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Even though some people enjoy luxurious and expensive watches, there are those who cannot afford to spend a huge sum of money on an accessory like this. Furthermore, some people don’t see the point in spending a fortune on this kind of item. The truth is that some cheap models are not of bad quality at all. How is this possible?

Well, when you buy an expensive watch, on the majority of occasions, you are paying to wear a certain brand. Usually, these brands are widely known and popular and therefore respected. However, if you don’t care about the ‘brand tax’ of a product, you can easily find decent and affordable watches. In case you are interested in finding the right affordable watch, you can check what the Internet has to offer. For example, you can read more here

Take a look at the following list which includes 10 examples of the cheapest watches out there.

1. Citizen

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Citizen watches are famous for their mechanism. In other words, they function on the basis of solar energy, instead of the quartz system. This way of working has been proven to be more efficient for many customers. The design of this brand is recognizable and unique since each model is made with attention to the costumer’s needs. By purchasing one, you will get a long-lasting watch for a small amount of money.

2. Timex

The products by Timex range when it comes to prices. In that sense this brand makes sure that they offer something for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you have around 50 dollars or a couple of hundred, you will find a model for yourself. Even though the quality of the cheapest and most expensive watch by Timex is not the same, generally, even the 50 dollar one is decent and may just as well meet your expectations.

3. Orient

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Orient may be one of the most affordable Japanese watch brands. Their products are designed in a minimalist way, and are, therefore, widely recognizable. Not only does Orient pay attention to all the details regarding the design, but the mechanism itself is rather precise and long-lasting. For a cheaper brand, Orient is definitely putting a lot of effort in order to satisfy the needs of customers. 


Seiko produces both expensive and cheap models. However, even the cheapest products made by this company are high-quality. Seiko is a brand with a long history and excellent reputation, known by the fact that their watches are unique and reliable. Whether you go for a lower or higher-cost model, you will without a doubt, not regret it. 


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This brand’s origins date all the way back to the period before WWI. Originally, they used to produce pocket watches, and afterward, they turned to the production of the wrist ones. Despite the fact that they are around for a long time, the Hamilton Company follows fashion and trends. Their models are modern and can be combined with both casual and elegant clothes. Therefore, if you want a perfect balance of tradition and trend, this is your best choice.


Perhaps the most popular brand, when it comes to this topic, is Casio. Some of their most affordable watches cost around 10 dollars, which is extremely cheap considering the fact that they function pretty well. On top of that, they are pretty to the eye, and more importantly, comfortable for wearing, since they fit your wrist perfectly. Ranging from a more casual to formal design, you can take your pick for any occasion you need.


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Considering the fact that Tissot is a Swiss brand, it functions flawlessly. Well, all jokes aside, Tissot indeed makes some of the most precise affordable watches. The models are followed by sophistication and elegance, so you might want to wear them on more formal occasions. When it comes to the mechanism, it is made to last, despite the fact that purchasing an item like this is extremely budget-friendly. 


The German brand is one of the leaders when it comes to the market for more affordable watches. By combining quality and sophistication, the creators manage to take into consideration the fashion industry’s trends and tendencies. Moreover, this brand has been around for 150 years, so it is safe to say that they are reliable and valuable.


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It is amazing when brands have some kind of engagement in important matters. Fossil, for example, is very active when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability. Not only is Fossil very famous, but wearing their products also has an additional value due to their passionate engagement when it comes to the ecology. Not to mention that the models are highly affordable!

Uniform Wares

This brand is all about minimalism. The watches come in different simple colors, like gray, white, black or brown. Without unnecessary details, these models prove that ‘less is more’ is indeed applicable to these accessories. By design, they resemble old school watches, but by mechanism, they are more than modern and reliable. All in all, considering the price, it is safe to say that Uniform Wares’ products are worth buying. 


To sum up, it doesn’t really matter if your watch is expensive or cheap, what matters is how you wear it. As long as it shows the right time, you like the design and feel comfortable wearing it, you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money. Remember that sometimes expensive things can look cheap when not used in the proper way. So, to conclude, it is up to the person wearing the watch, not the other way around.