruits.

Performance 1407 is another speedboat option at your disposal. This one has the cruising speed of a magnificent 55 knots. There are two cabins, a fully functioning A/C system, and it is fully equipped with navigation instruments, and also some kitchen appliances which allow you to make your own meals.

Cranchi 40 was originally built in 2001 by an Italian company, and then in 2017, it was totally remodeled. There are two comfortable cabins meaning that up to 4 people can spend the night here (one queen size bed and two single beds).

Now, let’s discuss some yachts.

First of all, you can opt for Pershing 72, a stunning motor yacht that has a length of 22,26m. Its cruising speed in between 30 and 35 knots and there are a few crew members ready to make this journey unforgettable. Besides three cabins, there is also an open concept salon with an entertainment system.

If you want something that just screams luxury, your choice should definitely be Falcon 100. The total number of cabins is 5, which means that this yacht can accommodate up to 12 people. This is enough of the reason to bring your whole family with you. In addition, if you are into sports, here you will find not only a water slide but also water skies and wakeboard, as well as fishing and snorkeling equipment.

Another yacht that you might consider that also has all the above-mentioned gear for sports activities is Yacht Azimut 68. Besides, there is also a swimming platform, satellite TV, Navtex system, and Raymarine equipment. Its length is 21.60m with the cruise speed of 24 knots.
Finally, you can opt for one that is called Aicon 75. This motor yacht has a speed of 22 knots, and there are 5 cabins that can accommodate up to 8 people. Captain and 3 crew members will be at your disposal at all times, and you will also be able to request a full cooking service or a jet ski. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and cleaning service, as well as numerous entertainment devices.