It’s that time of year again when we scramble to find the perfect gift for our teachers. They do so much for us throughout the year, and it can be tough to come up with a good gift idea. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss some great gift ideas for teachers. From gift cards to personalized gifts, we have something for everyone! So read on and get inspired!

Stationary – From Pencils to Whiteboard Markers

If there is someone who still uses pens, pencils, and markers, they are teachers. Custom printed pencils are a perfect gift because a teacher during the school year definitely gives out more than enough pencils to their forgetful students. It is a fun idea to custom print the teacher’s name on the pencil, for example, “Mrs. Addams property” or “Return to Mrs. Sally”.

Whiteboard markers are another great and practical gift – teachers are always running out of them and they are quite expensive. Even though the school is obligated to provide teachers with writing tools, sometimes it is just handy to have some good markers by hand.

Gift Cards – to Book Shops, SPA’s, Teacher’s Personal Preference


With a gift card, you can never go wrong. It can be for any sum, a teacher will appreciate it anyway. A classic gift card would be to a book or stationery shop. However, you can get more personal and gift a SPA gift card (especially if you know that your class has been quite the handful this year) or a gift card for a massage. After a hectic school year, the teacher will be very excited to relax.

If you know your teacher quite well, you can get him or her a gift of something you know he or she will like. It could be a theater ticket, masterclass in dance, or anything else.

Personalized Gifts – T-shirts, Canvas, Posters, Tote Bags, Mugs

For a teacher, who you really appreciate a personalized gift is the perfect option. A fun idea would be to print your teacher’s favorite saying on any item you choose from a t-shirt to a mug or canvas. Or go a cute way – write something you like about them on the item. For a very personal touch have it printed in your handwriting and add all your classmates’ signatures as well.

T-shirts are a casual choice. If you have a good and friendly relationship with your teacher and you know they would wear a t-shirt, go for it!

Canvas and posters are perfect for hanging in the classroom or their house. You can put there their favorite quote or something inspirational. It can also be a picture of your class.

Tote bag are a very practical gift – we all use them and we all at some point need more. Since teachers are always carrying lots of stuff with them, a tote bag is perfect for that.

A mug is a great gift if you know that your teacher already doesn’t have enough of them. If not, it is a very practical and nice choice. To make it even more special – choose good looking mug! Check the handle, how thin the ceramics are and what is the volume of the mug.

A good place where to custom print items is print on demand supplier They print on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, canvas, posters, and more – the prints are high-quality as well as the items. Check their website to learn more!

Heartfelt Inexpensive Gift – a Handwritten Note Goes a Long Way


Nothing beats a personal note or a greeting card from students. You can write a letter or just a few words, 100% your teacher will appreciate it. You can even create the greeting card yourself. If you are not sure what to write, try to remember how the particular teacher has inspired you, what your favorite thing about them is and what you have learned from them, and the subject they teach. Guaranteed it will be a hit gift.

You can even take the handwritten note to the next level and create a book “Why You Are The Best Teacher EVER”. You can collect notes from all your classmates about why they like the teacher and add them up in a book. You can make it a homemade book and just glue in the notes or make it a more polished gift and have it custom printed.

Appliances Gifts – Help a Teacher Keep Their Drinks Warm and Lunch Cold

As the new generation, you can surprise your teacher with a fun but easy-to-use technology gift. For example, a coffee mug that can hold the drink at the exact temperature you want it to be. It is perfect for teachers who have early morning classes, who spend lots of late evenings grading tests and getting ready for their next day’s classes.

Another great idea is to treat your teacher with a mini-fridge where they can store their lunch and keep their drinks cold in the summer. Don’t worry, the fridge can be really small – one that fits just a few drinks and yogurt. Something that you can easily put under the desk, and no one will even know that your teacher has their own personal cold-keeping machine.

Experience Gifts – Trips, Activities, and More


If your class has the means, a trip as a gift would be just amazing. After a year of hard work your teacher definitely deserves some downtime and paid vacation or at least some vacation days, really hits the right spot!

If you don’t have enough budget for a whole trip, you can gift at least an activity, for example, horseback riding, a sunset walk in a scenic area, or a ride with an air balloon.

Relax Gifts – Candles, Essential Oils, Bath and Cosmetics Products

Your teacher has worked hard a whole school year and more and she or he definitely is longing for some relaxation time. You can gift some elements that will help them relax at home – some scented candles, essential oils, bath products like bath bombs and bath salts, and even cosmetic products. Anything relaxing is a good idea!


No matter what you gift to a teacher, he or she will appreciate it. Even though it is not an easy profession, they love their students and the biggest reward is them being successful in life. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t show your appreciation with a gift, you definitely can!

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