As marijuana legalization spreads, many people are trying different ways to consume cannabis. Dabbing is one of the newer and more intense consumption methods, and it involves heating concentrated THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) and inhaling it. This process creates a much stronger high than smoking weed or ingesting edibles.

But what if you don’t have a dab rig? Can you still smoke dabs? The answer is yes, you can. There are various ways to smoke dabs without using a dab rig. If you don’t have a dab rig, or if you’re looking for an alternate way to smoke dabs, you can try one of the following methods:

Drop It Into The Bowl

There are a few ways to smoke dab with a bowl. One way is to put the dab in the middle of the bowl and then use a torch to heat it. You can then use a metal tool to pick up the dab and put it in your pipe. Another way is to put the dab in the bowl and then use a paper clip or metal wire to heat it. You can then use a chopstick or other tool to pick up the dab and put it in your pipe.

Smoke It With A Joint


There are a few ways that you can smoke dab with a joint. One way is to put the dab in the joint and light it. This is not the most effective way to do it, though, because you will lose a lot of the dab. Another way to smoke dab with a joint is to heat the dab on a metal surface and then use the joint to inhale the smoke. This is a more efficient way to do it, and you will get more out of your dab this way.

Use A Healthstone

A health stone is a small, porous piece of stone heated up and then placed on top of a rig. This allows you to smoke your dab without holding the flame directly on the nail. It’s a great alternative to using a bowl or bong, and it provides a clean and smooth hit. Healthstones can be purchased online or at your local dispensary. Place a little wax over the healthstone. The insert should be superheated using a butane torch and then smoke as you do with the oil rig. Remember, regardless of whether you have a bong, and the goal is to drink, not tear. Wax hits should be taken in moderate amounts.

Make Use Of A Bong To Create The Dab-Rig


You can turn your bong into a dab rig in times of tightness. However, your bong that is six feet tall will not give you the right dab. Anything that is longer than 15 inches may be too big for vapor to rise after a single breath. Instead, you can use a smaller bong to dabs.

All you require is a dab nail with the proper-sized ground joints. Because many bongs have female joints and require a male-jointed dab nail, you’ll need male-jointed dab nails that will be used. If you own a female-jointed dab nail, you’ll need to purchase a male-to-male adapter to ensure the best fitting. Universal dab nails have male and female functions.

Don’t use bongs with percolators as they may cause a loss of Terpenes and reduce the flavor and aroma of the extract. You’ll need your torch, the carb cap, and the dabber to dab effectively. However, using bongs can offer a quick solution if you’re looking for a powerful concentrate.

Hot Knives

It’s the simplest way to indulge in wax, and everybody has the equipment necessary to get started. It is perfect for a night when you cannot access the torch, the vape pen, or any other item that could be employed to smoke cannabis with ease.

In this method, you have to heat the knife using your stove, electric or gas, and apply the wax onto the knife. The wax will then evaporate the moment you breathe in the smoke.

It’s a bit wasteful, but it quickly disappears out in the open air. It is possible to deal with the issue by inhaling the smoke via an e-cigarette, a funnel, or even the top of a soda bottle.

Cook Them Into Edibles


If you do not own an apparatus for dabbing, however, you want to take in the delicious dab, why not consider making edibles from them? Indeed, you won’t get the immediate buzz from smoking wax. However, you will experience an extended and more powerful feeling after consuming food.

The first step is decarboxylating your cannabis concentrates on transforming THCa into THC. Make butter or oil using the concentrate to mix the cannabinoids and the fats. Once the oil has been infused, put it with any meal or drink to enjoy a delicious snack and a high.

Car Lighters (Not Suggested)

Suppose you’re in a secluded spot with only an automobile lighter and a vehicle. You might want to attempt this technique. We don’t suggest it.

Begin by heating the light source until the flame turns red hot. Then, put the top portion of a bottle with a lid over your lighter. Dab a little wax on the hot coil, then breathe the smoke into the bottle. It seems like a very easy technique, right? But it’s also very risky because you’re required to hold the lighter with your bare hand while also navigating the dabber and bottles made of plastic. Be very careful to do this technique.

Aluminum Foil (Not Recommended)


Aluminum foil is an unreliable material that can be used for creating a dab pipe to smoke wax and other substances. While you could enjoy a pretty good high creating aluminum foil as a simple man’s dab pipe, the item won’t be very attractive and could be perceived as desperate and sloppy, not to mention the health risks of burning the foil. Instead, invest in an excellent dabbing device and here you can learn more on buying dab rig starter kit) or attempt one of the methods described in this article.


This article looks at how you can smoke dabs without a dab rig. While it’s not the ideal way to consume this potent cannabis extract, it’s possible if you’re willing to experiment. By following the tips in this article, you can have an enjoyable smoking experience without a dab rig.